As with most things in the history. it is unwise to follow this go oning back to one chief cause. The Gallic Revolution. like all things studied in European history. can be accredited to multiple causing. However. contracting it down to three simple classs is so just. The societal construction. antipathy in political relations. and economic agitation of the clip period taking up to the Gallic Revolution were strong plenty forces to do an turbulence.

Unrest in the societal construction of the clip is considered a chief cause of the Gallic Revolution. The state of affairs socially became one of nobility. as the Lords and the clergy took presided over the middle class. The focal point became wholly imbalanced and the lower categories were non content. This can genuinely be seen as the beginning of a revolution as the adult females played a immense function in the roots. The adult females became a fearful and driving force as ne’er before. and the Lords grew terrified non merely of general Revolution. but adult females taking it.

Politically. this revolution is considered by some to be an “undermining of the tyranny of Louis XIV. ” The political state of affairs in France was so one with a focal point on tyranny. and this construction limits the independency of the multitudes. As it is clear throughout history. puting bounds onto a strong bulk is ne’er a good thought. and normally ends with an rebellion of a kind.

The economic state of affairs in France prior to the Revolution did non go forth much to be desired. After the Seven Years War. the monarchy was in unbelievable debt and the economic system was enduring. This debt merely increased as the Gallic aided the United States in its Revolution against the British. As a consequence. Louis XV and Louis XVI levied pathetic revenue enhancements onto the middle class simply to back up the affluent nobility. which evidently angered the people and lead to Revolution.

While the causes of the Gallic Revolution are surely non simple. they can be looked at most merely in societal. political. and economic footings.

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