Moon Beam hotel in Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka is one of the most celebrated tourer mini hotels in metropolis of Hikkaduwa, which is a really popular tourer finish in both local and foreign. Moon Beam is non a big scale hotel, but it includes everything in a mini graduated table. Adjustments for the tourers, eating houses, vino bars, drama Fieldss, Music Entertainments ( DJs, … ) , set uping the Tourss from company owns vehicles and so on so forth are the chief characteristics and the services of the hotel. In fact, Moon Beam has the best and most comfy suites by ruling the big graduated table hotels around the metropolis and it is good known fact, particularly among the aliens. Hotel consists of two subdivisions as one in Hikkaduwa, the chief subdivision and the other one in Kandy.

This Market Research is based on Hotel Moon Beam and its ongoing concern. Throughout this research, the concern theoretical account of the Hotel Moon Beam is analyzed based on the following analyzing models ;


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Marketing Mix

Product Life Cycle

Ansoff Matrix

BCG Matrix

Porter Five Forces

The chief aim of this analysis is to come across the countries and subdivisions that need to be grown or concerned more, in order to travel the current concern of Hotel Moon Beam stairss above from the place that exists. Therefore, new solutions are traveling to be proposed for the peculiar concern at the terminal of this research/analysis in both concern and engineering wise.

The below is the organisational construction of Hotel Moon Beam ;

Owner of Hotel Moon Beam

Manager of Hikkaduwa ( Main ) Branch Manager of Kandy Branch

Front Office Staff Back Office Staff Front Office Staff Back ( Receptionist, cashier.. ) ( Computer operator ) ( Receptionist, cashier.. ) Military officer

Room boys Kitchen servers Drivers Room boys Kitchen servers Drivers staff staff staff

Cleanerss Cleanerss

Business Model of Hotel Moon Beam

The current concern theoretical account of Moon Beam is explained as follows ( describes harmonizing to the foreign touristry of the hotel ) ;

Foreigners can book a room either in Main Branch or in Kandy subdivision before they arrive Sri Lanka through the mails.

Back office computing machine operator in chief subdivision is the individual who is responsible for communicate with the aliens through the mails.

Communication with the alien through mails consist of the undermentioned information ;

Foreigner specifies the information of the day of the month he/she arrives Sri Lanka.

The figure of day of the months that he/she is traveling to remain in Sri Lanka is besides specified.

The figure of suites that need to be allocated is besides mentioned. ( Since the individual who comes, normally comes with a group )

Full item of the trips that the alien is be aftering to make is besides specified through the mail.

Back officer provides the information of the payments and the aliens can make the initial progress payments before they arrive Sri Lanka.

Note: Before, do the above communicating, the back office operator ever needs to aware of the information of available suites in both subdivisions. So the back officer operator has an updatable manual book which consists of the figure of available suites of the organisation.

Once, the above mentioned information is collected, the back office computing machine operator conveys the peculiar information towards the Main subdivision Manager.

If the alien ‘s first finish is Kandy, the Main subdivision Manager conveys the peculiar information to the Kandy subdivision Manager.

Else the following analyzing procedure is taken topographic point by the Branch Manager ;

Branch Manager analyzes the information, given by the back office computing machine operator.

Make the program undertaking by apportioning the vehicles with the assigned drivers for the peculiar trips of the alien. ( Always do the program undertaking by avoiding the struggles among the resources. )

Therefore, one time the alien or the group of aliens arrive Sri Lanka, Moon Beam sends an allocated vehicle with the assigned driver and the foreigner/s are picked right from the air port and takes them to the planned subdivision. ( Either to Main subdivision in Hikkaduwa or Kandy subdivision ) .

Harmonizing to the program, the trips are conducted by the Moon Beam itself with the usage of vehicles based on the program undertaking.

All the payments are done at the front office and the information of all of these activities are conveyed towards the proprietor of Moon Beam via either Main Branch Manager or Kandy subdivision Manager.

Once the aliens finish the circuit of Sri Lanka, the concluding trip of back to the air port is besides done by the Moon Beam by supplying a full bundle of touristry for the foreign tourers. ( So the Moon Beam has a full organized plan for each foreign tourers group. )

Through the mails, Moon Beam keeps the peculiar aliens as the loyal clients for every season.

