Abrew is a Sri Lankan man that I interviewed to. He works as a tourist guide
for nearly 6 years now. The first thing that came from his mouth as I asked him
about Sri Lanka was about the people there. He claimed that Sri Lankan people
are very nice and polite as it is on their culture to give a pleasant smiled
when you looking at them or even when saying hello. They also very generous to
provide hospitality and it is considered rude when you reject them as it is a
serious matter to them. Their attitude is quite similar to our country as we
also emphasize on etiquette as a good Malaysian.

about the people in Sri Lanka, I ask about him on how and why he would become
tourist guide. He said that at first he also didn’t think he would be a tourist
guide either let alone to be 6 years work experience now. During his early age,
he was supposed to be in hotel management course in the The Patrice Lumumba
University in Moscow for 3 years. After 1 year went there, things went south as
the course he was taking was not his passion so he went back to his country.
That time, he didn’t know what to become. Luckily, during that period, Russian
tourists start to come to Sri Lanka as the minister of tourism starting to
promote the country in Europe. He took the golden opportunity to become as a
tourist guide as he can speak Russian fluently during his time at the Russian.
Until today he become what he is become as Russian tourist is in top 10 country
to come to the Sri Lanka.

Varuna, a representative of the Trade and Tourism Promotion Department of the
Embassy of Sri Lanka said that, Sri Lanka expect to host about 70 000 Russian
tourist in 2017. He report that their goal is 70 thousand in 2017 as in 2016;
they already hosted 58 thousand Russians. The Russian tourist already reached
more than 33 thousand people in the first half of the 2017 whereas last year
was 28.6 thousand on that same period. One of the major turnouts for the
Russian tourist to go to Sri Lanka is that Egypt and Turkey are in turmoil and
it gives the Sri Lanka an opportunity to take the center stage as an
alternative destination to Russian market, claim by Tourism Development
Minister John Amaratunga. Other reason was it was a nirvana for the people who
love the tropical site. In Russia, there are only a few beaches whereas Sri
Lanka is a paradise for those Russian tourists who keen of the tropical beach
with blue sky and greenery landscape and also the historical heritage in the

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