Hello my name is Chassidy Mitchem I would perfectly love to be a portion of your cosmetology plan. I love to make hair and. do up. Doing hair is something I enjoy making in my free clip. It’s a manner to acquire off from people and allow my head explore into better things. I enjoy looking and seeking new hair manners and colourss. I have done make-up and hair for Homecoming tribunal and Grand March. It would be an absolute dream to acquire into this school and hold some custodies on clip with the things I love making while larning more about Cosmetology.

Cosmetology is really of import to the universe because person will ever desire their hair done or do up done. Most people merely want to travel to a professional so they know they will be acquiring the best of their money. You could besides be able to put up your ain concern around your country. I differ from a batch of my equals because no 1 truly understands the importance of Cosmetology the manner I do. Everyone thinks it useless.

Cosmetology is merely every bit of import as other occupations because person will ever necessitate you. There will ever be person necessitating their oculus brows done or possibly there nails particularly during homecoming and prom or even a nuptials. I’ve talked to a couple people and got some truly interesting sentiments. Some people has told me I wouldn’t do it and some people has told me I would. but my slogan is “Never give up. because you ne’er know how close you are to carry throughing your dream. ” I plan on acquiring this grade and opening my ain salon and I feel that it will give me knowledge I need to cognize for success. I learned to make this at a immature age and I feel really strong about this calling. I believe this will be the field I dedicate myself to. I hope to be go toing this college at whatever clip the school twelvemonth would get down

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