Langham is a fast turning hotel with a broad scope of clients. The design that has been employed for event engagement in the hotel has been adapted from Bitner ‘s theoretical account which creates the nexus between sections in the organisation and indicates how these sections work together to assist in the accomplishment of the overall organisational ends and aims.

The event booking procedure is undertaken by three chief sections: Front Office, Gross saless and Marketing, and the Banquet sections. The communicating procedure between the sections remains a major concern since it greatly determines the efficiency in service bringing and, therefore, has been identified as one of the chief concerns that need to be addressed in order to heighten client dealingss and pigment an improved public image of Langham hotel. The front office remains the most important section in the cordial reception sector since it gives the first feeling of the hotel to the invitees and the staff in this country must be adequately trained to manage the invitees amicably.Langham serves as one of the most outstanding hotels in Melbourne ‘s cordial reception industry ( Balmain Chynoweth, 2006 ) . It is besides a member of the prima hotels across the Earth.

It is located along the riparian border of Yarra River. The hotel ‘s propinquity to Yarra River blends its bird’s-eye metropolis positions making alone recreational sites that have attracted a immense figure of tourers and corporate invitees. Due to its acknowledgment worldwide, Langham Melbourne Hotel continues to supply cordial reception services to a broad assortment of patronage.

The hotel has several sections and, hence, involves a batch of interactions among the sections, and between the sections and the clients. It offers room service 24 hours a twenty-four hours, and the hotel ‘s event locale comprises of feast installations, conference suites, dance hall, and an exhibit infinite ( Langham Hotel Melbourne, 2011 ) . This study seeks to analyse the design used by Langham Melbourne Hotel in event engagement and come up with advanced solutions to some of the jobs endangering the prosperity of the hotel. The bluish print was obtained from the hotel direction, and a series of interviews were conducted with different departmental directors within the hotel, to enter the procedures employed in service bringing during the engagement of an event.

The Langham Hotel Melbourne Event Booking Blueprint

( SM )Taken unit of ammunition to inspect the installationsAll services introducedFront OfficeReceptionQuestionsGuests given waiesClient decides which room to takeGuests check-in/check outSM puts the question through reserve systemRoom handiness checkedSM contact the inviteeGuest pays initial booking feeFood drink choiceEvent confirmedEvent Federal to databaseBanquet section takes chargeFigure 1: The Langham Hotel Melbourne Blueprint of Event Booking ( Adapted from Bitner, 2008 )The above figure ( Figure 1 ) is a represenative of a series of service bringing processs from different sections – Front Office, Gross saless Marketing, accounting, and Food Beverage – within Langham hotel. Each of the sections plays a important function in lending to the accomplishment of the stipulated ends within the organisation. Harmonizing to Tanke ( 2000 ) , each concern dapartment should hold its alone ends, and each employee should cognize and follow these ends to assist lend to the accomplishment of overall organisational ends and aims.

As noted by Ismail ( 2002 ) , each section has a function to play in an organisation and all of them are dependent on each other in the procedure of service bringing. The communicating between these sections is really critical in promoting the public presentation of the organisation and keeping good client dealingss. From the figure 1 above it is apparent that the procedure is uninterrupted and the service bringing runs from one section to another.

Front Office

The section is responsible for the systematic enrollment and way of clients. The front office is the response point where clients get to first before farther waies are given. Andrews ( 2007 ) observes that, the forepart office has a seeable function in modeling an organisation ‘s image. The Langham hotel forepart office is responsible for accepting reserves, managing walk-ins and finishing the enrollment process.

The front office provides guest information, charts room position, coordinates guest services, and proctors guest histories. The forepart desk is the focal point of activity in the front office in Langham since it is where the invitee is registered, assigned room and checked out. Other front office services include mail and information service, cashiering, and concierge services.

The first hotel employees to come into contact with most of the invitees in Langham hotel are members of the uniformed services division of the front office. The front office staff purpose at set uping a favorable feeling of the hotel to actuate clients and retain the regular 1s given that clients are the individual most of import stakeholders in the operations of the hotel. It is the front office ‘s occupation to do a good first feeling on the populace, relay messages, and to run into the petitions of invitees who are utilizing the hotel for meetings, seminars, and feasts.

Gross saless and Marketing ( SM )

Marketing implies planing a hotel to accommodate the demands and penchants of possible clients, or determining the operations of an bing organisation to its most likely invitees ( Pizam, 2005 ) . From the forepart office, booking offices is the following section that serves clients in Langham hotel. The front office provides informations on invitee histories or inside informations refering the guest visits. Some of the information gathered is based on frequence of visits, corporate association, particular demands and societal media such as on Facebook or messages from Twitter. The guest history is a valuable resource for selling and gross revenues ( Bardi, 2010 ) , which uses client check-in information for selling, publicity development, mail label readying and appropriate media choice.

