Ram Singam -Electro Logic writeup1. Motivational Strengths and Weaknesses of Electro Logic Strengths: Electro Logic ( EL ) employees are portion of a extremely dynamic industry and they are given the chance to do a difference in IT through great flawlessness of the VFVA system. Wages and pay rises are offered based on public presentation. exciting as such EL staff members will increase their attempts in back uping the organisation make its overall ends. On-campus-job preparation plans are actuating as the employees are able to larn from their co-workers in a familiar environment. maximising the opportunities of future successes.

The company is continually germinating. prosecuting as such its employees in a complex dynamic procedure. which maintains their motive and reduces everyday work EL creates chances for societal interactions. which increase morale and employee coaction. Weaknesses In Electro Logic the fact that major support comes chiefly from the authorities. the budget for this company was non fixed for a long term. employee benefits. Health insurance premiums can alter any clip. no occupation security for employees ; therefore employees degrees of motive. and accordingly public presentation and Outcomes are negatively affected.

The choice standards for the freshly appointed duties were instead arbitrary and this could bring forth dissatisfaction. Advancement chances are ill-defined to employees as such fail to decently actuate the EL employees. The internal construction of EL organisation is based on perpendicular hierarchy. with employees being given limited entree to separate them. The more level the organisation the better the motive and public presentation. Reinforcement is losing.

The three locations of the Electro Logic separate edifices cut down the employee’s ability to concentrate and incorporate as a squad and besides cut down their morale on High-Priority Actions. The micro direction in some countries should be reduced in the chief edifice. The Administrative section should be treated reasonably as it is besides portion of the company. The grasp and incorporate squad work is losing at the Electro Logic. This reduces the results. Employee’s personal demands are non recognized by the directors therefore cut downing the satisfaction.

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