Management instruction in India is fast undergoing a extremist alteration and great demand particularly after the alteration towards liberalisation, denationalization, and globalisation. But there are several challenges to better our state direction instruction. The rapid growing and proliferation of concern schools, has led to the outgrowth of some schools holding doubtful quality and concern instruction has come under examination. Therefore, it would be fruitful to look into the challenges for heightening the quality of concern instruction in India. In the paper, describe countries of concern such as quality confidence, quality of pupils, module deficit and development programme, proper substructure & A ; installations required for institutes, development of learning stuff and instance surveies, networking, internationalise direction instruction, post-experience and distance acquisition programmes and function of professional organic structures and governments with regard to AICTE for development of direction instruction in India.


Management instruction in India is fast undergoing a extremist alteration and great demand particularly after the alteration towards liberalisation, denationalization, and globalisation. But there are several challenges to better our state direction instruction. Today there are over 1700 direction establishments in the state. About one lakh direction alumnus base on balls out every twelvemonth in India, supplying a enormous potency to part of a ‘Knowledge Society ‘ . Management is a much sought-after field for Indians. Today, the best and brightest pupils want to analyze direction because it is a certain manner to well-paid occupations with great chances for promotion. In 2008-09, there were over 102,000 pupils analyzing for a Masters of Business Administration or its equivalent.

Time period

No. of

Business schools added


Annual add-on

1950-80 ( 30 old ages )



1980-1995 ( 15 old ages )



1995-2000 ( 5 old ages )



2000-2006 ( 6 old ages )



Beginning: Adapted from Dayal, I. , “ Developing Management Education in India ” , Journal of Management Research, 2 ( 2 ) , August 2002, page: 101.

This huge figure of Business Schools needs to fulfill two chief inquiries such as,

Are they truly supplying quality of direction instruction to pupils to prolong in corporate universe?

What will be the quality of budding directors who are produced by these direction institutes?

The short reply is no. Many of the over 1700 or so direction schools recognized by the All India Council for Technical Education The All India Council for Technical Education ( AICTE ) , is the statutory organic structure established for proper planning and coordinated development of the proficient instruction system in India. It was established in November, 1945. A ( AICTE AICTE All India Council Technical Education ) have minimum module, most of whom have small practical experience in direction and who undertake small research of nice quality.

Besides there are several challenges of direction instruction which require alteration in the character and construction of direction instruction, integrating of direction instruction with corporate sector, up step of course of study and class content, planing of different plans for executives, care of an efficient and effectual regulative system of cheque mushrooming, and accent on research.

So now it is necessary examine the countries of concern, the key issues which the vertex establishment, AICTE should concentrate upon in elating the direction instruction and doing Indian MBA universe category.

Because when we talk about the direction instruction, we are fundamentally mentioning to the determining up of the pupil to develop the competence and capableness either as an intrapreneur ( to fall in and assist an organisation to turn ) or as an enterpriser ( to set up and turn one ‘s ain organisation ) . This capableness does non needfully ever come from possessing a piece of paper whether called “ grade ” or “ sheepskin ” in Management, but besides by agencies of developing the will & amp ; skill to lend for Self trust and ego nutriment in state edifice.

Management instruction can non be compared with analyzing other capable countries like chemical science, natural philosophies, mathematics or jurisprudence etc. Management instruction can instead be compared with medical specialty. No physician is allowed near a patient strictly on the footing of theoretical cognition. Doctors learn the professional accomplishments by geting the practical cognition that is taught by practising physicians and hence they become experts in naming the existent physical status of patients. In the similar manner, in a concern scenario besides you have to make things, take determinations, take actions, and proctor consequences.

The bing system of Management Education is alienated from existent life. There is a spread between the topics and the aims and this can non accomplish such ends as national development, constructing an ethical, spiritual and religious value in concern etc.


The direction instruction system of our state is beset with a host of jobs and challenges. The sudden proliferation of direction establishments has lead to a considerable diminution in the quality of instruction that is being offered.

In order to put in the quality in the direction instruction in India, the AICTE, apex establishment in the state and universities should concentrate on the undermentioned issues –

Quality Assurance

Quality Of Students

Faculty deficit and Development Programme

Development of Teaching Material and Case surveies


Internationalise Management Education

Role of professional organic structures and governments etc.