Figure 1: General Business Processes of Hotel Moon Beam

Figure 2: Inside concern procedures of Hotel Moon Beam

Analysis the Business of Hotel Moon Beam

The background of Hotel Moon Beam and its concern theoretical account were studied in the above two subdivisions. The Business of the hotel is analyzed as follows ;

SWOT analysis

The undermentioned analysis is done based on the strengths, failings, chances and menaces of the concern procedures of the Moon Beam Hotel.


Organization has two subdivisions in two different parts where the clime and the milieus are wholly different to each other, so that the Hotel Moon Beam is capable of roll uping more aliens than the rivals by supplying both environmental conditions that the foreign tourers expect from the island.

Moon Beam has vehicles ( Jeeps and new waves ) with assigned drivers, so that the organisation is capable of retaining the foreign tourers throughout the circuit of Sri Lanka by supplying non merely the adjustments, nutrients, amusements, but besides supplying the travels and set uping trips around the island.

Moon Beam has a proper plan to retain the clients as the loyal clients, by pass oning with them whenever they leave the island, by updating the new installations and characteristics that the hotel provides in every coming season. All the communicating is done separately with foreign tourers with their vitamin E mails.

Moon Beam provides the best and comfy suites particularly in Main subdivision by ruling the five star and four star hotels peculiarly in Hikkaduwa metropolis. This is a good known fact among all the aliens who visit Hikkaduwa.

Moon Beam ( Main subdivision ) is the lone coastal hotel in Hikkaduwa where a green drama field is available. This is a really popular pot among the tourers.

Moon Beam Kandy subdivision is located good off from the metropolis country and the location is really much like a green small town where the aliens can hold the experience of the true Asiatic landscape environment.

Since the both subdivisions are located in really different environmental zones to each other ; it supports to form trips to the different zones based on Kandy and Hikkaduwa.

E.g. Hikkaduwa to Yala trip

Hikkaduwa to Sinharaja- Kanneliya trip

Hikkaduwa to Ella Wellawaya trip

Kandy to Sigiri- Pollonnaruwa trip

Kandy to Anuradhapura trip

Kandy to Pinnawala trip

During the off- season, the hotel Moon Beam has a particular publicity for the local tourers for a cheaper monetary value. Adjustments, nutrients, Music Entertainments and all are provided for the local tourers except the conveyance installation and agreement of the trips as for the aliens.

Having two subdivisions for the organisation is a existent advantage in a state of affairs where one of the subdivisions faces a natural catastrophe, so that the aliens are non traveling to be exhausted.


There is non a proper manner of advancing the organisation throughout the island every bit good as in the Earth since there is non a proper web site for the organisation yet even.

Communication with the foreign tourers through mails in non traveling to be really efficient since there is one dorsum office computing machine operator in the organisation and she has to make all the communicating one by one with each single client. So the deficiency of a proper interface or a system where the communicating can be taken topographic point with each client at the same time is a large issue.

Communication between the two directors and between the directors and the proprietor is taken topographic point through the telephone or in a paper based methodological analysis. This is non traveling to be absolutely accurate each clip when conveying the information.

Plan undertaking of set uping the trips for the clients is done through a paper based methodological analysis and this is a clip waste factor when it is considered the other plants that have to be done by the director.

No necessary security steps have been taken yet to confront the natural catastrophes like Tsunami, etc.


Presently, the fright of ethical struggle of Sri Lanka has been about eliminated from many aliens ‘ heads around the Earth. Therefore, many people are willing to tour Sri Lanka in approaching seasons.

Government is traveling to ease the touristry industry in Sri Lanka as ever do and now with terminal of war, more aid are traveling to be income from the authorities. E.g. Water measures, electricity measures, etc are traveling to be provided for the lower rate compared to the old, flexible revenue enhancement policy of the authorities, etc.

With the economic crisis of the Earth, many package companies have opened their eyes towards the Sri Lankan clients at lower rate of charges. Therefore, this is a really good chance for Moon Beam to buy a package application which can manage all the concern processes of it.

Presently many people have transferred to the adventuresome touristry. Therefore, this is a really good chance for the Moon Beam to present new trips based on Kandy Branch.


Main Branch of Moon Beam is located in Hikkaduwa as a coastal hotel where there is a high possibility of confronting the natural catastrophes like Tsunami, Earth eroding, etc.

Harmonizing to the current tendency, many aliens are willing to remain in the topographic points like lagunas, bungalows inside woods and so on. So the aliens are seeking those sorts of topographic points instead than the comfy room and traditional touristry.

