Cell phone usage while driving has caused unneeded hurts and deceases throughout history. Those hurts and deceases prove the ignorance of the victims and put an illustration for others. Many people have lost their loved 1s in cell phone related accidents but with every experience comes a lesson. which in this instance is that cell phone usage while driving should non be allowed. The route would be a safer topographic point to drive if the usage of cell phone while driving is prohibited. The hazard of accidents additions significantly when a cell phone is being used while driving. A survey by the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis estimated that six per centum of vehicle clangs causes about 2. 600 deceases and 330. 000 hurts a twelvemonth. which can be linked to one or more of the drivers involved utilizing a cell phone ( “Cell Phone Use While Driving a Big Cause of Accidents” ) . Harmonizing to this survey. the usage of cell phones while driving is doing many unneeded deceases and hurts.

To handle those irresponsible drivers. all the citizens of the United States wage in the signifier of revenue enhancements. The ban of cell phone usage while driving will non merely do the United States to be a safer state. but it will besides do it a happier state. Many people are incognizant of the dangers and effects of cell phone usage while driving. To most people. rummy drive is a really serious offense. but utilizing a cell phone while driving is a fiddling affair. However. a research by the University of Utah proves that drivers drunk at the. 08 percent blood-alcohol degree thrust slower than drivers utilizing a cell phone. Driving with a cell phone is more distracting because drivers tend to concentrate less on the route. and more on the conversation. which leads to many accidents. If one is caught driving rummy in Michigan. his or her licence is suspended for several months and an extra mulct runing from $ 250- $ 10. 000 has to be paid.

If the offense of rummy drive has such penalties. so the usage of cell phone while driving should besides hold terrible penalties. To many people. it may look that cell phone usage while driving should non be outlawed because exigency calls need to be attended or made any clip. However. people can draw over to the side and do or have exigency calls. Harmonizing to the Human Factors and Ergonomics society. cell phone distraction puts the driver at a four clip great hazard of a clang. It may take more attempt to draw over. halt. and call. but making so would diminish the figure of accidents by a monolithic figure. . Even utilizing cell phones during school times can be a large job. It can deflect a pupils surveies. since he/she will be excessively busy texting and naming people ; he/she wont be able to concentrate and will maintain believing about those text messages. If there is something bad so they will be depressed all twenty-four hours long.

If parents need to speak to their kids desperately they will be able to speak to them during school. Some pupils during categories are ever tense because of someone/something so by naming or texting they can unclutter their tenseness and focal point on surveies. Cell phones will assist them work out the jobs outside the school so they can peacefully analyze. Schools should understand how of import it is for pupils to analyze and this is merely possible if they are non believing about anything else. The rate of accidents for drivers utilizing cell phones has increased alarmingly. The convenience that cell phones offer must be judged against the jeopardies that they pose.

Therefore. the authorities should censor the usage of cell phones while driving. which would non merely diminish the figure of traffic hurts and deceases. but will besides do the route a safer topographic point to drive. The usage of cell phone while driving is a offense that should be outlawed and punished for badly. There are two dangers linked with drive and cell phone usage. including text messaging. First. drivers should non take their eyes off the route while dialing. Second if the drivers start speaking on the phone so they get so lost in others conversations that they have no hint what is traveling on in forepart of them which causes them to acquire in an accident. That is one ground why so many provinces and states banned the usage of cell phones while driving and even in schools so immature teenage people know when they have to utilize the phone and when non to.

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