“Bravery is not the lack of fear but the ability to move forward in spite of fear” . Mary Auch historical fiction book ¨Ashes of roses”  is definitely a story about bravery. Rose is only 16 ands she is already doing things like an adult would. For example she’s  taking  care of her sister in a foreign country,  has a job and is paying the rent for a room to live in. If ashes of roses isn’t a book about bravery then i dont dont know what is  Everything changes for  rose when her and her  family get  to ellis island. Rose and her family are so close to making it into america until, they discovers that rose’s brother is sick and has to go home with her father.

Roses mother to stay but misses the other half of her family too much and ends up going home. Without their mother to help them rose and marie do not have a home to live in, So rose being the brave person she is don’t panic , instead she looks all over for a place to live and eventually she dose . she  finds a nice house with a small  but liveable room for rent, but unfortunately they owner of the house doesn’t plan on renting the room to girls he even tells them “i already have two daughters to look after. I don’t need more girls.” But rose and marine stick up for themselves and tell him that they are just as capable as men are, and he ends up renting them the room. If it wasn’t for their bravery rose and marine would be homeless. Things are finally looking up for rose, she finally has a nice place to live and a job. One day when  rose goes to collect her pay  her boss and Mr.

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m  kisses her. This really upset rose because the whole point of her staying in america was that she didn’t have to deal with people like Mr. m.

 Rose  didn’t know how to react  so she ended up biting him on the nose, which was were risky because he is much older and stronger than rose. Luckily rose made it out of the store without anything else happening to her , the only bad part was  he didn’t pay her and  he ripped her dress.  When gussie rose friend  found out what had happened to rose she did not hesitate to take rose back together money, even after she heard about he had treated her.  Gussie and rose had to be very brave because Mr. m could’ve done something even worse to them. But the two didn’t care they of the march proudly down to his shop knowing that this time they would leave with what the came for. Gussie trough open the door and demanded that he gave rose the money or the police would be called, but then Gussie said  “__________”  he was so scared her gave rose  more money than what she had made .

Rose grabbed her coat and her and gussie stormed out and if they hadn’t have been brave rose would have never gotten her money and thing would not have gotten better.

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