Many rivals of this peculiar industry have an official web site which facilitates for e-payments and supplying information of the hotel and finish in a more customization mode.

Since the current economic recession, many aliens are loath to make touring overseas. This straight affects Moon Beam since foreign tourers are their chief plus.

Plague analysis

Moon Beams hotel ‘s macro environment is analyzed from PEST analysis as follows ;

Political Factors

The political sphere has a immense influence upon the ordinance of concern and the disbursement power of consumers.

Political observation towards Tourism in Sri Lanka is a positive 1. Sri Lankan authorities believes in Tourism industry and it should be stated that they are acute on Hikkaduwa country specially. Therefore by and large the concern of Moon Beam hotel is ever acquiring the supports from authorities and from all the political parties of the island.

However Hotel Moon Beam has to concentrate some factors sing the authorities regulations and so son so away. Garbage can non be sent straight to sea which is a forbidden activity and moreover the hotel has to maintain the beach good opened without covering from lasting huts and so on.

Government of Sri Lanka does hold no restriction on marketing the touristry from streamers, beach musical shows, surf competitions, etc. This is a really good advantage for Hotel Moon beam to maintain continue on their seasonal live shows to pull tourers. However authorities is maintaining an oculus on the public parties organized by hotel in order to do certain whether Sri Lankan traditions are tarnished or non. Hence every bit far as the authorities restrictions are non exceeded, Hotel Moon Beam can go on their dark parties and all.

Economic Factors

Moon Beam hotel belongs to a concern category locale as per the Sri Lankan regulations. Therefore the electricity measure rate and H2O measure rate are doubled compared to a civil topographic point. Sing the fact of the ingestion rates, Hotel Moon Beam has to travel for the same rates in touristry as its rivals in order to do net incomes.

Moon Beam Management has to pay a sensible sum of wage for their employees and more significantly this rate should be higher compared to their rivals in order to retain the best employees in the hotel.

The monetary values of nutrients fluctuate clip to clip in the state and based on that, Moon Beam has to set to it so that they get the consistent net income from the concern. However the plus point is sea nutrients are stingily available for Moon Beam since the chief subdivision is located in the coastal metropolis of Hikaduwa, Sri Lanka.

Social Factors

By and large the foreign tourers like to pass their leisure as they would wish and sometimes this affects to Sri Lankan civilization. The chief ground is Sri Lankan adult females traditionally dress at least down to knee tallness and this factor is affected some juncture with the reaching of aliens. However inside the hotel Moon Beam, this is non traveling to be a major issue.

Some juncture, aliens are sing Sri Lanka for sex intents and automatically the harlotry gets increased in the state. Prostitution is illegal in Sri Lanka and this affects to the foreign touristry in the state and Moon Beam every bit good.

Technological Factors

Technology affects to the concern of Moon Beam straight. Specially the Information Technology.

Most of the tourers eager to carry through their demands ( booking, intelligence updates, etc ) with the usage of engineering since it saves the clip and cost.

The of import thing is many rivals of Hotel Moon Beam are utilizing Information Technological systems to provider better client service like web tools, e-booking systems and so on so forth.

Ansoff Matrix

Market Penetration

Moon Beam focuses on retaining the bing clients by maintaining the communicating with them by electronic mails and so on.

Forming dark parties, seasonal nines, circuit bundles help hotel Moon Beam to retain the bing market that they are providing.

Further Moon Beam has already introduced a trueness strategy where the aliens who are sing the hotel for the 2nd clip or so, are given 10 % price reduction for the adjustment per dark. This is applicable for modern suites and cabanas.

Market Development

Moon Beam has already started the undertaking of traveling to new clients with the terminal of Sri Lankan civil war ;

Moon Beam proprietor has done many advertizements in Australia in order to acquire them to Sri Lanka in their winter during the center of the twelvemonth.

The chief measure is, Moon Beam is concentrating on constructing a new subdivision in North Eastern Sri Lanka with the terminal of 30 twelvemonth old war. With this program, Moon Beam is taking to catch new client who are interested in Nilaveli beach and war ruins.

Merchandise Development

Moon Beam is be aftering to present cabanas and an unreal jungle type of country in Kandy Branch. Management of Hotel Moon Beam is concentrating on retaining the client who visits Hikkaduwa subdivision instead than leting them to travel for other hotels when they going hll state of Sri Lanka.