Post-Experience and Distance Learning Programmes

Proper Infrastructure & A ; Facilities Required For Institutes

Quality Assurance

As direction instruction grows and pupils, alumnuss, and faculties become more nomadic, we must be progressively concerned about the care and confidence of quality. Government Regulatory Agencies such as AICTE have developed deep, yet flexible, criterions to measure quality and support uninterrupted betterment. These criterions cover the full comprehensiveness of quality dimensions: mission, scheme, module, pupils, staff, course of study, educational results, and research.

The criterions define quality and, because they are linked to the mission of the school, they are designed to guarantee that quality depends implicitly on whether the promises of schools and outlooks of pupils and employers are met. The criterions allow for a broad scope of promises, every bit long as they are communicated accurately and delivered sufficiently.

Unfortunately, turning demand and competition can increase the inducement for schools to overstate promises, go forthing their alumnuss with unmet outlooks. In the environment we described above, with doctorial module going more scarce and with shriveling fiscal support from authoritiess, there are enormous force per unit areas to cut corners, promise more, and deliver less.

Quality of Students

The quality of pupils come ining concern schools is really of import to see. As described earlier, traditionally, instruction in commercialism was non seen as the educational way of the brightest pupils. However, presently, acquiring accepted into a good regarded concern school is seen as really attractive calling. IIMs have been ranked at the top in several studies of b-schools in Asia-Pacific part, and admittance to any IIM is seen by most as a passport to a fast path calling at the national and international degrees.

Each twelvemonth about 200,000 draw a bead oning campaigners take Common Admission Test or the entryway test of the IIMs. Of these 1,100 will be selected to fall in one of the IIM ‘s. For illustration, IIM Ahmedabad has 200 seats. Thus admittance criterions are really high. Jointly, the IIMs have been recognized as the universe ‘s figure 1 in footings of their selectivity, and trouble of acquiring admittance into.

An interesting facet of the choice procedure is the usage of different admittance trials and processs by different concern schools, unlike the US where GMAT is used as a standard trial mark. The Government of India tried to present a common admittance trial for the b-schools but the Supreme Court of India rejected that effort. The Court ruled that “ private educational establishments have a personality of their ain, and in order to keep their ambiance and traditions, it is necessary that they have the right to take and choose the pupils who can be admitted ” ( Goswami, 2003 ) . The virtues of a common entryway trial are problematic and advocates will experience there is a demand to develop some steps of equivalencies among tonss of different admittance trials, so that the quality of the inputs can be isolated from the quality of the academic procedure while doing comparings among different b-schools.

Faculty deficit and Development Programme

Non handiness of equal proficient module is a major restraint for sustainable growing of quality direction instruction in India. The institute must hold permanent or regular module in all the chief countries of Management like Marketing, Human Resources, Economics, Information Technology, Accounting & A ; Finance, Quantitative Methods and Production.

Each of these module members must run into at least one of the three standards –

Senior managerial experience with a taking administration along with ability to associate the same to the direction constructs,

Consultancy experience in the corporate universe and

Research experience in direction.

If the modules are merely alumnuss, post-graduates or PhDs without run intoing these standards so they would be merely learning the theories from the books which are non truly relevant for a managerial calling. Management calling is about pattern of direction, which can be taught merely by experience, expertness and exposure together with the relevant constructs.

The present module besides needs to be adequately trained in the country of current and emerging tendencies. Established establishments, including do non take equal involvement in developing direction instructors in position of their demand to bring forth extra cognition.

There is, hence, an pressing demand to be after a clang programme to develop Management instructors at selected direction establishments. Faculty resource should be farther strengthened by industry supplying professional directors from different subjects with successful path records as Visiting Faculty on lien or on deputation footing.

Besides focal point on grosss for achieving autonomy. They are besides confronting a flight of endowment to some of the new establishments, due to enticement of attractive locations and even more attractive compensation bundles. It is in fact presenting a existent danger that the established establishments may be weakened in the procedure, at least in the short term.

Development of Teaching Material and Case surveies

Very few establishments in the state have been able to develop equal learning stuff including instances in footings of Indian ethos in direction. There continues to be a really heavy trust on foreign text books and instances. We need to foster wide-spread direction research including instance research and publications indigenously.

The classs and programmes must be in line with the demands of the corporate universe and other administrations. It means these must hold regular inputs incorporated from these administrations and non based on some books authored by person who ne’er had any exposure to the direction calling, consultancy or research.


