But looking back now, it is not surprising that
I took such a keen interest in business-My dad has been managing his business
since I can remember. He owns and runs a manufacturing factory that deals with
manufacturing and distribution of printing cylinders. I always had a first-hand
look at the process of running a business organization. During the last couple
of years I transformed from a passive onlooker to an active participant,
helping my dad run his business. I started to appreciate the different nuances
of businesses such as different relationships with people at different levels
of a company, bureaucratic and labor hurdles and the like.
During college, I was elected as the class representative in the first year
itself and helped co-ordinate lectures, labs, projects, assignments and
submissions through both the semesters. I was also an active member of the dance
society of the college, performing in various events and college festivals like
‘Sangathan’.Well aware of my responsibility towards the
society as an educated citizen of a developing country, I am an active member
of  ‘Robinhood Army’ of my area which
aims to provide free food to the needy by collecting surplus food supplies from
the restaurants in the area. Also I am a member of ‘UMEED-a drop of hope’ NGO
whose motto is social service. The members try to collect unwanted books,
clothes etc and distribute them among the poor section of the society.
Now that I have completed my graduation, I plan to lay a solid foundation to my
life by undergoing a course in MBA. An MBA degree will help me gain proficiency
in a wide array of subjects and teach me skills that will be of help in both my
personal and professional life. I believe that these aforementioned skills will
complement the values and skills that I have imbibed in my life and make me a
better person both personally and professionally and a top institution like
NMIMS will help me achieve that goal.

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