This essay will discuss the arguments for the need for censorship in a society. Firstly, it argues that censorship maintains security by providing people with privacy and protects them against illegal material. The essay moves on to discuss social aspects that censorship benefits to a society, such as maintaining the culture of a society and conserving religious values. Finally, the essay claims that politics has need for censorship as it protects the innocence of members in a society and prevents public outbursts. The essay will conclude by explaining the importance of having censorship n societies, especially in modern societies. Proxy. 99 words) Arguments tort the n tort censorship in society There is an importance, especially in modern societies, for the need of supervision and control of information and ideas that should or should not be made available to the public. One way in which information can be supervised and controlled is by censorship. In a society there can be arguments both for and against the need for censorship. Although most people believe in the importance of freedom of speech, there is also an importance to understand the advantages of having control of what s being said of written in a society.

The arguments for the need of censorship in a society are mainly the maintaining of security, social aspects and the political issues. The first argument for censorship in a society is maintaining security. The main reason for which censorship helps to maintain security in a society is by providing people with privacy. Without censorship writers are free to inform the public of any information they have. Typically in modern societies, where most online websites are not censored, information can be provided for anyone to see.

This information can include personal information such as names and the issues that certain members of the society have been involved in, which is an invasion of privacy. Historians have established the existence of complaints about the press since the sass’s, over the control of personal information and space. Therefore, enforcing censorship made sense, especially to John Bassos a professor and philosopher. He believes that laws should evolve to provide a greater support towards moral causes. The press should not have the opportunity to use its powers in order to proclaim the private facts that an be injurious to people (Smith, 2008).

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Thus, in order to protect the privacy of member of a society, security can be maintained by enforcing censorship. Another reason in which censorship implements security in a society is by providing protection against illegal material. There are a lot of material that depicts and sometimes provokes violence, crime and drug use. In a society this can cause a great influence especially towards teenagers. People selling illegal material, do not care about who they are selling it to and as a result this material can come into the hands f young innocent minds.

As illustrated by Phillip Steele, censorship is used to benefit or protect people. He states how most parent’s would wish to prevent children from seeing violent videos or accessing harmful material online. Thus, governments are working towards passing laws that protect citizens from this abuse (1999). It is a major importance to protect children and other members of a community from being violated in this way. A simple solution would be to censor what can be seen by members of society. The second argument for the need for censorship are the social aspects of a society.

The first social aspect is the maintaining of cultural values and ideas. In most Pacific island societies culture is very important and often there is little tolerance given to new ideas. Supervising information that has been written or said about culture also avoids stereotypic ideas termed about deterrent cultures. For instance, the Chinese government has imposed new regulations that restrict foreign television programmer, books, newspapers, and theatre performances from entering the market in an effort to tighten control over the country’s culture (Buckley, 2005).

This example concludes the fact that even in large societies such as China, there is an importance of maintaining culture and in doing so censorship is being practiced in avoidance of losing culture. Additionally, conservation of religious values is another social aspects for censorship in a society. It controls negative criticism that can be said about certain religions, avoids infringing peoples rights to equality and also keeps religious conflicts at bay. An example of such negative criticism was seen in school textbooks in India.

The codebooks contained several offending remarks about the Hindu religion, which created concern and forced the Supreme Court to put a stop to the distribution of these textbooks (Newsletter on Intellectual Freedom, 2006). Negative criticism is a cause of religious conflicts and to keep these conflicts at bay material should be carefully policed. The last argument for censorship in a society is political. Firstly, protecting the innocence of members in a society is the main political argument for censorship. Governments censor information from the public, such as war strategies and important legal information.

Also, not every member in society is educated enough to understand complex political ideas. Therefore, allowing people to discuss political issues without having enough knowledge could cause problems in society. As stated in the first amendment of the American constitution, the government is allowed to enforce secrecy of some information when it is considered essential to national security . The government may prohibit speech that causes disruption to peace (Cornell University’s Legal Information Institute, 2010).

Furthermore, in order to protect the member of the society the government implement censorship of information to avoid problems in the society. Finally, the last point on political issues for censorship is public outburst. Without overseeing what is being published, illegal material and unfavorable remarks can cause riots which can also cause unnecessary harm to innocent civilians and mass panic. Governments have a responsibility to stop this illegal material being available. For instance, China’s government keeps a close watch on the internet and maintains tight grip on activities that are being done online.

All users actions are carefully watched for undesirable or illegal behavior and the most public and disruptive contributors are punished (Raven,2009). People of a society expect their leaders to prevent the availability of information and as proven in China this can be done through the encouragement of censorship in societies. To conclude, today there is a wide range of sources that provides materials, but unfortunately without the required restraints this material can cause security issues, social disputes and also political problems in a society C retain materials, ideas and knowledge is not acceptable for everyone in a society to acquire.

Therefore, censorship should be practiced in order to limit the availability of certain material to different groups of people in a society. We are exposed to modern technology everyday that informs and educates us with ideas, but not all these materials are suitable for all groups of people in a society, thus, should be prevented from being viewed by innocent members of society.

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