Ever experienced what you had ever believed in turned out to be opposite? Most people were cognizant of it. yet chose non to grok world when they grew up. They had made excessively many determinations based on their ill-conceived beliefs that it involved excessively much losingss or alterations if they were to change over. Holden Caulfield is a perfect illustration. Even though turning up was imperative. he had a hard clip seting to it. Alternatively. Holden preferred that things stayed as it was.

Even after Phoebe corrected the wordss for Holden. he refused to alter his reading. The existent words were. “If a organic structure meet a organic structure coming through the rye” ( chapter 22 ) . He took no respect to it. because of his fright of facing another individual. particularly with grownups. He lied to derive regard from them. During the train drive in New York with Ernest Morrow’s female parent. Holden praised him. “When I foremost met him. I thought he was sort of a clannish person… But he isn’t” ( chapter 8 ) . In the following paragraph. Holden so admitted. “ You take somebody’s female parent. all they want to hear approximately is what a hot-shot their boy is” . Holden preferred his ain reading. “If a organic structure catch a organic structure coming through the rye” . because the construct of being a backstop attracted him.

Bing a backstop in the rye is an unrealistic occupation to get down with. nor it should even be categorized as a occupation. A occupation is a agency of gaining a life. In the book. Holden imagined himself standing at the border of the drop to forestall kids from falling over ( chapter 22 ) . Throughout the description. there were no reference of him working under person or gaining a net income as a backstop. He had yet to see money as a premier motive to work due to his immatureness. and besides being least of import compared to turning up. A possible boss-of-catcher would be the author of the verse form. Robert Burns. and provided he was non a hypocrite if Holden of all time met him. Bing a backstop meant Holden could tackle the power of taking who to stay on the drop with him.

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He could forcefully convey specific people into his life. and dump hypocrites off. Such power gave Holden the high quality he desired while traveling through the lowest point of his life. It can besides typify Holden’s solitariness. for he is at the border of the drop by himself watching other kids playing as a group. Holden’s assurance was amplified by the misinterpreted verse form. as he thought the author shared the same belief as him. Sing a backstop as a dream occupation besides showed that Holden knew his intelligence was non applicable in the mainstream society. Even though he was expelled from legion schools ( chapter 2 ) . he was still able articulate narratively throughout the book. His strong desire to forestall alteration had clouded his opinion of the people he interacted with.

Holden refused to turn up and preferred that clip remained before the decease of Allie. In his fantasy universe of a backstop in the rye. alteration was non motivated by clip. Holden had the freedom of making whatever he wanted because he mentioned no 1 else there was bigger except him ( chapter 22 ) . Holden would hold prevented Allie’s decease from the drop if he was in his phantasy. He had ever adored Allie because he was excessively smart for his age. This was besides the chief ground why he could non grok growing as Allie’s illustration proved the society incorrect. Holden was afraid of decease. as it was the ultimate alteration in his life when Allie was gone. Bing a lone wolf. Allie was the lone true friend he had. Holden continued to demo marks of rejecting alteration subsequently in the book when he was approximately to see the museum. “When I got to the museum. all of a sudden I wouldn’t have gone indoors for a million bucks” ( chapter 16 ) . He mentioned in the earlier paragraph that museums ever stayed the same manner. and “The merely thing that would be different would be you” . Holden used to see the museum as a child. but after Allie was gone. he was different. Enlightened from this idea. he decided to jump the visit.

Change is inevitable. Even if Holden’s dream did come true. he still had to travel through growing and alteration. The kids would go forth. Some excessively old to remain on playing. while others died of diseases merely like Allie. At the terminal of the twenty-four hours. the lone individual left on the drop would be him. Bing a backstop would be an temporary occupation. contrary to Holden’s belief of remaining forever pure and inexperienced person. If Holden chose to understand the verse form as “If a organic structure meet a organic structure coming through the rye” . he would hold an easier clip invariably run intoing new people and lead a better life. Besides. changeless alteration is the lone permanency.

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