India ‘s corporations must go true spouses in constructing the direction instruction plans by providing thoughts, cognition, capital, fiscal investing, and on-site experience for pupils, enabling them to larn in real-world state of affairss.

The institute must hold extended networking with the corporate universe and other administrations nationally and internationally. This networking, on the one manus, makes it possible for the regular interaction of their senior managerial forces with the pupils while, on the other manus it will assist to understand their demands and reorient instruction, preparation, consultancy and research activities to run into the challenges of globalization and liberalization.

This besides enables these administrations to see the pupils for arrangement when they complete the programme.

There should be a formal forum for frequent interaction of Management establishment and Management Associations, Chambers of Commerce & A ; Industry and other professional organic structures for upgradation of Management Education.

Internationalise Management Education

Business schools in India can plan themselves as planetary establishments ; constructing globally distributed educational plans and deep partnerships around the universe right from the start.

As the concern is acquiring planetary, daily, there is an increasing demand for the establishments to bring forth planetary directors. Therefore, it has become necessary that Indian Management instruction should besides go more planetary. The message is rather clear ; the response to the globalisation of concern is the globalisation of direction instruction.

The followers are the waies in which the Business Schools can concentrate to do direction instruction planetary –

I. The concern schools must acknowledge international pupils to the plan. The Indian direction institutes are the lone 1s with no international engagement.

two. The concern schools should invest a few international modules and supply an chance to the pupils to listen about other state ‘s concern civilization and systems.

three. They should supply an active plan of pupils and module exchange with advanced states.

four. To guarantee that at least 25 % of the course of study deals with international topics like international economic sciences, international selling, international fiscal direction, etc. ,

v. They should join forces with some good known foreign Business Schools by which Indian pupils can make portion of their instruction in those institutes.

six. Last the Business Schools besides collaborate with some foreign arrangement consultancies to do certain at least some pupils can achieve occupations abroad.

Role of professional organic structures and governments etc.

How does one select a good direction institute for geting this capableness? The inclination in India has by and large been to travel for the “ recognized ” classs or direction institutes. But recognised by whom?

Here people forget the basic construct of a client. While for a instructor the client is the pupil, for a direction institute the client is the corporate universe, other administrations and the society at big. Therefore, the direction institute should be recognised by the corporate universe, which is the largest recruiter of the direction pupils. However, unluckily the fleeceable pupils draw a bead oning for a managerial calling and their parents tend to by and large look merely for the governmental seal of acknowledgment or blessing.

In 1987 the Government of India had established a statutory organic structure called “ All India Council for Technical Education ” ( AICTE ) with a authorization to guarantee and modulate quality in direction instruction in India.

Recently, to promote a procedure of uninterrupted reappraisal, AICTE has besides launched National Board of Accreditation ( NBA ) , utilizing a benchmarking system with respect to factors such as physical substructure, quality of inputs, and module preparation. However, falling criterions of schools approved by AICTE dropped its credibleness. It is reported that many concern schools got AICTE blessing on the footing of attractive undertaking programs, which ne’er got implemented, so that some of them operated “ virtually from sheds and garages. ” ( Raghunath, 1998 ) The consequence is that most b-schools have abstained from seeking accreditation under NBA.

However, as per an Expert Committee Report submitted in May 2001 to the Union Minister for Human Resource Development, a big bulk of these AICTE approved direction establishments to the extent of shockingly high of 90 % are sub-standard. Though these establishments have the “ blessing ” or “ acknowledgment ” by the AICTE but a big bulk of these do non hold the required module, installations, classs and programmes.

If AICTE blessing is no warrant for quality direction instruction so how does one take a direction institute, which would truly take a pupil to truly a managerial calling?

Undertaking for AICTE

In the old ages to come the demand and provide conditions concerned with MBA is traveling to see a mismatch.

The AICTE should move tough on certain cardinal issue like:

a ) It should let minimal figure of new direction schools of quality to come up in following twelvemonth ‘s.

B ) It should allow some good mid-level Business Schools to increase their intake capacity from the bing 1s.

degree Celsius ) It should besides see promoting some of the taking corporates to set up their ain direction schools.

vitamin D ) AICTE should do each and every college accountable for all the information that they provide in the prospectus.

