By adopting this electronic reporting system, we could establish a proper medical record. This electronic reporting platform offers rapid access to test results and able to link verification with follow-up action through auditable and transparent system.Following are three of the biggest benefits of switching to electronic reporting system in allied health practice or in other word, paperless. First and foremost, cost savings. By switching to the electronic reporting system, this will show significant savings on cost because processes are more streamlined. The equipment and storage are also not required in the same capacity as before because when documents are stored electronically and accessed from one place, printing becomes less necessary for records. So the money could be saved on paper, toner, ink, and photocopier maintenance costs.

The time spent for physically managing patients’ case files is also non-existent in a paperless practice.Next, documents will be safer. By adopting electronic reporting system, the document files are less likely to be lost and damaged compared to when storing the physical files. To be truth, paper is naturally more easily get damaged when at risk of events like fire and flood. Casaline et.

al. (2009) also highlighted that paper records are easily misplaced or damaged. Therefore, by utilizing simple search functions in electronic reporting system, the document files are more easily recovered since they can be backed up by the cloud-based system.

A study suggests the cloud-based practice management software has almost 100 per cent guarantee of security to files and a safe, secure and reliable backup system.Moreover, by adopting electronic reporting system in allied health practices also may improve customer service as response to clients could be quicker with accurate information. For example, clinicians can locate files quickly and easily during on the phone without making patient wait for unnecessary amount of time while the clinician searching for patients’ files. This is because clinicians have immediate access to patient files on the cloud system, which in turn, making response efficiently and improve customer service.Furthermore, by utilizing electronic reporting system in allied health settings, information can be readily communicated and shared among healthcare providers.

This is because electronic notes on patients’ case files are simultaneously updated on a real-time basis whenever it is audited by different professional healthcare teams. In turn, multidisciplinary collaboration in patient care will be much more efficient as the healthcare teams can access and share information about patients’ case and details. Nevertheless, it is important to connect the healthcare teams from different field very well to avoid fragmentation so that any of the specialized information will not be misunderstood.

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