David Hare Hanif Kureishi We see betrayal in the romantic relationships in the dramas. Beneath the veneer of love and fondness. about all the romantic relationships takes a bend for the worse as episodes of treachery unfold.

In Amy’s View. we see betrayal in the romantic relationship In Borderline. Anil’s matter with Val is seen as an act of between Amy and Dominic. Initially. we see Dominic as treachery. Anil.

a Pakistani. corsets on in England with Val insecure as seen in ““I merely hold to take one expression at the who he claims to be his societal worker when Ravi comes to walls. And all of a sudden I’m back in pants. I feel like I’m visit. go forthing his married woman and kids behind in Pakistan. “By back to being 15 old ages old. ” ( Pg 67 ) Dominic gets the manner.

your wife’s looking frontward to coming here. She reminded of his insecurities when he is faced with Esme as says direct the ticket for her and the kids every bit shortly as you he is affected by her changeless opinion of him. about his can. ” ( Pg 110 ) calling.In order to construct up his ego assurance.

he sticks Even when Ravi tells Anil that “She’s been crying” . Anil with Amy as she ever praises him and gives him words of does non demo any concern for her and threatens to kill Ravi encouragement and support. “You did really good. No. truly. if he mentions of his married woman in forepart of Val. Even as Anil’s You’re being really patient.

” ( Pg 49 ) Gradually. Dominic married woman yearn to see him in a heartfelt way. Anil does non return that builds up his ego assurance and therefore. leaves Amy as he common fondness and even has an matter with a white adult female. does non necessitate her for confidence any longer. which is a bold act of treachery. In Skylight. Tom and Kyra’s matter behind Alice’s back is a In Birds of Passage.

we see betrayal depicted in the signifier of fraudulence or treachery.Even as Alice was about. Tom romantic relationship between Eva and Asif.

even pretend to handle Kyra as his ‘daughter’ as they carry Eva has an matter with Asif behind her husband’s back when on their matter. ( Pg 35 ) That Kyra was populating under the sameEva and Ted hits a fiscal crisis. roof as Tom and Alice made the matter seem all the more bold”Ted says he’s traveling to sell my auto. The recession’s broken and appalling. Furthermore.

Kyra is cognizant of her function as us in two. ” ( Pg 184 ) being the 3rd party. Despite this consciousness. she still Eva carries on the matter with Asif because she needed the continues the matter as she holds on to an idealistic beliefmoney that Asif could supply her with since Ted does non which she considers to be ‘love at its purest’ ( Pg 38 ) give her anymore money. even for her basic necessities. “He’s stopped giving me money… And I haven’t got money of my ain.

” ( Pg 184 )

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