Thesis: Today’s direction faces many hard challenges in human dealingss in the workplace. From the lacklustre economic system and corporate greed to increasing diverseness and extremely educated working households. pull offing efficaciously is going a quickly altering and multi-faceted project. This presentation will research these challenges and possible hereafter challenges. A. Workplace Diversity and Changes in Gender Roles

1. The Challenges of Workplace Diversity
2. Working Couples
B. Highly Educated Workforce
1. Addition in white neckband work force
2. Higher instruction and consciousness
C. The Cost of Labor
1. Economic Slump
a. Greed
B. The 20-hour work hebdomad

1. Possible Future Challenges for Worker/Management Relations a. Increased Diverseness
B. Increased Crunch in labour costs
A. Shutting
B. Restate thesis
C. Review chief points
1. Workplace Diversity and Changes in Gender Roles
2. Highly Educated Workforce
3. The Cost of Labor

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