1. How did Justinian regulation? Was he a benevolent or malevolent swayer. why?
2. When was the zenith of Byzantine civilisation. why?
3. What were some challenges to the Byzantine Empire?
4. Describe the societal and economic features of the Byzantine Empire
5. What were some differences b/w East & A ; West Christians?

1. Justinian ruled in a manner that would outdo reconstruct the full Roman Empire to its former glorification. While he may non be considered the kindest of all swayers. he did care about his people and tried to assist them populate a good life while he was away seeking to finish his ends. I would state that he was more of a benevolent swayer because he did make a batch of good in his clip as a swayer and wasn’t excessively average or rough to his people. 2. I think that there are many things that could be considered the extremum of the Byzantine civilisation. One of them could be Justinian’s reforms refering jurisprudence. Another could be the humanistic disciplines including music. play. and art. He funded many public works undertakings every bit good including Bridgess. roads. aqueducts. and churches. In that clip he built the Hagia Sophia. a beautiful and monolithic church. 3. I think that one challenge to the Byzantine Empire was that throughout much of the in-between Ages the Byzantium Empire fought the Muslims for control of the eastern Mediterranean. Another challenge was invariably being worried about being overthrown.

Another challenge was the public violences in the streets which about made Justinian leave. 4. The economic system of the Byzantine Empire was focused chiefly around grain which was the “imperial breadbasket” of the imperium. This allowed husbandmans to acquire rich and for the Empire to derive higher revenue enhancements through the husbandmans. Peoples in the Byzantine Empire were treated reasonably good. There were tonss of public plants. it was a metropolis of baths. and people lived comfortably. 5. There were a few chief differences between East and West Christians. The Western Christians had a Latin linguistic communication while the Eastern Christians had a Grecian linguistic communication. One large difference was that the Western Christians had the Catholic Pope as their leader while the Eastern Christians had a political leader who was more powerful. Another difference was that the Western Christian priests could non get married while the Eastern priests were able to.

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