I have a few of import ends refering to my future profession as a nurse along with some ends affecting my personal life that will be a portion of my day-to-day life. My one twelvemonth ends will transport on and develop into my five twelvemonth ends. Proper resources are indispensable to do my ends successful.

My one twelvemonth ends are traveling to go around chiefly on my calling. A end I have is to finish my nursing academic twelvemonth at Gannon by May 2013 graduating with a BSN nursing grade and with a GPA of at least 3. 5 for this twelvemonth. I will accomplish this best by analyzing systematically. turning my undertakings in on clip. go toing categories daily. making 10 NCLEX inquiries a twenty-four hours and keeping a healthy life style. Another end I have is to go through my NCLEX boards the first clip I take them. by the first hebdomad in June 2013. I will make this by reexamining NCLEX inquiries from my NCLEX books and besides on-line inquiries. I have an history on PREPU so I will take inquiries in all the different classs to reexamine what I have learned the four old ages I was in school. I besides plan on taking some kind of review/refresh class for it. The last immense end I have is to obtain a nursing calling in the Pittsburgh country get downing on a Med-Surge floor. I will obtain this end by holding a well-developed sketch. screen missive. and accurately filled out application. I besides will pattern on my accomplishments needed in an interview and frock suitably for them. It’s of import to reexamine information about the company to demo that obtaining this occupation is of import to you and you care about them specifically.

My five twelvemonth ends focus on taking my calling to the following phase and get downing a new chapter in my life. A end I have is to obtain a nursing calling in the mental wellness field. sooner in North Carolina. I will make this by researching the best topographic points to populate in North Carolina and seeing if there are some local infirmaries near to those topographic points. After I find the perfect topographic point. I will see if there is a peculiar infirmary that has a good mental wellness floor. I will regenerate my sketch and screen missive to demo them the experience I have gained. I plan on acquiring married between the ages of 24-27 which is about 3 to 6 old ages from now. I will make this by being financially stable. paying off most of my loans foremost. and doing certain that my hubby tantrums in my life good and can manage holding me work as a nurse. Of class there is a batch of be aftering that is involved when it comes to a nuptials but I will do certain I give myself an efficient sum of clip ( 1-2yrs ) to be after it consequently. I finally want to acquire my NP. likely closer to the terminal of the five twelvemonth program when I’m more established and experienced. I will make this by seeking to happen a topographic point of work that will assist me pay for graduate school while working at that place. I will merely travel to graduate school portion clip so it may take longer than if I merely went right through it. but I will be able to obtain a good income while go oning my instruction. I hope to successfully accomplish these ends by remaining focussed and determined no affair what obstacles come my manner.

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