1. Most adult females want to show their individualism by the apparels and accoutrements they flaunt about. Some adult females seek trade name names while others conform to necessities. However. the bulk of adult females find it helpful to transport a pocketbook ; whether it is for hive awaying auto keys and a billfold or to fit an outfit. Every twelvemonth. pocketbooks are going more of a position symbol so a basic necessity. This paper will look into the selling tendencies of three different quality class pocketbook. which are marketed to three distinguishable mark markets. The first pocketbook discussed will be high quality pocketbook. Coco Chanel trade name. 2nd is Target trade name. Massimo. pocketbook. and in conclusion are handbags found at the local Salvation Army. The Salvation Army pocketbooks can include mark trade name pocketbooks but with a important lower monetary value to run into its mark section. These three picks were derived from cognizing that these three different socially classified consumers will non be shopping at the same topographic point. Besides. these three diverse consumers purchase intent is most likely for different grounds.

Furthermore. my ain captivation. aggregation. and expertness in pocketbooks were a thrust to carry on in depth research about this merchandise. There are 100s of pocketbooks being offered to luxury trade name consumers each season. but to most adult females options are necessary and even recommended. Besides. these adult females are invariably altering their bags particularly with different seasons ; and handbag retail merchants like Chanel. Gucci. and Celine offer these merchandises. which ever seem to be more various and improved. Each season luxury trade name. Chanel redesigns and innovates new manners in which they advertise them with tasteful famous person ads. Chanel advertises in more magazine spreads so telecasting commercials ; although they market their aroma more often on commercials. Marketing for Chanel or other luxury pocketbooks are ne’er advertised on the wireless and speech production for most adult females don’t believe sellers have taken the construct excessively far. In add-on. in the luxury pocketbook industry there are merely a smattering of trade names that consumers seek to buy and therefore need small or no advertisement.

Besides. you ne’er hear a adult female stating. “ I’m so tired of reading Vogue and seeing the latest pocketbook on that beautiful model” . Actually. we hear the opposite and adult female and teens want to portray what they see in those ads. which leads us to believe that Chanel sellers are making merely the right sum of advertisement to their targeted consumer. Discount retail merchant. Target is known for their Massimo trade name that caters to most in-between category consumers. When a consumer foremost looks at a mark ad or commercial. they see a small of everything mark offers. including a few pocketbooks.

However. more marketing importance is emphasized to their electronics and other merchandises they offered at low monetary values. Possibly. for this ground mark does non offer excessively much assortment in their pocketbook choice. Sellers at mark rely more on in shop advertisement. which is a great thought because it causes consumer’s to acquire stimulated. For these grounds. we can reason that sellers are non offering excessively much choice on Massimo pocketbook. The Salvation Army. like the one located off El Toro in Lake Forest. does non market any merchandises including pocketbooks. Although. the Salvation Army has a web site to inform their followings. consumers. and givers about their nucleus values they don’t market their donated goods. Overall. sellers. whether it is a high quality bag. second-rate quality bag. or merely plenty to acquire by bag. have non over exposed pocketbooks. Just inquire any adult female.

2. Chanel shops are located in high-income countries like shopping promenades. section shops. and airdromes in major metropoliss such as: Prince Building in Hong Kong. The Chanel jouaillerie. Place Vendome. Paris. and Rodeo Drive. Beverly Hills. Since 2009. China’s entire ingestion of luxury goods has increased to $ 9. 4 billion ; hence Chanel along with other luxury trade names are doing their visual aspect in 2nd grade metropoliss. These metropoliss are considered 2nd grade because that is where coal. oil. and existent estate development is booming. Chanel is geographically placed in these locations because of the pes traffic. expensive existent estate. and buying power environing these metropoliss. Presently. Chanel is estimated to be deserving $ 1. 8 billion and has a market portion of. 8 % .

Chanel pocketbooks are targeted to adult females who range from 30- 55 old ages old. These ages include Generation X. and pamper boomer. They besides include in-between aged. married or divorced adult female without dependent kids who own a place. and are most satisfied with their occupations. At this age adult female have callings. are married or divorced. and get down ripening in which they put more attempt in looking vernal. Chanel’s focal point is on wealthier sophisticated clients who are working professionals and high-income earners. Consumers that purchase Chanel pocketbooks are people who have set high criterions for themselves and are considered high winners. They are in a life rhythm phase where they are successful in their callings ; show high public presentation. which allows them to honor themselves with high valued merchandises. These consumers are image witting and hence purchase name trade names that increase their prestigiousness.

