As an old adult female. Aminata Diallo is brought to London. England. in 1802. by emancipationists who are petitioning to stop the slave trade. As she awaits an audience with King George. she recounts her singular life on paper. get downing with her life in Bayo. in western Africa. prior to being abducted from her household at age 11. seeing the decease of her female parent and male parent. and being marched in a coffle of prisoners to the seashore along with others from her small town. Chekura. a male child of similar age who assists the slave backstops. is at the last minute abducted himself and forced to fall in Aminata on the slave ship.

Despite enduring humiliation. witnessing atrociousnesss. digesting sordidness and languishing in famishment. Aminata survives the transition to America because she is able to use the cognition and accomplishments passed on to her by her parents. particularly the ability to “catch” babes and to understand some African linguistic communications. In South Carolina. Aminata is auctioned off to an indigo plantation. along with a adult male from her small town who has lost his senses during the ocean crossing.

She learns the linguistic communication of the “buckra” through the instructions of Georgia. an American-born slave. every bit good as from Mamed. the superintendent of the plantation. Daily. Aminata must voyage the new dangers of disease and the oculus of the plantation maestro while she searches for a manner to return to her fatherland. As she carries Chekura’s kid. she is warned that Master Appleby could take it off at any clip. Certain plenty. at 10 months. Aminata’s boy. Mamadu. is sold by Appleby and Chekura besides disappears. Stricken with heartache. Aminata falls into a depression and refuses to work on the plantation.

Appleby sells her to Solomon Lindo. the indigo inspector of the part. and she departs for a new life in Charles Town where Lindo promises to handle her as a “servant” instead than as a “slave” in that she works for pay and pays rent to Lindo. During rioting in New York City that coincides with the eruption of the American Revolutionary War. Aminata is presented with an chance to get away and does so. while Lindo is forced to fly back to the Carolinas. Aminata rapidly makes new friends and connexions and supports herself by catching babes and working at a tavern. all the piece assisting others by learning them how to read and compose.

Following the resignation of the British. former slaves who have worked for one twelvemonth or more behind the lines for the British are offered refuge in Nova Scotia. These people’s names are recorded in a leger called The Book of Negroes. penned in portion by Aminata because of her cognition of many linguistic communications. Aminata and Chekura reunite and are given passage aboard the ship Joseph. but Appleby returns for one concluding act of retribution against Aminata: he makes a claim to her. dividing her from Chekura one time more.

While Chekura continues to Nova Scotia. Aminata must stand test. and it is Solomon Lindo who ends up puting her free. Aminata lands in Shelburne. Nova Scotia. on the last Loyalist ship. and she has to utilize her endowments as a babe backstop. reader and instructor one time once more to last. for the interest of herself and her unborn kid. as she prepares for the journey to reunite with Chekura in Annapolis Royal. However. her enquiries come up empty. May. their three-year-old kid. is abducted by the Witherspoons. a white twosome who had befriended Aminata. and Aminata returns to a life without hope.

When the chance arises for Aminata to traverse the ocean once more to get down a settlement in Sierra Leone. Africa. she is shocked to larn of Chekura’s decease and decides to do the journey to her fatherland. The battle to keep the settlement of Freetown under the control of the Sierra Leone Company is complicated by its propinquity to Bance Island and the slave trade. Relationss with the local Temne are strained. and piques flare when slave coffles are marched straight in forepart of Freetown. Hankering to see her darling Bayo small town. Aminata agrees to go back to Bance Island to procure transition into the inside.

However. one month into her journey inland. she learns of the treachery that she is to be sold back into bondage ; she flees for yearss until she finds sanctuary in a small town. Recognizing that she will ne’er return to her true place. she leaves for London to fall in the emancipationists to stop bondage. She writes an history of her life that is shared in Parliament. and she meets with King George III and Queen Charlotte Sophia. Because of the attending from the newspapers. Aminata’s long-lost girl. May. finds her after an eighteen-year separation and takes attention of her in her old age as the battle to stop bondage continues in Parliament.

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