BY user? Men? Women? KidsBY MODE OF SALE? Retail stores? Supermarkets? Brand retailers? Discount stores? Online storesBY geographics? North America? Europe? Asia-Pacific? LAMEASource: AMR AnalysisRetail Policy in Republic of IndiaRetail: Multiple Regulators• FDI isn’t allowed in multi-brand marketing• 100% FDI is allowed in money and carry wholesale commerce – automatic route• Since 2006, FDI up to fifty one allowed in single-brand marketing – FIPB approval? solely single whole merchandise would be oversubscribed? merchandise ought to be oversubscribed underneath identical whole internationally? Would solely cowl merchandise that area unit branded throughout producing and? Any addition to product classes to be oversubscribed underneath “single brand” would? Require recent approval from the govt..• FDI up to a hundred per cent with FIPB approval is allowed for commerce of things sourced from? small-scale sector? take a look at promoting? commerce of things for social sector? commerce of advanced, medical and diagnostic things and? Domestic sourcing of merchandise for exports subject to EXIM Policy• FDI up to a hundred per cent is permissible for e-commerce activities – B2B activities• FDI up to a hundred per cent is allowed in producing – wholly-owned subsidiaries will have stores• 100% FDI in franchisee and commission agent services – run batted in approvalFDI not associate degree Entry ban – Multiple Routes• 100% FDI in whole sale money and carry : most fitted forvolume business• Direct marketing could be a a part of wholesale trading: Potential route forsports and fitness merchandise retailers• Non-store formats like marketing• Most foreign retailers enter through exclusive licensing anddistribution agreements e.g. board game Sports Italian Republic• Wholly in hand subsidiary through fixing manufacturinge.g. Nike, Reebok, Adidas• Franchising could be a common mode to extend retail footprintsMarket Size of attire Retail:Sportswear / sports equipment firms hierarchic by worldwide revenue in 2015 (in billion U.S. dollars)Source: Sportswear/Sports attire Brands area unit as under:? Nike.? Puma.? Adidas.? Reebok.? Under Armour etc.

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