Catcher In Rye Essay, Research PaperCatcher In The Rye Dan MichaelJerome SalingerP.

1274 pagesFictionCatcher In The Rye, is a book about an emotionally disturbed, 16 twelvemonth old male child, named Holden Caufield. Holden & # 8217 ; s jobs start when his friend and roomate, Robert, inquire his ex-girlfriend out on a day of the month. Holden still has feelings for the miss and becomes really angry with Robert. The dark of Robert and the miss & # 8217 ; s day of the month Holden delaies in their room and confronts Robert, they begin fist combat, and so acquire expelled for their actions. Holden can non return place because his parents do non cognize of his expelment, so Holden flees to New York ; where he meets a male instructor that takes him in. The instructor makes sexual progresss towards him, which forces him to go forth instantly.

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Holden sneaks into his house while his parents are kiping, his sister, Phobe is awake and gives him excess money and negotiations him into traveling back to his prep school. Holden returns to school the undermentioned summer.I found the scene with Holden and the instructor really interesting ; because the instructor moving Wyrd and in a manner perverted was really unexpected. I did non see it coming, and normally things like that are obvious in books. I besides thought it was interesting the different ways you could of perceived the instructor & # 8217 ; s actions, and possibly Holden merely took him the incorrect manner and the instructor meant nil by it. The scene made you think.Holden is my favourite character because he had many of the jobs I have had merely non as extreme. Such as the battle with his friend over the miss, and acquiring advice from his sibling.

I found he was similar to me in more than one manner. I besides liked his couraGe and how he was able to travel out on his ain, even if it was for a really short while. I besides like his surpassing personality, the lone difference and thing I didn’t like about him was his instability, which I guess everyone as a small of that in them.Even though the book had a batch of negativeness, I believe Salinger & # 8217 ; s aim for composing it was positive.

I think he seeking to demo the clumsiness of adolescence and teenage old ages, and how a individual of this age can sometimes experience like everyone is against them. But, he showed how no affair what happens you will acquire through it, & # 8220 ; this to will go through & # 8221 ; , and that if we could merely see it at the clip it happens, most of our jobs are fiddlingThe chief character in this book, Holden, is who I can personally link to the most. He went through some experiences that I excessively have gone through. Holden and his good friend Robert end up contending over Holden & # 8217 ; s ex-girlfriend, whom he still has feelings for. When I was in the 3rd grade my friend, Jay, and I fought over a miss named Tiffany.

One lesson came from that and it was ne’er allow a girl get in the manner of a friendly relationship ; they are non worth it! I besides count on my older brother, Mark, as Holden counted on his younger sister, Phoebe. We both ask them for advice and normally take it.I enjoyed, Catcher And The Rye, but chiefly found it to be really interesting and different. In fact, it is one of the most unusual, unpredictable books I have read. I would urge it to anyone that likes books that make you think, because this one sure does that.

I thought the book could hold been shorter by cutting out parts that ran on excessively long, but overall it was a really good book and non at all what I expected it to be, which I like in books.

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