Kyerico Company Limited is a comparatively immature company located in Ghana which has been in being for the past 20 old ages, carry oning its primary concern with sourcing and supply of oculus beads from providers from India, China and Germany. In line with Kyerico ‘s cooperate societal duties and their thrust to ship on sustainable procurance, the procurance director of the company paid an unheralded call to their abroad providers. However, the ethical issues spanned from both external and internal beginnings with some external companies such as Felico, Alexco and the internal issues originating from Kyerico itself.Harmonizing to Mullins ( 2005 ) , moralss is concerned with the survey of morality: patterns and activities that are considered to be significantly right or incorrect, together with the regulations that govern those activities and values to which those activities relate.

‘The followers were some of the ethical issues or findings papers on their audit sheet:

Felico Suppliers

Demographics of Felico providers was non mentioned in the instance survey and for that affair, it can be deduced from the list of other providers locations that it is located in India.

Health and Safety Issues

The above mentioned supplier is located in India – a state where the wellness and safety issues of some employees are non taken to bosom by employers. Health and safety issues comprises of the proviso of safe and portable imbibing H2O for staffs, proviso of personal protective equipments like safety overalls, goggles, manus baseball mitts, safety boots and the likes.

As portion of any mills act, the wellness and safety issues of any company by statute law should take into history the wellness and safety of every employee. Precondition for choice and regular unheralded visits.

Child Labour

During the unheralded audit carried on the providers overseas, the audit squad from Kyerico uncovered the usage of kids or minor staffs in Felico providers.

Using or prosecuting minor staffs for the production of oculus beads or any signifier of work under the United Nations regulations is extremely prohibited and as such rigorous countenances will be meted out employers who are found blameworthy. Further, the kids who are found in the providers base are to be encouraged to take up schooling and should in instance entree to schools are hard, Felico as portion of their cooperate societal duty should set up school in and around the community in which they operate. This will assist extinguish the figure of minor kid working in the production line.


Frightening and penalizing staffs as a step for increasing public presentation or productiveness when staffs are non able to finish their occupation. Alternatively, cardinal public presentation indexs should be put in topographic point for all staffs as bases for their public presentation. Should in instance a staff does non run into the set out KPI ‘s over a figure of attempted periods a missive should be served to the individual to sit up and followed with dismissal.

Kyerico Company Limited


Further in house audit uncovered a whole batch of incompatibilities in Kyerico ‘s stock both the automated and physical stock.

The audit sheet recorded an employee cabbaging some of the oculus drops in Kyerico ‘s warehouse and selling them on the market stall. Hence, a security cheque system should be put in topographic point where at every phase, an empowering officer should O.K. of every stock every bit good as CCTV cameras should be installed.


At Kyerico, a Female purchaser – Asantewaa complain to the Procurement Manager she was non remunerated every bit much as her male co-workers were having. Therefore, the labor Torahs and the international trade Torahs do non promote favoritism of gender.

Equal work for equal wage for all staffs irrespective of one ‘s gender should be applied to all employees.

Alexco providers

Business Gifts and Hospitality

The aforementioned provider is based in Germany patronizing some of the senior directors of Kyerico have been lodging in sole hotels and go toing other events such as feasts and premium sporting activities.Although Alexco is deriving 40 % of Kyerico ‘s orders despite the cost of the oculus drops against the background of providing quality merchandise is non prudent businesswise for the senior directors of Kyerico to be seen in the books of Alexco.

This can take to bribable patterns were favors are most likely to be returned to Alexco by the said senior directors. Therefore, the senior directors should keep a professional working relationship with the provider.


Mullins, JL ( 2005 ) direction and Operational Behaviour, 7th edn. England: FT Prentice HallThe Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply ( 2006 ) , direction in the buying map.


Make a set of regulations for ethical behavior that will enable Kyerico to forestall these internal and external issues happening in the hereafter.

Organizations do non be in isolation but instead be on its moral rules and guidelines to which make a competitory advantage for them in their industry.

