Chapter: 03  3.1 Recommendation:  Iam an internee of EXIM Bank Limited Satmasjid Road branch. I have a littleworking experience. So, it is very difficult for me to give any recommendationabout this branch. Only a few number of ATM booths are available over thecountry.

Therefore, sufficient number of ATM booths might be established indifferent location to reach customer demand. I have found one thing from myexperience that bank should increase their number of employees. Bank canrecruit more employees and divide their work properly so that they can giveproper attention to the customers. EXIM bank should take improvement of onlinebanking. Improve the online service because sometime workslowly. I belief that if they recover all this than increase customers and earnprofit. 3.

2 Conclusion: As an internee of EXIMBank limited, I have really enjoyed my work and learning experience viewpoint.EXIM Bank help me to realize and think the environment of Bank and realizefurther career in the job of personal life. EXIM Bank have one University and one Hospital theseare help people in our country. EXIM Bank help non-government side to improvingour country. EXIM also focus online banking system improvement. Focuses ondeveloping the socioeconomic condition of this country.EXIM Banking sector have all overthe country. There are 115 branches are operating their operations all over thecountry successfully.

EXIM Bank Ltd is now trying to expand its borders bytargeting all the potential sectors. With an extensive range of financialproducts and services the bank is committed to provide high quality financialservices to its valued clients.Finally I observe that Most of timei went to the bank as a client, that time I observe when I am serve the client.

But finally I gather this experience by the internship of bank. Now i haveparticular job experience in bank environment.  

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