1.0 Introduction

The hotel industry is one of the largest industries in the universe that has an of import function in Business Environment. The hotel industry operates in a complex international environment and is subjected to most of the same tendencies that affect concern and the economic system in general. In this study, the boundaries of the epicurean hotel industry in UK have been defined and three key issues have been considered as the major issues that affects the epicurean hotel industry in UK. The purposes and aim of this work is to reason that the selected three cardinal issues are the most of import issues than the other issues that will hold a great influence in the epicurean hotel industry. Finally, suggestions are given for the hotel industry in order to react positively to these issues.

2.0 Boundaries of the Epicurean Hotel Industry

The Luxury hotel industry can be defined as a similar set of houses normally located within metropoliss and suburban countries in UK like Holiday Inn, Hilton, Sheraton, Marriott, and Hyatt Regency that uses similar merchandises like really high criterions of nutrient, excellent services, epicurean adjustment, telecasting and telephone entree, wellness fittingness and atmosphere with similar engineerings like in-room entree to high velocity cyberspace, express check-in, and on-line engagement and provides to similar purchasers like concern category travelers, national and international tourers.

3.0 Key issues confronting by the hotel industry

These are the cardinal issues that will impact the hotel industry.

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– Economic downswings

– Advanced Technologies

– Stigmatization

– Tendencies in markets and distribution channels

– Labor and accomplishments deficits

– Construction Costss

– Changing Demographics & A ; Their Impact on Travel Trends

– Future of hotel net incomes

– Travel limitations

– Global emerging markets

– Capital handiness

{ { 122 Raleigh, Lori 2007 ; } }

4.0 Selected three major cardinal issues:

Among these cardinal issues mentioned above, three issues are been selected as the major key issues that will decidedly impact the hotel industry as compared to other issues.

Economic downswings

Advanced Technologies


4.1 Economic downswing

The environment poses many challenges and obstructions for the hotel industry as a whole ; principal among them is the recession. Its deductions have been a restrain in both concern and leisure travel { { 117 Rutherford, Denney G. 1995 ; } } . Economic downswing in UK is one of the major key issues which have critically influenced the whole hotel industry { { 123 Barnard, Robert 2009 ; } } . As this issue affects the concern environment globally, this issue arise from a wider external environment as it does non hold any relationship with the competitory universe. In fact, due to recession, natural catastrophes and lifting menaces of terrorist act, the hotel industry has been hit difficult by worsening grosss and increasing competition { { 127 Williams, John Alan 2003 ; 120 Min, Hokey 2009 ; } } .

The recession is a major job in UK due to which most of the hotels are affected. This job has risen due to the loss in concern, shut down of some companies, taking of labors to cut down cost, decrease in wages, and rising prices { { 124 Watkins, Ed 2002 ; } } . These recession jobs have indirectly affected the hotel industry because the concern travelers would non hold much meetings, conferences and seminars in the hotel and as the wage has reduced due to recession many tourers have limited traveling and are non ready to pass much money and clip in epicurean hotels { { 127 Williams, John Alan 2003 ; 120 Min, Hokey 2009 ; } } .

These issues may besides go on due to the dramatic environmental alterations like bursting of a volcanic ash as late happened in European part due to which the hotel industry in UK have besides badly affected and has besides influenced the concern environment. By this environmental alteration many flight have been cancelled during this period which had a bad impact on the tourers and many concern companies. Consequently, the meetings, conferences, and touristry bundles in the hotels were cancelled due to this job { { 128 BBC 2010 ; } } . The hotel industry besides badly suffered due to the terrorist act and likely terrorist menaces would farther make unsecure feeling among the clients and would farther impact on the hotel industry { { 129 Ryan, C. 1993 ; } } . The hotel industry today has earnestly been affected due to the grounds mentioned above.

To avoid such jobs, the hotel industry should happen redresss to do its operations strong. These redresss may include: niche selling, reduced debt ratio, decreased monetary value of adjustments, increased net income border, good security, and uninterrupted betterment of hotel service quality. In add-on to these redresss, the hotel direction should besides happen a manner to compare its fiscal strengths and failings against its rivals { { 120 Min, Hokey 2009 ; } } .

4.2 Advanced Technologies:

As the hotel industry becomes more competitory, industry professionals are beef uping their attempts to happen competitory advantages in order to derive and retain invitees { { 125 Gretzel, Ulrike 2010 ; } } . { { 130 Olsen, M.D 2000 ; } } argues that Information Technology ( IT ) is the individual greatest force driving alteration in the hotel industry.

Some of the engineerings that are used in modern epicurean hotels are mentioned below { { 125 Gretzel, Ulrike 2010 ; } } :

Table 1: Description of Hotel In-room Technology Comfortss



Voice over IP ( VoIP )

Use of cyberspace protocols alternatively of linear media to reassign voice informations

In-room wage per position ( PPV )

Digital picture, available over a telecasting platform, available on a payment footing

Voice-mail / messaging

Phone-based service that enables a company to go forth a voice letter box message

In-room accessible mercantile establishments

Electrical mercantile establishments handily located for hotel invitee entree and usage room

High velocity Internet entree ( HSIA )

Internet connectivity at velocities of 1 to 100Mbps

In-room safe

Electronic safe that can be opened by electronic card or personalized codification

In-room control panel

Console controls room comfortss ( e.g. visible radiations, temperature, drapes, blinds )

Cosmopolitan battery courser

Device capable of bear downing the batteries of assorted equipment and devices

Electronic lockup system

Access security by electronic media ( e.g. magnetic band, smart card, RFID, NFC )