For the organisation once more, its industry demands for greater answerability in society, concerns and other organisations are increasingly more acknowledging the demand to mensurate, proctor and study on their societal and ethical public presentation. Therefore a set of ethical regulations are created to fore make full the above demands: hence the codification of behavior or moralss.Code of moralss is ‘a set of moral rules or values, used by organisations to maneuver the behavior both of the administration itself and itself and its employees, in all their concern activities, both internal and in relation to the outside universe ‘ . ( Cole 1996 )In the past, many organisations resorted to the usage of philosophical attacks in set uping their ethical regulations.

Some of these are: Deontological moralss, Utilitarianism, Teleology and Ethical egoism.Deontological moralss is in maintaining with Scripture, natural moral jurisprudence, and intuitions from common sense. The word “ deontological ” comes from the Grecian word ‘deon ‘ which means “ adhering responsibility. ”Harmonizing to Moreland 2009, a useful attack to morality implies that no moral act or regulation is per se right or incorrect. Rather, the rightness or inappropriateness of an act or regulation is entirely a affair of the overall non-moral good produced in the effects of making that act or following that regulation. In amount, harmonizing to utilitarianism, morality is a affair of the non-moral good produced that consequences from moral actions and regulations, and moral responsibility is instrumental, non intrinsic. Morality is a agency to some other terminal ; it is in no manner an terminal in itself.

Kyerico Company Limited as portion of their audit processes uncovered a batch of ethical issues that were non adhered to by both their internal and external clients. These ethical issues have been identified and as such the undermentioned set of regulations below have been developed to assist extinguish these issues. Ethical issues identified includes: Business Gifts and Hospitality, Discrimination, Pilfering, Intimidation, Child Labour and Health and Safety Issues.Following a set of regulations for ethical behaviors proposed below, Kyerico can forestall these internal and external issues from happening in the hereafter.

Business Gifts and Hospitality

Business gifts – Business gifts, other than points of really little intrinsic value such as concern journals or calendars, should non be accepted.Hospitality – Kyerico employees when sponsored by a provider ( eg.

Alexco providers in Germany ) to go to an event, the said employee upon his or her return should compose a study on the event attended explicating how the event will profit the company ‘s strategic relationship with the provider in future. Besides, how he or she will non be influenced in any manner whatsoever to move bribable to favor the provider. Thus the frequence and graduated table of the cordial reception should the influence the receiver to move in ways to favor the provider.


Both Kyerico and their Suppliers should develop and implement a policy of equality for all in the workplace with no favoritism on the footing of race, societal order, faith, nationality, age, gender, matrimonial position, disablement, brotherhood rank or political association. As illustrated in the instance survey ( Asantwaa ‘s gender ) . This breeds apathy and nepotism at the work topographic point which chiefly affects production every bit good as negatively transferred to their relationship with clients.


Child Labour

Kyerico should seek to guarantee that all their administration ‘s providers do non prosecute kid at their work topographic point and as such their providers should adhere to the undermentioned set of regulations:Suppliers as portion of their cooperate societal duty shall take it up upon themselves to extinguish all signifiers of kid labor by supplying to communities they operate in with schools or at least scholarships to underage kids found to be executing child labor.

This will ease their stay in schools whilst assisting to extinguish child labor.Suppliers shall non use minor kids in conformity with the commissariats of ILO Convention 138 and the United Nation ‘s Convention on the Rights of the Child.In this context, ‘child ‘ harmonizing to the above conventions refers to any individuals under 15 old ages of age, unless local statute law on the minimal age stipulates a higher age for work or compulsory schooling, in which instance the higher age shall use.Suppliers found to be engaged in child labor for their production or services shall hold their contracts terminated as stipulated in their contracts.


Suppliers should mistreat or intimidate their employees under no status whatsoever.

The providers must develop a set of disciplinary steps and KPI ‘s for all actions and public presentations and should be good documented every bit good as transcripts given to all employees together with their occupation descriptions.Suppliers ‘ employees who are non capable of reading the above disciplinary steps and their occupation description should guarantee that it is good interpreted and good understood by the employee before they sign the papers.

