Chapter 1 Background of the study Nowadays, most of people are using technology. As the technology evolves, it develop to the things get easier for people just by simply clicking. Even the internet are very attainable to people.  Internet is the biggest medium that we are using today to communicate around the globe. One of this things is Video Games. It is a type of indoor games that is usually used in computers or television. There are two types of Video Games, offline games and online games. Offline games is usually played in single while online games requires internet to connect or communicate players all around the world. Online gaming that is provided by the internet. Because of that online gaming become extremely popular for people especially teenagers since they can get easily access in the internet and it is free downloaded (Iowa State University, 2011). Based on established researches, online gaming is one of the most popular used relaxation activities by many people. Usually for teenagers who are playing these online games are more comfortable and having just for fun. They said that it keeps them away from the heat of the sun and the destructions surrounds towards their activities. Without knowing that there is a lot of effects of playing these indoor games more than what they think. Gaming in online games can broaden the knowledge and minds to be more active. It is mostly like to math problems and puzzle-based because of some conflict and pattern to find a way in gaming. It helps to the player to think some situation relating to real life decisions, especially to those more adventure games that keep the players more active and more complicated. This kind of games makes the player more experienced in different situation because the players is really taking the challenges while playing. Huge group of people especially the students play this game because of its compelling styles that the players want to experience and because of that the students become addicted to play this game and there are affects to the students who played online games to their performance in the school. With this students are tend to play this game during classes hours and have done cutting classes that may lead to have failing grades and others are taking some money just to use in gambling. The effect to them may cause to break the path to their future of being addicted in playing online games.

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