Hotel Moon Beam is concentrating on Eco touristry with the program of new agreement for Kandy Branch. Possibly this is traveling to be hazardous since they have no experience on this country.

Based on this program, Hotel Moon Beam is already seeking for good Eco touristry ushers for hire every bit good.

Marketing Mix

Merchandise Decisions

Moon Beam has managed to make a name for them in Sri Lanka in the touristry industry as a Mini Scale foreign Tourist hotel.

The quality of the nutrients and the suites are outstanding as it is mentioned early. Hotel Moon Beam is one of the most popular topographic points for cabanas in Hikkaduwa among aliens.

The safely of the edifices is besides one of the advantage for the concern of Moon Beam. Even though the Hikkaduwa subdivision is located in the seashore, all the edifices are built in the manner that it sustains for a state of affairs like Tsunami. Buildings are constructed under high concrete beams by giving the sustainability.

Monetary value Decisions

Moon Beams offers price reductions in sea nutrient eating house during the Christmas hebdomad.

Further they offer 10 % price reduction for adjustments for the clients who are sing the hotel for the 2nd clip or more.

Distribution Decisions

Moon Beam has a really good internal construction to administer the service to the clients ;

Service of picking clients at the Air Port.

Receptionist, ushers and communicators to supply a good service in information wise for the aliens.

Food and Beverage subdivision consists of kitchen staff, servers and saloon adult male in both subdivisions.

Cleaning staff to keep the hotel ‘s pleasant environment.

Promotion Decisions

Ad streamers in both Hikkaduwa and Kandy metropoliss provide the information of Hote Moon Beam to the aliens who are stepping to the metropolis.

Promotions during the season allow many aliens to bask the services of Moon Beam hotel for comparably a lesser monetary value.

Night Parties taking the aliens is besides one of the ways that hotel is pulling the tourers.

These dark parties consist of both Lankan and western sets to entertain the clients.

Five Forces Analysis for the Hotel and Tourism Industry associating to Moon Beam Organization.

Menace of New Entrant

For the minute, many dominants are available in the touristry Industry, peculiarly in Sri Lanka. The followers are some illustrations ;

Five Star Hotels

Four Star Hotels

Hotels in historical designs, etc.

The above listed hotel classs have already cemented a place in the touristry Industry in the island and decidedly the peculiar classs are a menace for the Moon Beam since Moon Beam is an tourer organisation which is stepping to the wide version of the concern.

Having mentioned that, the capital demand for the touristry industry is ever traveling to be really high since the undermentioned grounds ;

The resources which are needed are ever really expensive so. Eg: Land near to a nice beaches and coral gardens are really expensive, besides the lands shutting to the landscape sceneries are really expensive, the equipments like, comfy beds, dining tabular arraies and all are high cost.

Switch overing cost factor can be described harmonizing to the following two scenarios ;

Switch overing cost is ever traveling to be high for a company or set of people who are stepping to the Tourism Industry from a really different concern where the related client services and concern scenario are really unfamiliar.

After all, exchanging cost becomes less for an organisation which is stepping to the Tourism Industry from business/industries like eating house handling, breaker equipment supplying where the initial concern or the addition can be deployed straight for the new Industry straightway.

Conveying the information of the concern towards the clients is besides a critical portion when it comes to the entrant for the Hotel and touristry Industry since as it was mentioned early there are some industries who have already cemented their place in the industry and the new comer evidently has to vie tremendously to do a trade name in the industry. So the undermentioned distribution channels can be utilized for the ;

Ads through the medias like Television, Radio, Internet, etc.

Supplying low monetary value installations for the aliens at the initial phase is besides a manner of administering the concern.

Government policies are besides traveling to be affected for a new entrant for the Hotel and touristry Industry and those are follows ;

Restrictions of directing out the refuse and stools for the sea. – This is extremely affected for Moon Beam where their chief subdivision is in Hikkaduwa seashore.

Constructing hotels in restricted heritage sites is besides a extremely affected authorities policy for the Hotel and touristry Industry.

Retaliation is really high so in this peculiar industry every bit good since the competition is really high to derive aliens for the hotels. So this is besides traveling to be a major menace for any entrant.

Dickering Power of providers

In Hotel and Tourism Industry, the Numberss of providers are really few so since the providers for particular tourer nutrients are rare. Fisherman who catch different sorts of fishes, fruits providers like Mangifera indica providers, orange provider are really rare. Besides the particular furniture providers are really few and their merchandises are besides really expensive.

