BP must always review the effectiveness of different support roles to ensure success for the company. There are many different requirements and reviewing methods that BP can make use of to review effectively.

The first step in the review process is to identify all of the user requirements. These include diary systems, telephone systems, communication systems, office equipment, archiving material and different methods of communication.

Firstly, BP will need to identify what current systems they have in place. Support roles can make use of diary systems. Diary systems can be paper based and also electronically based. Paper based diaries are good because they are easy to carry around which means it is useful in meetings and they can write down quick diary entries and can see what appointments you have for the day. Although, they do not give you reminders when a meeting or task is coming up or inform other team members if you are able to attend or not. On the other hand, Electronic diaries are the most used diary system in the business for instance, Outlook. They are good because they it is quick and easy to make entries and can give you reminders when a meeting or deadline is coming up in which a paper based diary cannot do. The use of electronic diaries also means that invitations to meetings can be sent by email and can track who can and cannot attend that specific meeting. However, if the system crashes or there is a power failure then you will not be able to access the diary and it isn’t as convenient as you cannot carry it around from meeting to meeting.

Support roles will also use telephone systems. Support roles will need to phone different people from the business. For instance, if a person comes into reception wanted to see someone, the receptionist will need to call the employee saying there is someone to see them. Businesses usually have one line that connects separately to each employee where each employee has a number. This is great because it means that it is easy to contact the person you need to contact rather than going through reception and then getting passed onto the call from there; it makes it quicker and easier. Also customer services will need to use the phone to call customers and having separate lines for each employee would be very expensive so having one line connected to each employee is cost effective.

Electronic communication systems are very important in support roles. In many businesses they will make use of different electronic communication systems as it is easy and convenient. The most used communication systems is through email. The biggest benefit of e-mail, with the ability to contact a specified group of people at the same time if required. This should improve internal and external communications. In addition, they may make use of Lync which is a communication program. It allows you to send instant messages to people in the same company as you and also set up teleconferencing and meetings which are all effective ways to communicate. However, sometimes the systems crash which mean that these electronic communication systems cannot be used and can have a very negative impact on work.

They will also make use of office equipment. They will need to make use of computers in order to complete their work and send emails to work colleges. They will also use printers and photocopiers, this is important if handouts need to be given or print outs need to be made. Also, they will use telephones to communicate people however, in some companies they don’t use telephones but just use electronic communication systems. Lastly, another important piece of equipment is headsets, these will be used when calling people and will be used in meetings. Office equipment is very vital in the workplace and are all very beneficial.

Support roles will also need to store and archive material. Data archiving is the process of moving data that is no longer actively used to a separate storage device for long-term retention. It can be done in two different ways, physically or electronically. Electronic achieving will be done on the computer and may be done on certain websites like SharePoint where employees can access it at a later date. It can also be done physically where the information is put into boxes and is stored for employees to access later on.

Lastly, they will use different methods of communication. There are different types of communication. Internal communication is the type of communication which take place within the company and can be upward downward or horizontal. Upward communication is when information is passed from employees to the management of the company and downward is the opposite, where information is passed from management to employees and horizontal is the interaction between employees to people with similar roles. Then there is external communication which happens with people outside the company. Communication can be done in many ways.

This may be done by letters, for example customer service may send customers letters providing information. Emails are an effective way of communication because they can instantly reach several people at a time over long distances. In addition, meetings are a means of communication. In meetings, information about the company and project the team may be working on will be said and people can ask questions and provide their own ideas through the meeting. Support roles can also make use of verbal written and visual communication. Verbal communication is when employees will speak face to face or through teleconferencing and written communication can be through emails, letters and instant messages. And lastly, visual communication can be through photographs, video clips and PowerPoints.

After the user requirements are identified BP will need to identify what is good and bad about them. They will do this through feedback from their employees. Gaining feedback may come from meetings where topics are chosen and positives and negatives of the topic are discusses; suggested changes and proposals will be made. Another method of gaining feedback is from questionnaires and surveys from employees on positives and negatives of the user requirements. Gaining feedback from employees not only because they can help improve requirements but by allowing them to give feedback will show them that the company cares and thus will result in high motivation.

Once feedback is acquired, they must analyse the data for positive feedback. They can then use this feedback if one department is very good at one thing and then they can implement it into other departments so that all are working at the same high level. They will also take the negative feedback and will create an action plan so that they can resolve the issues. Analysing the feedback will provide suggested changed and proposals which can help when creating an action plan.

Lastly, they will then implement the new changes and monitor if the changes are making differences. The review process will then happen again making sure the new changes are now positives and work on any other further negatives.

It is very important that BP do this. The main reason is to make employees happy. If employees are unhappy with user requirements then they will be less motivated to complete good work. Also if user requirements are not working it can have direct impact on work and could be the prevention on why employees can’t do certain tasks such as having equipment broken like computers will mean the employee cannot work. Or if the telephone system is down then employees won’t be able to contact important people and thus cannot complete work. Therefore it’s important that BP are constantly reviewing as it can result in increased productivity.

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