“What appears to be random behaviour is really the consequence of differences in the manner people prefer to utilize their mental capacities” Carl G. Jung ( 1875 – 1961 ) PsychiatristMyers Briggs Type Indicator is based on the theory of psychological Type idea by C.

G. Jung and published in the 1920’s.Harmonizing to this Swiss Psychiatrist. each individual has a psychological type. A individual is either taking information ( comprehending ) or forming information and coming to decision ( judging ) . From each of these two features.

the person will hold penchants ; introverted ( energized by the internal universe ) or extraverted ( energized by the outside universe ) .However. really few people understood and implemented this theory until the 1940’s when Isabel Briggs Myers and her female parent. Katharine Cook Briggs simplified it so anyone would be able to place his/her psychological type.In today’s society. Briggs Myers’ type index trial is normally used in the work environment. callings.

personal growing. relationships and educational intents.This study will be concentrating on Briggs Myers Personality Type trial within the work environment in order to understand better how this personality trial helps to set the right squads together to accomplish companies’ ends and synergisms. This study will so concentrate on today’s mission of Human Resources in the range of Briggs Myers’ Personality Type and to which extent this theory may be used.I. What is the Briggs Myer’s Personality Type trial?In 1921. Carl Gustav Jung defined “Psychological Types” .

which gathers three “pairs” of psychological penchants. These penchants are both witting and unconscious and assist understand how an single perceives the universe and makes determinations. These three braces of penchants are the undermentioned:* Extraversion ( E ) and Introversion ( I ) : Extraverted people “outward-turned” draw their energy from the outside universe whereas the introspective single. “inward-turned” . pull his energy from within.

Invagination and extroversion are the two chief psychological penchants as they show where the individual’s energy prevarications.* Sensing ( S ) and Intuition ( N ) : The feeling penchant allows the person to comprehend his/her environment through his/her senses. Intuition. on another manus. is irrational as it finds its roots: * In our physical senses when the person feels a state of affairs is insecure * In our emotions when it comes to establishing oneself on a first feeling * In our mind when all of a sudden everything becomes clear and the solution pops up. Harmonizing to Jung. “Intuition is defined as a perceptual experience gained through the unconscious” . These two penchants specify how an single gathers and perceives information.

* Thinking ( T ) and Feeling ( F ) these maps are both used to do determinations: Thinking is an rational map. analytical and nonsubjective organiser that has nil to make with a high grade of intelligence or civilization. Feeling on another manus is based on looking at a state of affairs from the interior and is more based on inherent aptitudes and emotions. Thinking persons have problem pass oning with other and will be really direct when giving a feedback.

Feeling persons will demo more empathy and see other people’s feelings.Isabelle Meyer has designed two new maps in 1980. which are Judging ( J ) and Perceiving ( P ) . These allow us to understand whether the person is rational or irrational and therefore his manner of action. Isabel Myer has created this map to place people’s penchant when associating to the outside universe: either their judgment map ( believing or experiencing ) or their perceiving map ( feeling or intuition ) .

Based on these informations. the MBTI index identifies 16 major personality types:Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: //batonrougecounseling. net/personality-types-and-the-mbti/ Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: //batonrougecounseling.

net/personality-types-and-the-mbti/To reliably find the type of each MBTI. Katherine Cook Briggs and her girl Isabel Briggs Myers invented a trial that exists in 6 different forms runing from 93 to 222 inquiries. Some trials indicate the per centum of each psychological penchant doing the trial more accurate.

II. BMPT in today’s mission of Human ResourcesNowadays. the MBTI is widely used. harmonizing to the Center for Applications of Psychological Type. about two million people take this trial every twelvemonth. It is widely used in Anglo-Saxon states to help pupils in their calling.

in relationships… However. it is of import to underscore the fact that the MBTI does non place an individual’s accomplishments in a specific country. It merely allows to understand how this persons works. Sing Human Resources. it can be a valuable ally to cover with employees from enlistings and throughout their full callings until they live the company. When it comes to engaging.

one might believe that the trial enables the employer to engage the campaigner harmonizing to his/her ability to suit in the squad less than his/her accomplishments and cognition. However it appears to be necessary to hold a qualified person on the MBTI to carry on the trial and inform the human resources section on the consequences and on the advantages and disadvantages to engage the campaigner. MBTI can besides be used in the undermentioned state of affairss:* Career direction: MBTI can so assist to supply orientation to employees in one place instead than another 1. taking in history assorted facets such as relationships. working comfort ( rational and non rational ) * As portion of the transition of a individual. it can let an person to set to a new way in another field or squad where he/she may hold the appropriate personality. the person will be more effectual in his work and the company will non hold lost clip. Here is an illustration of an person for whom the MBTI has been a disclosure and the start of something new: « When I learned that I was a strong NF it gave me an of import penetration on my calling way over the old 30 old ages.

I started as an simple atom physicist. gave up academe to organize a solar fabrication concern. and so taught computing machine scientific discipline and consulted on information engineering issues until my mid 50?s.The whole clip I felt a demand to form and run conferences around these subjects.

and I didn’t truly understand why. Suddenly the discharge of my professional life made sense. I had been continuously traveling off from the T-focused ( Thinking ) work that I was good at and had been told I should prosecute and towards the people-oriented/inspirational/consensus-seeking work I strongly preferred.

My 30 old ages of forming conferences had been about easing connexions between people. a penchant of mine that I had ever been drawn to but ne’er acknowledged. Jerry’s workshop started me on a more witting journey that led to my make up one’s minding seven old ages ago to retire from information engineering consulting and compose a book about what I had learned about planing.

forming. and easing participant-driven conferences. And here I am. »Sing struggle direction. it can let everyone to acquire to cognize to better interact with one another: * It is really of import in order to carry on an efficient teambuilding. Team members get to cognize in depth their squad members which improves communicating as they understand each other every bit good as the work organisation.

* When pull offing anxiousness at work: when an single knows himself good plenty to cognize where the anxiousness comes from every bit good as his co-workers emphasis. the person will be able to manage it a batch better. * So an employee may better communicating with a client. In footings of Human Resources. MBTI offers the chance to better manage employees every bit good as to do certain each employee is fitted for the occupation. DecisionMBTI. as antecedently seen is a complex tool. which requires a good cognition and apprehension of the theory in order to be decently used.

Since. Isabelle Myers and her female parent have simplified it so anyone would be able to place his/her psychological type. this trial as been normally used within assorted state of affairss.

However this trial should non be prejudiced within the enlisting and procedure and it must let everyone to place himself or herself without withdrawing in the trial consequence. Even Carl Gustav Jung. warned his book readers that “it is rather unfertile to label people and set them into classs. ” ( Carl Gustav Jung – Modern Man in Search of a Soul.

1959 ) . Recommendations“Personality trials step non what we know but what we are like. non what we do. but who we are” I believe that merely utilizing the MBTI is non plenty ; this trial should be completed with other personality trials such as the “traits theory” one. I besides believe that Human Resources should non establish themselves on this trial to pull off employees. The MBTI should be used as a tool of human resources direction to be used in a specific state of affairs that requires this trial. And every clip this trial is used. the individual should mention to the per centums of each maps and penchant.

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