In-room game system

Entertainment system available in a hotel invitee room ( e.g. Play Station )

In-room fittingness system

Forte devices for physical exercising in a hotel invitee room ( e.g. treadmill unit )

In-room picture check-out procedure

Television interface enabling express pagination reappraisal, account colony, and check-out procedure

{ { 125 Gretzel, Ulrike 2010 ; } }

Technologies have been used in the hotels from the yesteryear and it keeps on upgrading each twelvemonth. In a competitory market, hotel invitees become more and more selective in their picks { { 131 Janes, P.L. 2003 ; } } . The hotel which uses the most advanced engineerings like express check-in, high velocity cyberspace, and electrical mercantile establishments may hold good impact in their concern. The hotels compete with each other to better their engineerings in order to hold a greater gross revenues and net incomes in their concern. Therefore, engineering is considered as an of import cardinal issue that rises from the competitory environment { { 125 Gretzel, Ulrike 2010 ; } } .

{ { 132 Brewer, Pearl 2008 ; } } identified both improved invitee experience and enhanced guest satisfaction as major advantages of hotel information engineering applications. Whereas { { 133 Cobanoglu, Cihan 2009 ; } } studies that incorrect or improper usage of engineering in the hotel industry may bring forth guest dissatisfaction and may lose some clients which may impact the hotel industry. It is necessary for the hotel industry to place the comfortss, services and engineering applications that travelers demand from hotels and those that impact guest satisfaction { { 132 Brewer, Pearl 2008 ; } } .

It is of import for the hotel industry to plan merchandises or adjust bing offerings in a manner that is more appealing to clients by agencies of run intoing their demands, demands and outlooks such as networking all the electronic devices in a room to be connected in a cardinal computing machine so that they can be remotely monitored { { 134 Kolter, P. 2003 ; } } . The monolithic engineerings in the room should besides do the client feel safety and secure. Product choice, based on demand and outlook, are considered critical in finding client satisfaction and it has been concluded that hotel guest satisfaction is an indispensable constituent of long term success { { 136 Skoglan, I. 2004 ; } } .

The popularity of a web site is easy established by the figure of hits it receives. Accurate rating of the effectivity of advertisement like making sophisticated designs like depicting about the sleeping rooms, conference installations, bill of fare dishes, wellness fittingness and other advanced new engineerings of the hotel in their web sites will be a critical factor in bring forthing enquires that lead to gross revenues. This will beef up the relationship between the purchaser and the marketer and will hold a good impact on their concern { { 118 Mawson, Steve 2000 ; } } .

4.3 Stigmatization:

Branding is one of the really of import concern tools in the success of hotel industry { { 126 Salver, Jessica 2005 ; } } . Hotels enterprises effort to distinguish their merchandise from rivals by set uping trade name names. Successful 1s achieve higher client trueness than the new 1s, which in bend will hold a good impact on the hotel industry. Increasing stigmatization of a hotel will increase the customeraa‚¬a„?s penchant which will increase their gross revenues as comparison to the other hotels which is less branding { { 118 Mawson, Steve 2000 ; } } . Therefore, branding issue arises from the competitory environment as it has a great competition among the hotels.

Brand name determines the scope of merchandises offered at each and every unit, the monetary values charged, the manner of service given, and the degree of quality. However, largely all the epicurean hotels have their trade name, but the house that is in front in branding techniques than the other houses will hold a greater net income in their concern. Therefore, branding helps facilitates to distinguish themselves from competition and therefore construct client penchants { { 117 Rutherford, Denney G. 1995 ; } } .

The travelers tend to bury the hotel experience instead rapidly ; in order to maintain them reminded is by supplying good service and do good trade name image in their head. They are looking for easy accessible lodging picks that represent value and dependableness around the Earth. Thus the travelers will hold a first pick for the most branded epicurean hotels in their head that satisfies most of their demand needs { { 119 Teare, Richard 1992 ; } } .

Most hotels besides use mediators such as travel agents, circuit operators, or inducement houses as their Distribution channels but Branding is the most of import issue thing that will impact the hotel industry than the distribution channels { { 122 Raleigh, Lori 2007 ; } } .

In order to better stigmatization, directors now have to plan tactics and schemes like bettering advertisement and selling such as patronizing any popular events like cricket and football lucifers or famous person maps and phase programmes, offering new strategies, supplying high-quality service as it is an of import factor of client satisfaction, and doing consciousness of their trade name throughout the universe { { 126 Salver, Jessica 2005 ; } } . The acceptance of good stigmatization techniques should be good supported by the services which the hotel industry provides to their clients and the proviso of satisfactory hotel maintaining will farther take to a success of branding { { 127 Williams, John Alan 2003 ; } } .

Hotel industry should besides implement Total Quality Management ( TQM ) . TQM emphasizes quality in all facets of a companyaa‚¬a„?s operation, every bit good as participatory determination doing affecting all those affected by the determination { { 126 Salver, Jessica 2005 ; } } .

5.0 Decision

In drumhead, this study the boundaries of the epicurean hotel industry have been defined. Three cardinal issues such as economic downswing, impact of engineering, and branding are selected from the 10 issues and are considered to be the most of import jobs that influence the epicurean hotel industry. Each issue is accessed and justified whether the issues arise from the wider external environment or the competitory environment. Furthermore, the ways by which the cardinal issue can impact the hotel industry is besides explained. Furthermore, suggestions are given for each selected cardinal issue so that the hotel industry would hold a positive response to these issues and could better their concern net income in the hereafter.

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