And besides, the providers ‘ merchandises are really of import to the purchasers since there are really few particular providers and providers surely have different client sections. Eg ; fresh nutrients are sold at really high monetary value where as low quality nutrients are besides available. So on the whole, the above factors prove that the bargaining powers of the providers are comparably high in the Hotel and Tourism Industry.

Having mentioned those, forward integrating can besides be seen in the peculiar industry which provides a clear indicant that the providers hold a great demand in the Mobile Phone Manufacturing Industry. Eg: Some nutrients providers like fruits providers, etc have come for the industry straightaway by establishing concerns for the aliens straight.

Dickering Power of purchasers

Dickering power of purchasers are besides high in the industry since one time, the aliens are coming more to the state as it is mentioned in the SWOT analysis, the sum of purchases gets addition.

Menace of Substitutions

The menace of new adventuresome touristry affects for Hotel Moon Beam and the remainder of the organisations as good who are covering in the foreign touristry industry. Harmonizing to the new tendency, many have concentrated to construct hotel composites which can ease for adventuresome touristry in the topographic points like, Kanneliya, Riverston and so on so forth.

Competition among the Existing Rivals

Rivalry rate is really high among the bing rivals of the Hotel and Tourism industry. Many a hotels are aiming the low monetary value clients of the society where the lower the monetary value, more concern is taken topographic point.

Ad conflict is besides really high in this peculiar industry and all the makers are utilizing the telecasting, cyberspace, and now the newest tendency is forming carnivals in hotels wise by giving a large promotion.

Consequence of the Analysis of Hotel Moon Beam ‘s Business

It is clear that the Hotel Moon Beam has a really good Business Strategy for the foreign touristry.

However as per the analysis, it is really clear that Hotel Moon Beam needs a fast and full sophisticated Information System to maintain the client relationship and to pull off their internal procedure every bit good as their circuit bundles.

A system can extenuate some restrictions that they are confronting and moreover it will assist to increase the efficiency of their services towards the clients.

Proposed Solution to Enhance the Productivity of the Hotel Moon Beam and its Business.

Having done the analysis for the concern scenario of the Moon Beam Hotel, what it can be emphasized is that the organisation needs an machine-controlled system which facilitates for all the concern procedures of the organisation and most significantly the peculiar system needs to be used among all the official employees of the hotel either in Hikkaduwa or Kandy and among the aliens in abroad as good.

The system that is proposed should ease for the undermentioned activities of the concern ;

The system should be an application which can be accessed through cyberspace from anyplace in the universe. That implies the system should be a web based application.

It should supply the installation of holding different histories for the different employees of the organisation by using assorted privileges for each user. Eg: Owner, the two directors of the subdivisions, back office computing machine operator who is responsible for communicate with the aliens, front office staff who is responsible for covering with payments and so on.

The system should supply the installation of doing alone histories for the aliens who log to the system by overseas so that the private information of the each alien is protected.

All the characteristics and installations should able to be advertised through the system for whole universe. Besides the system should ease to update the information in order to stipulate the publicities and several new characteristics that are given by the Hotel.

The peculiar system must supply an e- engagement characteristic for the aliens from abroad. This characteristic should dwell of the undermentioned functionalities ;

The application should ease for the foreign tourers to see the bing trips that are organized by Moon Beam Hotel.

So, the clients should be given the installation of choosing the trips that the client prefers.

If the alien needs a trip that Moon Beam is non keeping presently, a characteristic should be given to come in the new thoughts.

E- Payment installation needs to be provided by the system every bit good by utilizing recognition card and so on.

Ultimately, there should be another map. Field to come in all the inside informations of the circuit such as figure of tourers sing, the figure of yearss that they traveling to remain in the island, day of the month of reaching and so on.

It is indispensable to hold a characteristic to stipulate the figure of available suites in both subdivisions in every minute. This characteristic should able to be updated often from the back office operator and the information should be viewable for anyone through the system.

System should besides ease for the program task functionality in an machine-controlled manner and the privilege for this map to be operated, needs to be given merely for two directors and the proprietor. After all, back office staff and front office staff should be given the installation of position it. ( Plan task map should help to pull off the stock list where the vehicle allotment and drivers delegating for the planned trips are done. )

Separate functionality demands to be included for all the payment handling and the front office staff is responsible for come ining the information consequently in this map.

On the whole, all the concern procedures of the Moon Beam are automated as above from the peculiar web based application.

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