cave I feasted on my chicken a little then my blueberry pie then I fell asleep.

In the midnight I woAs a bear, I tried to get human food everytime that I could. But my  very first attempted went very bad. So bad that I thought I would get shot. Because I saw no cars around at the house.The house had weird decorations. An Evil mask on santa Turned and look at me!! Then it Looked way.

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So I sneaked passed the bush and a tree then I was at the door I felt nervous about it but I didn’t anyway. I saw a human so I panicked hid on the book shelf after a couple of seconds the book shelf fell in front of the human. I crashed so hard that I had a bump on my head. After I got up the human screamed it was so loud that my ears rang for a few seconds so I scampered out. Then I ran to the window on the side of the house and watched her pass out. Then I walked to my cave just as I was going to walk in my cave then my eye caught something It was berries so walk toward my cave and saw some more berries and,I went over to try them once I did my face turned different colors  and,then I said these are sour berries then I said i’m not eating these berries anymore.

“Stupid berries now I’m going to starve to death ugh” I growled. One afternoon I spotted a house it look old and torn down. So I thought that I could have a look so I did at first I would get splinters but when I walk to the door there was a refrigerator at the front door I thought to myself ok that’s weird so I looked in it and, saw lots of food there was ice cream,chicken and my favorite blueberry pie I was surprised that all this food was left there to be wasted I took all of it and ran to my cave so excited to my sink my teeth in the blueberry pie or chicken I thought.

Once I got to my ke up and tried go back to sleep but I couldn’t so I decide to take a walk after a found a secret path I walked up the path for a couple hours then I found a house it look like the one I went to yesterday except it look less torn down I wonder if I this house is abandoned or not. Well I’m going in to investigate in the house to see so I sneaked past a apple tree then a blueberry bush after that I ran so fast that I tripped and ate a pinecone whole at the front door. I cut my throat finally I made it to the refrigerator and stole it ran to my cave.

After that I eat so of it was at least half of the food. One afternoon I woke up and reached for some ice cream I didn’t feel any so I panicked I flipped over my bed then I threw my lamp out the window and looked in the spot that my lamp was and there was no food. After that I decided that I should take a walk around once I did I found a new path I walked up it for a couple hours on the second hour I found a small village.

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