The most accepted personality traits that Chanel markets to are sophisticated. posh fashionistas. For many adult females. these traits represent high position and appeal. Woman normally wants to transport a bag that represents their personality. so adult female who are seeking to look sophisticated and posh bargain Chanel pocketbook. Sellers of Chanel pocketbooks entreaty to consumer’s exterior motivations. for illustration. seting an accent on what sort of adult female you represent by what you wear. Besides. sellers who are looking to win over younger clients advertise in high manner Magazine like Vogue. with younger famous persons patterning Chanel like actress Natalie Portman. The mark section who buy Chanel handbags seek benefits like being associated with high position. acknowledgment. credence. and fulfilment of Maslow’s ego esteem demand. Besides. other benefits include. satisfaction of having a rare trade good. pleasance of looking and experiencing fashionable. and holding what other adult female enviousness. For this section. all these advantages come with the purchase of a epicurean Chanel pocketbook.

Target Corporation. which include trade names like Cherokee and Mossimo have about 1. 500 shops nationally. with at least one in every province except Vermont. They decided non to open a Target shop in Vermont because the people of Vermont are non “box store” friendly. The first Target shop was opened in St Paul. Minnesota. which is considered. a suburban metropolis. After a few old ages of success Target expanded to the Western provinces like. California and Texas. Target’s geographic tendency seems to be opening shops in big metropoliss but besides little suburban metropoliss. Recently. mark has expanded internationally to Canada. Target is known as an upscale trendy price reduction retail merchant with the motto. “Expect more-Pay less” . As consequence they attract younger. more educated. and flush clients. These clients are attracted to Mossimo pocketbook. which are voguish. hip. and advanced at low monetary values.

The bulk section of their clients is adult females and the average age of clients are 41 old ages of age. This mark section consists of Generation Y and Generation X. About less so half of this section of consumers have kids and have completed college. This shows. that a batch of adult females have other disbursals. like seting their childs through school. which is the concluding behind purchasing a sensible priced pocketbook at Target. Consumers who buy Mossimo merchandises. like pocketbook. at mark shops have an mean income of $ 63. 000. Besides. these consumers are in the life rhythm phase of being immature married or divorced with kids in which their liquid assets are low. dissatisfied with the sum of money saved. and like advertised merchandises. This makes sense. why they shop at one of the largest price reduction retail merchants for their trendy pocketbooks. Or. consumers are middle-aged married or divorced with or without kids who have a better fiscal place. married womans work. and their kids are get downing to acquire occupations. Mossimo pocketbook buyers. like advertised merchandises and expression for fashionable merchandises at a sensible monetary value. In most portion. this section will buy merchandises based on monetary value and non quality.

Besides. this section of clients will travel through handbags quicker because of second-rate quality. but do non mind. Furthermore. these clients buy more than one of the same merchandises in different colourss in one purchase because of the deal. In add-on. this mark section purchases handbags at mark because they don’t want to care if they loose or acquire a pocketbook stolen. Peoples who buy pocketbooks at Target shops. seek benefits like looking stylish but non passing the high monetary values interior decorator shops offer. acquiring more for their vaulting horse. and non holding to babysit their bag everyplace they go. The original laminitis of the Salvation Army. William Booth. started by assisting out nuts. cocottes. and the hapless. The Salvation Army has been around since the early 1800’s and now operates in 125 states. Internationally. they are located in hapless states like China. Africa. and Mexico. They use the returns from the shop to fund The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center ; this helps out the community because drugs play a big function in poorness all over the universe.

Geographically. the Salvation Army shops are placed in bigger metropoliss that are close distance to expresswaies ; possibly because it is easy found and with a good sum of pes traffic. The age groups that shop at The Salvation Army for merchandises like pocketbooks range from the ages of 16-55 old ages old. Teens store at that place because their parents might non hold the money. or they are low care and merely desire whatever pocketbook or merchandise. In recent old ages. shopping at the thrift shop for unique. lower cost merchandises has been a tendency for teens. Some teens. whether their parents have money. utilize their allowance to purchase a Target Mossimo trade name bag at the Salvation Army for half the monetary value at the price reduction retail merchant. Since the merchandises are donated. you can even happen a luxury trade name pocketbook at a really low cost ; although it is rare and consumers that shop there don’t spell in with the outlooks of purchasing a luxury pocketbook. This mark section normally consists of people of all ethnicities that are considered hapless. in the societal category bracket. In some instances. a consumer that shops there is an. unemployed. uneducated. has a household or divorced. Many individual parent households with low income store here for their children’s apparels and accoutrements. like pocketbooks.

