The spa industry provides specialist leisure attractive force, with its singular range and cosmopolitan range, is poised, possibly more than any other industry, to steer good being of our society into the following century, and into the following paradigm of being. But supplying specialist leisure attractive force has the challenges of being commercially feasible concern and watering place industry is non every bit profitable as one thinks. Spa ‘s are high terminal merchandises and are truly expensive to fabricate. In order to happen out the force per unit areas ( issues ) on leisure supplier as specializer watering place finish, and this is of import particularly in a clime of recession, the ‘Stobo Castle Health Spa ‘ in Pebbleshire, Scotland is chosen as a concern instance survey. A instance survey is defined by Bryman & A ; Bell ( 2005 ) as an organisation or company that is the focal point for the survey of garnering information. Further, Bryman & A ; Bell ( 2005 ) explains that the instance survey is concerned on garnering information about certain features or particular findings for the specific instances. Sing the complexness in the industry, Stobo Castle Health Spa is confronting a different sort and degree of trouble when compared to normal hotel ironss like Ritz-Carltons, Mandarin Oriental, Four Seasons, Bulgari when running the concern. One can see that these are good known hotel ironss and are classed as offering mainstream touristry but Stobo palace is instance sensitive. The secondary research informations and survey purposes to happen out the common pattern and elements of Spa offering, but besides something which is extraordinary and alone in Stobo Castle ‘s instances. While replying the research inquiry of how ‘Stobo Castle Health Spa ‘ is pull offing the concern quandary ( issues, impacts and direction challenges ) in the current economic clime, the concluding consequences are expected to hold a certain grade of generalization.

The research carried out is a qualitative survey dwelling of concern theoretical account analysis ‘Stobo Castle Health Spa ‘ and does non affect primary informations aggregation in the signifier of experimental appraisal or interviews. Rather the hunt for secondary information has been done in order to acquire the cognition in what has been researched so far in the subject of touristry, Spa direction, mending therapy, specialist touristry company and the economic, environment and societal positions on Spa offerings. This so farther specifies the force per unit areas on ”Stobo Castle Health Spa ‘ concern and its hereafter growing chances. Restrictions of the research is the limitations in acquiring concern public presentation informations on Stobo Castle but a more general economic activity index is used to counterbalance this. Structure of the study goes in the order of touristry literature reappraisal, sketching Stobo Castle ‘s merchandises, the specializer or different from mainstream anaology, clients ‘ profile and penchants and future growth/challenges given the current economic clime.

Tourism development and literature reappraisal

The history of travel gives us the grounds of civilisation itself and the earliest travel were a consequence of mobile crude human existences tracking huge distances, seeking for nutrient and favorable conditions conditions. With clip patterned advance travel motivations changed as human existences started going due to activities affecting commercialism, war, pecuniary enlargement, spiritual followerss and instruction ( Gee and Fyos-Sola, 1997 ; Theobald, 1998 ) . Travel as a modern-day activity is frequently contemplated as touristry with the thought being motion from person ‘s place or work topographic point for acquiring pleasance, indulgence in a leisure activity as these activities are modern and occur often in today ‘s universe. Even though travel for leisure did happen in the pre-modern times and history of people going around the Earth in hunt of new topographic points is a testimony to this, there was a category derived function with merely certain upper category class had the luxury of going around up until 19th century for grounds non specifically related to merchandise or commerce. As the nineteenth century progressed tourer activity ancestors were found in industrial revolution. Industrialization augmented a strong instance for the promotion of capital markets every bit good as just and a merely society for everyone. An thought of a topographic point for everyone ( multitudes ) in the society gave the birth to modern in-between category which was hungry for cheaper signifier of mass transit. With these historic alterations brought approximately by the demands of common adult male, travel and touristry ceased to be a precaution of flush category ( Burkart and Medlik, 1981 ; Butler, 1990 ) .

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Specialist tourer companies have tried to distinguish themselves from the battalion of circuit operators by offering seamster made leisure experiences in the signifier of escapade, athleticss, watering place and wellness, etc. ‘Stobo Castle wellness watering place ‘ is one such company and the instance survey is based on this. Peoples through ought history believed in holistic life as a manner of life. Inherently they understood the equilibrium of natural universe, the ways of the creative activity and how the elements affected non merely their physical energy, but their mental wellness ( Tabacchi, 2010 ) . It was understood that if one achieves harmoniousness within, they would be at agreement with their environments ( the 10 elements of the Spa experience ) . Our universe changed as we fast tracked to advancement, but deep within ourselves we believed in the rules of our ascendants. To seek this harmoniousness and balance one needs to return peace and lull of a topographic point offering natural hush with the environment

‘Stobo Castle Health Spa ‘ brings alive this doctrine and aims to be the watering place & A ; mending experience in St. Andrews, Scotland which has history revealed through its mountains and hush of the natural flowing rivers and springs. Scotland has systematically, over the last few old ages, been voted the best topographic point to populate in the Europe ( Edinburghbrand,2010 ) . This mediaeval old towns economic system is mostly based around the service sector with touristry actively supported by the authorities (, 2010 ) it forms a strong base of the pick as it slackly correlates to gaining growing potency. As fast traveling metropolis venues need a retreat, explore holistic redresss and rejuvenate them. ‘Stobo Castle Health Spa ‘ recreates synergy of head organic structure & A ; intellect non merely through the natural Scottish milieus and the intimacy to the mountains and the springs, but through the rejuvenating and traditional procedures and doctrines of Hydrotherapy ( H2O ) , Massage ( touch ) , Ayurveda ( Nourishment ) and Yoga ( Movement ) with modern-day planetary therapies which improve and augment the original.

