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Underground entombment was common pattern among ancient Mediterranean civilizations,

and hence archeologist find belowground burial tunnels in Egypt, Greece and many other

Mediterranean lands. Catacombs were largely built for memorial services and internment

of the dead & # 8221 ; ( Catacombs1 ) . There were a batch of utilizations for catacombs such as entombment, jubilation

of sufferer, and jubilation of the asleep individuals of each household.

There were two types of people who used the catacombs as burial evidences for

their dead. When Christianity was being preached in Rome by Peter and Paul, there already

there already existed in the heathen and Judaic catacombs ( History1 ) The Romans Catholics

used cremation at first so switched over to the belowground entombment. Then the Christians

followed shortly after the Roman Catholics. The Christians did non follow heathen imposts

because it involved cremation. The Christians preferable entombment, merely as Christ was. They felt they

had to esteem the organic structures that one twenty-four hours would lift from the dead. Over the old ages there were

every bit much as 60 catacombs found near and in Rome. There were about one million Christian graves discovered entirely. ( History 1 )

The catacombs were originally made for burial. The chief spiritual groups at that

clip that used them were the Roman Catholics and the Christians. The catacombs were

besides used seldom for safety when they had conflicts or wars. The opposing forces did non desire to

occupy the entombment land. It was thought to be really bad fortune to upset the dead. They were

afraid the liquors of the dead would stalk them.They besides used the catacombs for day of remembrances

of the sufferer and the other dead. Martyrs means person who chooses to

dice instead than deny spiritual or political beliefs.

The catacombs were tunnels that expanded into smaller or larger tunnels or entombment

topographic points. There were suites for all the dead they said that even if you were a slave you still

deserved to pass the after life in the catacombs The Roman Catholics and Christians could

non bury their dead In Conformity with the Roman jurisprudence, which forbade the entombment of the

dead within the metropolis walls, all catacombs are located outside the metropolis walls, all catacombs

are located outside the metropolis, along the great consular roads, generaly in the immediate

suburban country of that age ( Christian 1 ) . Every catacomb that was build was some how

connected to a cemetery no affair where the catacombs was located. There was one

exclusion and that was that if it was merely used for household and close friends. Slaves were

promised a topographic point in the catacombs ( History1 ) .

Construction of the early catacombs began in the 2nd century and was used

for both memorial services and burial of the dead. Some of the catacombs were on

four degrees linking a vitamin E

normous system of galleries and associating transitions with steep,

narrow stairss. Bodies of the deceased were placed in niches, 16 to 24 inches high by 47 to

59 inches long cut from the wall of soft tufa stone. The organic structures were to the full clothed, linen and sprinkled with unctions to countervail the decaying olfactory property and sealed with a slab inscribed

with the name of the deceased, day of the month of decease and a spiritual symbol much like today s

gravestones ( Catacombs1 ) . Loculi ( deferrals ) were cut in the walls, one above another, to

have the organic structures of from one to four household members ( Catacombs2 1 ) . Over 60 catacombs

have been discovered beneath Rome, with about one million Christian grave ( History

1 ) . The Christian catacombs, which have the most legion, lagan in the 2nd century and

the unearthing continued until the first half of the fifth ( Christian1 ) . The catacombs of St.

Callistus served as the official burial land for the bishops of Rome and the crypt of the Catholic Popes

contains the grave of several popes ( Catacombs 1 ) . Many of the catacombs for prominent

Christians were decorated with wall pictures picturing Christian symbols, such as the fish,

lamb, and ground tackle, or with scriptural marks ( Catacombs2 1 ) . & # 8220 ; The word catacombs is likely

derived from the Latin ad catacumbus, intending At the hollows a phrase that refered to

Chamberss at a hollow South of Rome ( Catacombs2 1 ) . The Christian idea decease was mearly

a Sleeping Topographic point before they were brought back to life. By the 3rd century the catacombs

were administered by the church. Persons of finish were buried in rock caskets or carved

sarcophagi placed in arches niches ( Catacombs2 1 ) . The catacombs were used up to the fifth

century and so anchor burial became more and more used after a piece ( History 1 ) .

There are still many undiscovered catacombs around the word there is so much

to make and so small money to pass on research. Assorted bookmans began researching the

catacombs, some whom literally fell into the catacombs by accident ( Archeology 1 ) .

Catacombs were found were found all around the Asiatic continent They were all considered

sacred and protected by Roman jurisprudence ( History 1 ) . The crypt of the Popes entirely tells us so

much of the history of the catacombs, the early Christians, and the Rome s bishop sufferer and

saints ( Archeology 1 ) .

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