This section of people are non looking for the latest tendency in manner. they are looking to carry through their basic demands. Besides. you will largely happen adult females or mid teens purchasing a pocketbook at The Salvation Army. Although. there are some mid category income consumers that shop at that place to assist out the organisation. most of this mark market consists of low-income persons. Furthermore. this mark section is more likely to conform to any manner. colour. or handiness of the pocketbook or merchandise. They give small importance to manner. and are motivated by low cost. Customers that store at The Salvation Army for handbags seek benefits like salvaging money. stretching their money. conformance. and pleasance cognizing their money goes back to the community. Overall. these three sections of clients consist of different features of people. personalities. ages. and benefits they seek. Given that. it is likely that these 3 distinct markets of clients will non be shopping for pocketbook at the same locations.

3. Chanel’s merchandises are targeted to different markets and they are all alone ; although this trade name is largely known for their aggregations. They have different merchandises to offer to diverse markets. Chanel offers:

-Haute Couture Line
– Ready to have on
-Resort line
-Men’s and Children’s aggregation -Fragrances
-Accessories ( pocketbooks. jewellery. tickers )
-Skin attention
-Make up
athleticss cogwheel ( surfboards. tennis rackets. raft boats. gold nines ect ) Peoples largely know Chanel for their aromas. vesture and bags. Chanel’s merchandise mix have made them successful because they are specially targeted to adult females. The market sections for Chanel are largely adult females. they have knowledge about the trade name and they know that they have good quality merchandises. Chanel’s geographic cleavage is limited since this trade name is expensive and sole. their merchandises can non be afford and available to everyone. Retail Shops are largely located in chief metropoliss such as: New York. Beverly Hills. Miami. Madrid. Tokyo. Paris. etc. Chanel is a trade name that offers more than merely apparels. it has become a trade name that sells everything adult females need but now they are demoing their new lines which will be for work forces and kids. These new trade name will be successful and it will Chanel a assortment of new clients.

The Chanel merchandise is differentiated by quality. It is positioned as a top quality merchandise. They assure clients that the merchandises are based on up-to-date development and cognition about healthy tegument. Keeping the Gallic touch with all the merchandises appear to be a important aim since it is trough the association of Paris’ whole manner universe that Chanel is positioned in consumers’ heads. Therefore. most of the Chanel merchandises bear Gallic names. such as Activateur Jeuness for ageing tegument attention. Bronze Universe lfor a makeup or Masque Purete Express for a facial mask. The merchandise comes in simple and discreet though high- quality packaging giving consumers the feeling of a high quality merchandise that contrasts with lower quality trade names which are masked with an ornate facade. This minimalist packaging is at the same clip consistent with Chanel’s image of fashionable simpleness. Monetary value

It is clear that in order to keep the image of a top-quality epicurean merchandise Chanel must supply their merchandises at top-scale monetary values ; clearly the scheme of “more for more” . A Chanel merchandise is non likely to be found discounted or available as a particular offer as this would non at wholly be consistent with the image. Monetary values on pocketbooks range from $ 2000- $ 5. 000 depending on the type of leathers. crocodile leather can be deserving up to $ 26. 000. PlaceTo maintain up the image of a high-grade merchandise Chanel must administer through high traders so that it is made certain that the merchandise comes with superior service. Chanel hence sells selectively to 420 retail merchants worldwide. including among others Harrods. Edward jenners and The Perfume Shop. As it was pointed out before it is of particular importance for the image non to free touch with the Gallic beginning and so 30 % of the retail merchants Chanel sell to are based in France.

Chanel entirely advertises in manner related high quality media. magazines such as Elle and Vogue. Their adverts are quite minimalist and simple. which is once more consistent with the image of sole simpleness. proposing at the same clip that the minimum inscription and the dual C logo base for themselves. And so over the old ages Chanel has achieved such a strong place that the really name of Chanel is instantly associated with luxury. flawlessness. art and design and the whole Gallic Haute Couture and Pret-a-Porter civilization. They besides advertise. Chanel besides advertises by making events like their track shows that hundred of famous persons and media attend. In add-on. they advertise their aggregation online. on their web site. Although. they do non name monetary values on the web site you can see slideshows of there aggregation. Chanel uses famous persons for advertisement. which involves subscribing up famous persons for runs. which consist of all kinds of advertisement including. print advertizements. Last. Chanel promotes their approaching events and latest manners on their societal media sites.