So there is a demand to make a separate independent promotional/registry establishment for direction instruction and to replace the current ordinance being carried out by the All India Council for Technical Education ( AICTE ) , which is chiefly concerned with technology instruction.

So, what is the route in front for AICTE? NKC ‘s Pitroda has called for its function to be redefined. He has proposed an Independent Regulatory Authority for Higher Education for organic structures like AICTE and the Medical Council of India ( MCI ) , restricting their functions to that of professional associations. Sunil Bahri, Executive Director, NKC Says: “ The function of AICTE should be to nurture establishments. It should concentrate on issues like module development and course of study. Even accreditation should be assigned to other bureaus. ”

Other analysts agree with NKC ‘s line of thought. Says Hyrax: “ Regulators should merely guarantee that establishments provide compulsory revelations on the cyberspace about their classs, modules, fees, and installations. Professional evaluation services should measure colleges the same manner as CRISIL rates companies. This will do the system believable and competition will take attention of the remainder. ”

Autonomy through Resource Generation

The issue of self trust of direction establishments has/been raised on a figure of occasions in the yesteryear and has besides been commented upon by the Kurien Committee on IIMs.

The experiences of a big figure of Management establishments in the private sector do clearly show that with a proper fee construction, the establishments in the Government sector including universities can besides be self reliant.

While the committee should take a steadfast position on this facet, the demand to supply necessary resources to run into the capital demands of these establishments may nevertheless hold to be agreed to, at least for a limited period. However, a point that needs to be considered is as to whether the Government Sector ( University/IIMs ) should any more invest in this field sing the fact that private sector can and should make every bit good and supply quality direction instruction.

At least some of the prima Management establishments from the Government system and the universities must take at constructing a Corpus Fund to run into certain part of their operational budget demands. This can be done with advanced attacks in fund elevation.

To accomplish these aims of autonomy, the Working Group of NKC recommends that Management establishments: –

Raise the tuition fees to a degree which can be justified by the market state of affairs, say between Rs.25000 to Rs.40000 per twelvemonth.

Introduce a service charge on every administration that visits the direction establishments for campus enlisting. All the 4 IIMs have already started this pattern. It is possible for the University System to emulate this.

Reserve upto 20 % of the seats for industry sponsored or NRI pupils, for whom the fees could be at least 4 times that of what is charged from Indian pupils.

Promote module to take up preparation and consultancy for Industries which should go a major beginning of gross for these establishments. The patterns followed in this respect at the IIMs may be emulated by the University system.

Establish in every major town/city/area where a direction institution/University Management Department is in operation a partnership confederation with a `lead industry ‘ so that stuff and manpower support is available from that industry, in add-on to the pupils and module holding chances to interact with the industry.

In footings of the comparative functions of the Private Sector and the Government sector in run intoing the ever-growing demand for professionally trained managerial work force in the state, the Working Group recommends that: The Private Sector should be encouraged to play an progressively dominant function in run intoing the professionally trained managerial work force demands of the state.

Post-Experience and Distance Learning Programmes

Of late some establishments like IGNOU, AIMA offer distance larning programmes in Management Education for employed alumnuss. Such avenues should be strengthened, peculiarly with the chances provided by information engineering with regard to remote instruction.

Similarly, there are Management establishments which offer long term parttime eventide programme for working executives taking to Post Graduate Diploma/MBA avenues for post-experience preparation should be extended and upgraded to Cater to those who can non afford full clip Management Education.

Proper Infrastructure & A ; Facilities Required For Institutes

Following are some of the things that can be done while puting up such an Institute-

The substructure and installations must include schoolrooms with multimedia and projection installations.

Latest computing machines and peripherals and a good library with aggregation of books on all direction topics.

Institute will hold to form seminars ask foring Industry engagement

Campus will hold to be 24×7 unfastened for the pupils

It has to be located in an country where some of the instructors can remain in the same campus along with the pupils who will remain in the inns.


The present direction instruction survived for about five decennaries in India and fighting to spread out beyond national and geographical boundaries. With the blessing of rapid altering engineering and communicating, the educational system is undergoing drastic alterations although the gait is slow.

India ‘s direction instruction is undergoing a major passage. In India, there is a considerable hope and outlooks sing the value of direction instruction and its possible contributing mostly to state ‘s economic growing.

However, the renewed accent in the instruction sector in the 11th five twelvemonth program and increased outgo in higher instruction can move as alleviants for the Indian direction instruction system.

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