‘Stobo Castle Health Spa ‘ caters to single demands and demands which are assessed by wellness advisers. This is a cardinal portion of back uping the person on his/her personal journey to understanding the ego. Sense of topographic point in community is truly of import for any concern to be successful. The assorted therapies and Spa intervention being offered belong to different civilizations like the Swedish massage, Ayurveda and others, which could be a challenge for local people ‘s credence. Harmony with the society and milieus every bit good as educating the positives to people can interrupt the cultural barriers and issues to therapy choice at manus ( Joanneum, 2009 ) .

Products & A ; services differentiated from mainstream leisure offering

So Stobo – Scotland ‘s lone finish watering place, has been offering for past 29 old ages adjustment, dining and fittingness installations in Peeblesshire. Not to be mistaken as a epicurean hotel, Stobo differs by offering specializer Spa programme complete with the magnetizing planetary coalesce of absolute health offered by uniting the best-known therapies garnered from across the universe.

Traveling through clip & A ; texts, deriving cognition from the secrets of Egyptian princesses, the patterns of early Rome, the Grecian rites till the generation of the first Spas from the patterns of Europe, have all been woven in new ways organizing regenerating interventions such Aromatherapy, quieting Swedish massage, Reiki mending touch, Reflexology concentration on force per unit area points and release of tenseness. Experiences like these revitalize and rejuvenate the organic structure and some of the typical intervention would include the combination of 10 elements of the Spa ( figure I )

Massages – This include Swedish Massage ( the use of the musculuss against the bone ; it improves circulation and loosen up organic structure doing one feel connected ) , Aromatherapy Massage ( a holistic pattern based on the usage of blended indispensable oils with a vegetable base utilizing force per unit area point massage technique ) & A ; Earth Stone Massage ( hot basalt rocks gives a deeper massage making esthesiss of comfort and heat, loosen uping and let go ofing tenseness.

Exfoliation & A ; Wrap experiences – This include Aroma Cocoon ( regenerating or detoxicating utilizing indispensable oils cocooned in a balmy cover to heighten the soaking up of the chosen blend into the tegument ) , Exciting Earth Wrap ( mending minerals inspiring and detoxicating intervention utilizing the pure elements of the exciting virtuousnesss of female parent Earth ) , Detoxifying Salt Scrub & A ; Lemon Grass & A ; Ginger Salt Scrub ( for cleaning and uncluttering the tegument with natural sea salt infused with oils ) .

Hydrotherapy AIDSs in the healing procedure of organic structure, boosts unsusceptibility and helps in circulation every bit good as metamorphosis ( Jennings & A ; Durham, 2006 ) . At Stobo pure upland Spring Water will is used for Hydrotherapy interventions including Hydrotherapy Aromatic Bath, Jet Lag Hydro Massage and Highland Blitz ( upland spring H2O jet intervention with a full organic structure exfoliation ) .

Mending Virtue – Energy disparity can be triggered by hapless eating wonts, inconsistent life style, pollution, every bit good as emotional disturbances. When this energy is rebalanced, one invariably feels rejuvenated and energized. Wellness advisers offer Reflexology ( Choi, 2004 ) , Crystal and Reki healing ( Ezinearticles, 2009 ) or a combination of these as a solution.

Yoga & A ; Meditation – Yoga is a disciplined scientific discipline encircling all facets of life in different ways and degrees to equilibrate the head, organic structure and spirit ( Schmidt, 2004 ) .The experient Yoga instructors at Stobo understand single aims and ends which helps them plan a specific yoga and speculation plan.

Apart from the above plans and therapies being offered their are swimming pools ( heated ) , steam, sweat room, Jacuzzi as common installations.

Clientele & A ; penchants

‘Stobo Castle Health Spa ‘ offers to its invitees a alone combination of accessible services in the signifier of Massages, Exfoliation & A ; Wrap experiences, Hydrotherapy, Wellness Consultancy, Yoga & A ; speculation with a relaxing, rejuvenating atmosphere where all of their head and organic structure demands can be met. The competitory border is the alone combination of quality, reliable services, location ( St. Andrews ) , and customer-centric focal point. The concern patronage mark is male and female professionals ( holding above norm family incomes ) , retirees & A ; tourers. The concern attracts these market sections through:

The holistic interventions pulling high disposable income professionals in the neighbouring metropolis of Edinburgh, Perth & A ; Glasgow who have limited clip but do value a natural organic structure intervention rejuvenating their head and psyche.