Chanel merchandises are manufactured at Chanel mills in Paris France where they use high tech engineering systems like EDI. so logistics people can break path and handle distribution. Chanel pocketbooks are so distributed to 310 Chanel dress shops ; 94 in Asia. 70 in Europe. 10 in the Middle East. 128 in North America. 2 in South America. and 6 in Oceania.

Targets Marketing mix
Target offers an extended choice of different merchandise lines. which

* Women’s. Men’s and Children’s Fashion and accoutrements
* Baby Equipment
* Home Accessories
* Furniture
* Electronicss
* Toys
* Outdoor athleticss and fittingness equipment
* Bath and bedding supplies
* Baggage

* Patio and lawn attention merchandises
* Gift cards
* Gifts
* Entertainment merchandises
* Pet supplies
* Health and Beauty Aids
* School and office supplies
* Jewelry and accoutrements
* Automotive accoutrements
* Holiday and seasonal points
* Consumables ( nutrient points ) .

Target non merely offers a assortment of merchandise lines but services every bit good. including:
* Food Restaurants
* Optimal
* Target Photo
* Pharmacy
* Portrait Studios
* Health Clinics
* Club Wedd Registry
* Target Baby Registry
* Target Lists-online and in shop
* Super Target Recipes
* Target and Target Visa recognition cards

The Target merchandise mix includes many of their ain private label trade names including Archer Farms. Choxie. Circo. Embark. Gilligan & A ; O’Malley. Kool Toyz. Market Pantry. Merona. ProSpirit. Room Essentials. Target Limited Edition. Trutech. and Xhilaration. They besides sell ware under accredited trade names including C9 by Champion. ChefMate. Cherokee. merely to call some. The services provided by Target include comfortss offered in shop and online. Not all services are offered in all shops or online. Target is continually bettering on their services by enlargement. partnerships and advanced thoughts. In 2005 Target partnered with Yahoo to organize Target Yahoo Photo. Since so they have dropped Yahoo and are partnered with Kodak and Shutterfly. This digital exposure service is offered both in shop and online and allows the user to pull off digital and camera phone images.

Besides. they have the option of telling printed transcripts of their exposures or holding the exposure applied to calendars and other assorted points. In 2006 Target entered the $ 4 generic drug market. This allows pharmaceutics clients the ability to buy certain generic drugs for $ 4. They have besides introduced a Clear Rx plan into their pharmaceutics sections. This is a freshly designed prescription bottle that allows for an easier to read label to assist forestall Medicinal mix ups. Some shops have partnered with Starbucks and now have Starbuck java coffeehouse in shop. Target besides maintains a assortment of gift registers for invitees and their possible gift buyers. You can entree registers online and in shop. Optical centres. portrayal studios. and wellness clinics are located in select shops at the present clip. Target lists is a service where invitees can do lists changing from food market lists to wish lists and are available in shop and online. Target gift cards are a popular gift thought. In 2006 Target issued and redeemed over $ 1. 5 billion in gift card minutess.

2. Price. Target offers price reduction monetary values for quality merchandises and services. It should travel without stating that Target needs to cognize their rivals monetary values so they can monetary value their merchandises and services consequently. Target runs hebdomadal gross revenues and besides offers clearance points.

3. Distribution. Target ware is provided through their ain distribution web or through 3rd parties. such as some choice nutrient points. Target. com orders are filled by their ain distribution web. 3rd parties. or shipped from the seller. Target presently has 26 regional distribution centres and 5 import warehouses. Target besides has 1 Target. com Distribution Center. Items are transported by truck from the warehouses to shops. Target. com points are shipped straight to clients from the Target. com Distribution Center or straight from the seller via UPS. Fed EX or the USPS. Target offers 1-day. 2-day. and standard transportation options. Products and services are sold straight to the ultimate consumer through Target shops or the Target. com web site.

4. Promotion. Last twelvemonth Target spent over $ 1 million in advertisement. This consisted of chiefly newspaper handbill and telecasting commercials. Each hebdomad Target handbills are delivered to 50 million families. Their hebdomadal ad is besides posted on the Internet for sing. In add-on they send electronic mails to their clients who sign up for on-line publicities. Target is besides directing direct mailings to their best invitees. They are besides integrating an in-store web called Channel Red. With newspaper use worsening. Target would be wise to put some of their promotional dollars in Internet advertisement such as streamer ads. Target should besides spread out their mailings to make more possible clients. They besides use societal media sites to advance day-to-day trades and vouchers.

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