Health and Safety Issues

Suppliers should delegate duty for wellness and safety to a senior direction representative. Suppliers should hold appropriate wellness and safety policies and processs and these should be incontrovertible in the workplaceSuppliers ‘ employees should be trained in wellness and safety policy and processsSuppliers should supervise conformity with wellness and safety policySuppliers should supply employees ( at the provider ‘s disbursal ) with any necessary wellness andsafety equipment, e.

g. baseball mitts, masks, helmetsWorking conditions should be comfy and hygienicSuppliers should place specific jeopardies, e.g. substances or equipment, and should implementprocedures to understate hazardSuppliers ‘ employees should hold entree to clean lavatoriesSuppliers ‘ employees should hold regular interruptions and have entree to H2O suitable for imbibing and lavation as a lower limitAfter all the aforementioned, the committedness or direction support for its execution should be obtained to do it a success.Should be monitored by top directionConsequences of these ethical issues should be backed by clearly statedThe regulations must be good understood by all and easy to stay by


Cole, GA ( 1996 ) Management Theory and Practice, 5th edn.

London: Continuum.Kamm, F. M. ( 2007 ) . Intricate Ethical motives: Rights, Responsibilities, and Permissible Harm. New York: Oxford University Press. ISBN 0-19-518969-8Moreland J.

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New York: Pearson Longman

Question TWO ( 2 )

Critically measure how the procurement map can lend to merchandise development by the betterment of internal and external relationships

Aims of Procurement Function

Ensure continuity of supply, keeping sound concerted relationships with other sections ; develop staff policies, processs and organisation to guarantee the accomplishment of the foregoingMuhlemann et Al ( 1992 ) throws more light on the procurement maps stating ‘providing information on new merchandises, procedures, stuffs and services. This should besides rede on likely monetary values, bringings and public presentation of the merchandises under consideration by the research, design and development maps. ‘Harmonizing to new wave Echtelt et Al ( 2008 ) , when prosecuting in merchandise development as procurement map ; three activities should be done parallel to each other in other to accomplish the end. These activites include:Strategic direction processes – it is focused on supplying the substructure for future technological coaction with providers.

Here one can place the most company to join forces with.Operational direction procedure – this relate to direction of single development undertaking which helps in the determination where providers are given the entree to input into technological undertakings.Collaborative procedures – involves furthering and implementing technological coaction with external spouses.Attending conferencesNetwork eventsExhibitionsBing involved in transverse functional squads


Muhlemann, A. et Al ( 1992 ) Production and operations direction, 6th edn.

London: Pitman Publishing.Van Echtelt, et al..

( 2008 ) Pull offing supplier engagement in new merchandise development: a multiple instance survey, diary of merchandise invention direction, ( 25 ) : 180-201


Critically measure the benefits and hazards to sustainable procurance policy of the following supplier relationships:In this epoch of globalised and of all time altering concern tendencies, procurance directors are tasked with the procurance of goods and services in other for their organisations to stay competitory in their industry. It is on this background that, issues of sustainability procurance have emerged whilst keeping good provider dealingss.Sustainable procurance comprises of giving due consideration to the impact of the procurance on the environment, on the community, and on the societal conditions of those presenting or having the merchandise or service. It focuses on what your merchandises are made of, where they come from, and who has made them every bit good as whether you need to do the purchase at all.

If you consider all these factors you can do better picks and accomplish the best overall value for money on a whole-life and long-run footing. Mr. Akrofi 2013 ( cited in Welsh Procurement Initiative – Sustainable Public Sector Procurement Guidance 2004 )Supplier relationships in this visible radiation can be group into three classs with their assorted benefits every bit good as their hazard factors and these relationships are: Long-run provider relationships, Preferred providers and Public Private Partnerships ( PPPs )

Long-term provider relationships

It is by and large as the consequence of a strategic buying attackBenefits: alliance of buyer/supplier schemes, sharing of invention and better continuity of supplyHazards or disadvantages: complacence and fiscal overdependence by either party

Preferable providers

consequences from pre-qualification against a specific set of sourcing standards.Benefits: fewer providers to pull off and develop on the back bead of choice based on sustainable standardsHazards or disadvantages: losing out on inventions from non-preferred provider / purchaser deadness to alter

Public Private Partnerships ( PPPs )

made between public and private sector organisationsBenefits: sharing fiscal hazard and best pattern,Hazards or disadvantages: inequalities in staff wage and conditions, lengthy and expensive payback footings

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