Visiting tourers get attracted to the interventions, selling as a combination of the overall ‘Stobo Castle ‘ aesthetics with the Scots history, landscape, civilization and tradition. Bing on a vacation one is easy attracted to Spa interventions particularly when the healing ingredients are Scots spring H2O and elements of Earth.

With aged population of all time turning across Scotland ( UK National Statistics,2009 ) and holding wellness deductions retired persons are attracted towards the Yoga therapies with a spot of an instruction.

The invitees and clients of Stobo Castle Health Spa are paying an mean ?135 per dark. Merchandises and services included in each intervention are separately priced and timed.

Similar to other concerns, Stobo Castle Health Spa uses all possible ways and means every bit good as channels of communicating to advance their merchandises and services and construct its trade name name and repute. On this instance, Stobo Castle Health Spa promotes their merchandises and services through traditional selling communicating ( e.g. advertisement ) and specializes in on-line selling.

Future growing & A ; issues

The Winyard household made the acquisition of Stobo palace in 1975 and within 2 old ages the palace was transformed into a luxury wellness watering place. With a pick of over 70 wellness and beauty interventions Stobo requires changeless investing in belongings every bit good as the new promotion in the therapies being offered. The company had an one-year turnover of around 8 million in the twelvemonth 2008-09 ( beginning, Company Filings SEC ) but this is expected to fall for this financial due to the recession. Bing a specializer leisure offering and catering to a niche market with high terminal clients, the Stobo palace wellness watering place needs to offer a mid scope monetary value bundles in order to crush the recession. The disbursement power on luxuries is curtailed by consumers during the economic downswing and the concern map should box consequently. Some of the restraints could be be


One of the powerful determiner of competitory advantage is Spa industry is the differentiation between rivals ( Porter, 2003 ) is in footings of sing client profile ‘s ( Celebrity indorsements ) , growing rate of the niche market, location diverseness, cost outgo, informational complexness, branding spend and so on. In normal economic rhythm there is an of all time turning demand of consumers for lifestyle merchandises and services. The perceptual experience of Spa concern as a profitable market venture increases the danger of new entrants to the market. As mentioned earlier Spa installations these yearss are offered as portion of adjustment installations by resorts and hotels and with presence of these near Stobo palace heath spa its profitableness and future growing can be affected. Some of these include Turnberry, Hilton, Crown Plaza, Gleneagles and local watering place Centres like Peebles Hydro.

Changes in consumers passing form

In a niche market consumer ‘s purchaser power is high and wellness watering place industry in which Stobo operates is no exclusion. With many replacements available for relaxation consumers are demanding value for money even in luxury services. The empirical grounds from International Spa Association indicates that more people are traveling to Spas in groups It besides suggests that there is an increase consumption among male interventions and around half of metropolis watering place cater to work forces. There is besides an addition in the medi-spa interventions like the botulinum toxin A and collagen fillers intervention. With such alterations in consumers behaviour and disbursement form, Stobo Castle Health Spa needs to orient make bundle for twenty-four hours interventions for groups. Specialist bundle for male patronage demands to be designed so that they can gain gross from this section. With the mean monetary value of ?500 per twosome for individual dark adjustment, one watering place intervention and ?135 per caput for twenty-four hours spa visitant, the pricing scheme needs to be revisited and a more flexible option demands to be available. This might non needfully compromise the quality and criterions of the Stobo palace wellness watering place.

Management challenges

The new watering place installation at the Stobo palace wellness watering place provides a 1:1 ratio between spa staff and invitees. This is a ambitious demand for the direction at the watering place due to shortage of skilled staff within the industry and besides within the geographic location.


Stobo castle Health Spa is in operation for more than 3 decennaries and has built a reputable and trusted name in the wellness watering place market. While there is an overall feeling of lethargy in the market, Stobo has been able to successfully implement a weathering scheme in the recession. With a steadfast base of skilled direction squad and a focal point on clients demand the company has been able to supply services unmatched by its rivals. This gives them the ability to turn unusually and fight caputs on with the alterations in the health-spa market. While the twenty-four hours watering place bundles has been proved to be tide Turner against the recession with mean turnaround of 4000 clients. This is an indicant of foretelling and accommodating to the external market conditions. Them take parting as one of the event host for Visit Scotland advertizement run has provided dividends, with the addition of half a million gross in 2007 straight related to the run activity.

Stobo Castle Health Spa has an image of exclusivity which consequences in minimum sum of cost film editing which is a norm among all the houses in recession. Stobo undertakings a trade name individuality as a wellness watering place service for the rich and is unable to make other huge assortment of patronages due to this. With changeless reinvestment needed to supply outstanding merchandise and services to upmarket client and cap on outgo is concern growing haltering tactic.

Last but non the least, Stobo palace has a ethical and competitory policy in pulling and retaining complete human resources that so much forms the base to a sustainable concern development and gross growing.

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