Centredat Laverstoke Mill around Hampshire, 15 miles distance from Winchester and 10miles from Basingstoke, the Bombay Sapphire Distillery is in a protected area withover 1000 years of history. The distillery podiums the care, service area and uniquenessbehind every drop of Bombay Sapphire, and allows guests to determine theflavours of the botanicals which make Bombay Sapphire gin so unique. Bombay Sapphire’s culture give a start in 1761 when distillerThomas Dakin achieved a location in Warrington, England, with the purpose ofdistilling gin.

In 1831, the Dakin household purchased a still, and changed itto separate the bizarre botanicals from the neutral scrap spirit, gathering thespirits of the botanicals in the vapour – an artisanal distillation process todayknown as Vapour Infusion, and still devotedly used by Bombay Sapphire. Today, Bombay Sapphire understandingly renewed LaverstokeMill into an up-to-date sustainable distillery that represent the ordinarybeauty and industrial heritage of the site. In structure an innovativedistillery at Laverstoke Mill every reasonable effort has been made to confirmthe processes and houses are as sustainable and competent as possible. Sustainability measuresinclude: –         -Renewable andless carbon energy delivered by photovoltaic array & hydro-electric turbinein the River Test providing carbon funds of 38%-         -A Biomass boilerprovides heat and hot water using botanical by-products of the distillationprocess as a fuel source-         -Excess biomassrequired used will be local, sustainably sourced wood chip-         -Ash formed by thebiomass boiler is used to inseminate the soil on local farms-         -Throughoutconstruction key building materials, including bricks & roof tiles wererecycled and reused from demolished buildings-         -Rainwaterharvesting and flow restricted water devices specified throughout the site-Building related Carbon Emissions less than 4kgCO2/m2 The Bombay Sapphire distillery is situated within aConservation Area and Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) in ruralHampshire. The River Trial streams through the location building exclusivewetland environment throughout the distillery. The Test is the freshestchalk-stream in the UK with several natural classes live in the river includingbrown trout, otters, kingfishers, herons, ducks, swansand others.

In redecorating Laverstoke Mill to become a modern distillery,Bombay Sapphire has reserved the supreme care of the ecosystem and naturalenvironment of this momentous location. Every effort has been made to defendand meaningfully enhance the site where possible including the following actions:-         Catch andtemporary re-homing by hand of over 400 fish prior to construction.-         Catch andtemporary re-homing of numerous bat classes.-         Bat containers androoftop entree installed in various buildings on site to encouragerepopulation.-         Derelictindustrial buildings covering the River Test demolished to enable access to theriver for all distillery guests.-         Propagation ofvarious aquatic plants to encourage further biodiversity along the river.-         No water from theRiver Test is used during the distillation process.-         Fitting of a fish protectorin front of the hydro-electric turbine.-         The BombaySapphire tank farm is enclosed to protect the local environment.

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