Censoring 3 Essay, Research Paper

As Americans, we idealize our freedom and topographic point a high value on our fundamental law and all that it stands for. We specifically turn to our Bill of Rights as a symbol of our freedom, both as a state and persons. Our freedom of address and freedom of imperativeness are two of the values we hold highest. Many things can impact the reading of these values, and this produces much tenseness in today s universe. For illustration, the censoring of signifiers of media can be seen as an violation on the rights of citizens. Personally, I can see why some of these things would necessitate to be limited, but I can besides sympathise with those that feel their rights are non being upheld.

Many things about today s universe can impact your point of position on the topic of censoring. I can sympathise with the position that censoring is necessary. I know, as an older sister, I do non like believing that my younger sisters can purchase, for illustration, CD s with expressed wordss. Person has to take charge and modulate these merchandises and their handiness. Thing today are excessively easy for kids to acquire, without reverberations. If the authorities would modulate what these kids hear and see, possibly it will hold a positive consequence on the following coevals.

Baning the media can be seen as an effort by the authorities to command and modulate the moral attitudes of its citizens. Some people believe there is non needfully something incorrect with that. Most people can recognize the common values and ethical motives we uphold as a nation- they are apparent in our Torahs, our advertisement, in about every aspect our society. So so, if the authorities in kernel upholds the same ethical motives, why is it incorrect for them to ban the media?

However, you so come to the issue of a possible violation on rights. If the authorities can warrant

modulating wordss, force or anything else they deem inappropriate, where do they halt? Who, in bend, regulates them? In add-on, what they feel is inappropriate I may experience is an look of my personal ego. Your rights, as a citizen should be protected at all times. Censoring, hence, could be seen as restricting your rights and non protecting them.

In add-on the authorities, by modulating things could go excessively powerful. It basically controls what we see, hear and experience everyday. We pride ourselves, as Americans, on our authorities. We boast that we are free and we have the right to take, but good is the right to take if we have no options? We should be able to make up one’s mind what is good or bad, right or incorrect, desirable or unwanted for ourselves. It should non be up to the authorities to coerce morality on its citizens.

Basically, I am tilting more on the side that media should non be censored by the authorities. It should be up to the person as to what they deem appropriate for their personal enjoyment. Although I can sympathise with those who feel signifiers of media should be censored, I do non see how that is good. We pride ourselves on our built-in right to take and our freedoms- censoring merely limits this. I would non desire my sister listening to certain types of music for illustration, but I have to be confident that she knows better. I have to swear her to do the right determinations and non be influenced by things every bit superficial as that.

I believe it all comes down to issues of power. Giving one individual, or a group of people, the power to make up one’s mind what reaches society is an tremendous responsibility- 1 that might acquire taken advantage of excessively easy. Media is a contemplation of the ideals and popular sentiments of the times. If media is limited, so our position of society will be distorted.

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