Born July 1887,Paris and being regarded as having the help define and  influence the revolutions of modern art as we know it today, Duchamp was an artist ahead of his time. Accountable for many significant developments in painting and sculpture, the impact on twentieth-century and twenty first-century art made by Duchamp is immersive. His influence over the conceptual side of art, his questioning of the audience to examine what art means and is expected to mean has come to the artist being generally considered to be the “father” of conceptual art. Duchamp had before WW1 played with and developed his practice though cubism and futurism painting, but after the war, Duchamp’s incline to Dadaism began to grow,leading to his rejection of painting as “”reternal art, appealing to the eye,rather than engaging the brain”Attempting to find a alternate medium than paint with which to represent his ideas, Duchamp started to create his “Readymades”, commercially produced often functional objects and items, making minor alterations, and  presenting them as titled art. ‘These “Readymades” rejected traditional thinking about the artist’s role in the creative process. Duchamp disrupted that “An ordinary object could be elevated to the dignity of a work of art by the mere choice of an artist.” Duchamp most famous and most controversial “Readymade” was a urinal, titled Fountain and signed ‘R. Mutt’ in acrylic paint which was presented in 1917 New York to the Society of Independent Artists The readymake became a concept associated with a violent rejection of the traditional and conventional understandings of art and how it is interpreted by the audience. The notion of the readymade also defied the typically standards of arts aesthetic beauty. Duchamp’s choice of everyday qualitative objects was claimed by the artist to be “based on a reaction of visual indifference, with at the same time a total absence of good or bad taste” eventually would lead the direction in which conceptual art would follow for the modern era.

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