CHAPTER -2 HYPOTHESES2.1 Problem statement2.2 Hypothesis2.3 Rationale behind Hypothesis 2.4 Methodology of the Study2.5 Impact of Time2.

1 ProblemStatement   Indian mutual is passingthrough great change since entry of private sector make very tuff competition.Now era of Government mutual house is over there are many private mutual fundsare functioning and electronic media is creating awareness about the financialproduct but environment for the retail investors remain unchanged because afterindependence and silver jubilee of private mutual fund entry still mutual isdominant by large house by percentage 57% and retailers are laagered at 37%.They still believe in government sector and also invest in debt base mutualfund which is hardly sufficient to beat the inflation. In my study I try tosolve the problem of common investor to know the difference of public sectormutual fund and private sector mutual fund for this very objective I took HDFCand SBI two sector and Growth fund scheme and balance fund scheme of both thehouses and make comparative study between both the houses and more common issueabout  the perception of differentsection of society about private mutual fund and public mutual fund in big way in  most popular region of India(Meerut and Delhi) 2.2 HYPOTHESIS: Hypothesis is process of reaching totentative solution of the problem. If researcher   doesnotframe any hypothesis. There is chance to miss the target and waste time andmoney so taking hypothesis is ideal way of doing research.

There are many typesof hypothesis but two types are very importantNull hypothesis and alternative hypothesis. Nullhypothesis is no difference and alternative hypothesis means some differentresults .Null hypothesis is one or alternative hypothesis maybe manyH0)1 There is no difference between growth fund schemeand balance fund schemes of the both mutual fund houses ( HDFC&SBI)(H1)2 Growth fund scheme of same house is better thanbalance fund scheme of same mutual fund house(H1) 3 Balance fund schemes (HDFC&SBI) are betterthan growth fund schemes (HDFC&SBI) (H0)4 There is no difference in perception of investorsabout private mutual fund house(HDFC) and public mutual fund house(SBI)(H1)5 Investors are more interested towards public mutualfund house (SBI)(H1) 6 Investors are more interested towards privatemutual fund house (HDFC) 2.3 Rationale behindhypothesis: In order to fulfill the stated objectives of study. This issecond most important part of study after objectives and problem statement.Hypothesis must frame keep in mind tentative solution and all possible rangesand options. So as many as hypothesis are taken into considerations.

The depthof study go on increasing so there is more scope for readers and futureresearcher ,investor and Asset management company. As long as my studyconcerned about most popular mutual fund houses one is SBI belong to publicsector and one is HDFC of private sector and these two are most popular mutualhouses of India 2.4 Methodology ofthe study: The study of financial product is really a challenging taskbeing empirical research we require secondary as well as primary data .Primarydata is taken through direct interview but finding right kind of person is onething but most shocking part to make them agree to talk on the subject is alsovery crucial because this will affect the quality of research. If I talk aboutsecondary data this type of data also require a lot of care and need to judgethe authenticity of data because as the raw material so the product.

     2.5 Impact of Time:The study on impact of reforms measures on the growth and development of AMFIcannot be seen in a short span of time .Where the reforms are an ongoingprocess. And impact of time and time the market both are very dangerous in caseof stocks. Where things go very fast and the changes in stock market is verydifferent in comparison to real life of business organizations so study in timebound also  vary to time horizon as longas my study is concern I did my study in two phases and both the phase gavedifferent result

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