The gross revenues and marketing staff demo the invitees the event installations such as the dance halls as a scheme to advance their merchandises and services.Upon client satisfaction with a given room or event installation, the gross revenues and selling staff retrieve information from the reserve system to find the room handiness and so reach the client to clear up the engagement advancement including petition for initial engagement fees. Once the payment has been made, the gross revenues and selling squad guarantee the client gets the payment reception. The clients can the n order for nutrient and drinks bundle and enquire for the event plan including other particular concerns.

Banquet Department

The feast section in most instances combines the functions of nutrient and drink section every bit good as the maps of the gross revenues and selling section. This section requires the front office to inform the invitees about the event processs and the payment of the measures. Since most of the feast invitees may go on non to be registered clients or invitees, the front office remains the preferable communicating point ( Bardi, 2010 ) .

The day-to-day poster on the electronic bulletin board serves as a beginning of information on the events that have been scheduled within Langham hotel. Following the reception of an event order, the feast director takes charge of the section and ensures the room is to the full set. The room set up is guided by a layout set up issued to all the staff involved in the room set up.

Advanced Solutions to Possible Problems Facing Langham Melbourne Hotel

There are in some cases, instances of hold in reacting to client petitions particularly if the engagement is done online. In order to guarantee efficient and effectual service bringing, the messages meant for the gross revenues and selling must be delivered fast, comprehensively and accurately. The switchboard accountant plays a cardinal function in guaranting effectual communicating within the organisation since he or she serves as the nexus between the client and the gross revenues and selling squad.

The front office staff should, therefore, be made familiar with the gross revenues and selling staff so that each staff member can cognize where to describe or relay whatever type of information obtained from the client or invitee.Organizational emphasis and ennui frequently leads to hapless client attending at the front office ( Hoque, 2000 ) . This is frequently coupled with frequent client ailments which could see the Langham hotel lose some of its clients. Guest contacts with the forepart desk are normally the first – cheque in – and the last – cheque out – activities experienced during a normal invitee stay. Because of the invitee ‘s acquaintance with the forepart desk, it serves as a sounding board for invitee ailments and as a coordinator of invitee services. It is normally seen that the invitees build a certain sum of resonance with the front office staff which in bend attracts the invitees to sponsor the belongings in the hereafter ( Boella Goss-Turner, 2005 ) . The front office, hence, becomes the logical connecting nexus between the invitee and the hotel.

The hold in the engagement procedure as a consequence of the process involved within Langham hotel – from front office to gross revenues and selling to feast departmants – can be addressed by bear downing the engagement procedure straight to the gross revenues and selling section in the presence of a well established and coordinated system so that the clients can easy make the engagement. The bureacracy involved in the engagement procedure is cumbrous and should be addressed. Well managed gross revenues and selling databases will guarantee fast guest attender thereby promoting clients to see the hotel in future.Clarity on client demand or agreement form – the room set up – is frequently neglected and in most instances the banquet staff may presume that the common set up process would be followed. In order to avoid last infinitesimal haste in altering the set up to accommodate the clients petition, the feast director should organize with the client in order to come up with the right set up as per the client ‘s demand.Most front desks are required to supply information and waies to constitutions outside the hotel but within the environing community.

Guests who may remain in the hotel for more than one dark, for case, may seek a alteration of restaurant or scenery whereas a late dark check-in might be more interested in what the hotel itself has to offer. In either instance, the hotel is ever best prepared for any state of affairs when the forepart desk staff are good informed and gracious. Hence, the most of import hotel guest support map of the front office is the expense of accurate information refering the internal and external activities of and around the hotel.

Front office staff should undergo period preparation to heighten their client relation accomplishments so as to keep the good image of the hotel.


Guests come to hotels to bask services they can non acquire elsewhere. The front office must move as a nexus between the invitee and the service sections of any given hotel. The front-of-the -house countries of the hotel tend to the service centres, aimed at fulfilling client demands. The forepart desk, which gives the first feeling of the hotel to the invitee, must organize with the back-of-the-house support maps or sections such as feast in guaranting continuity and care of quality services. The front office staff should be trained in such a mode that, if it happens the client ‘s installation faces any proficient job, so the staff member should be in apposition to turn to the job or reach the concerned section fleetly for rectification of the state of affairs at manus.

It is the front office ‘s duty to develop and keep the communicating of invitee demands between the service and non-service sections of the hotel. Once the front office identifies any dissatisfaction from the invitee, disciplinary steps should be initiated in coordination with other sections such as gross revenues and selling, feast among other cardinal sections.The organisational direction should besides follow schemes to heighten employee motive within the work environment every bit good as guarantee the employees get regular displacements to avoid go toing to clients in a dull mode which may maintain regular clients at bay. Proper coordination between sections and effectual staff engagement in service bringing are some of the cardinal constituents that will see an organisation such as Langham Hotel rise to the top. Above all, a systematic database direction system that charges the gross revenues and selling section to straight confer with with the invitee is necessary to set an terminal to the bureaucratic nature of the current tendency in the hotel.

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