CHAPTER 1INTRODUCTION Background of the studyTechnology continually improves to elevate the standard of living and made life easier. To level up the quality of education, technology has now been a part of moving up to the next level from textbook to PDF’s, from typewriters to Computers, from print medias assessment to website as a medium of tasks and exams. Websites are now widely used as a source of information of organization, people and the things anybody wish to find.

In education teachers utilizes websites as an advantage to interact with their students and to have their exams online since students are knowledgeable to use internet wisely. Internet is a good medium of learning and internet offers worldwide accessible knowledge (Broadbent, 2002). Internet users are increasing rapidly, research has shown that total Internet user growth in Asia increased more than 406% from 2000 to 2018 (Internet World Stats, 2008) .Facebook and google are the most common website in the world wide web and it has been a source of information and profiles. They are easy to use and navigate and these websites continuously improve its services through updates. Some teachers use this websites as a site of lessons, announcements and task to do by means of creating a page. This has been very useful to every student since they are usually active to keep them in touch with their teachers, friends and events globally.

Comparing the Web to other mediums such as print media advertising, education fairs, exhibitions, personnel fees, information sessions and publication mails, a website is cheaper, with faster and wider audience coverage (Belch & Belch, 2007; Chaffey et al.,2006; Strauss et al., 2006). Instead of using print medias such as test papers, worksheets and answer sheets teachers utilizes websites as a site of assessments for their students. Schoology and Edmodo are example of websites in which the teachers upload their exams. Schoology is an online learning and social networking site that improves the interaction between the instructor and the student.  This has been very helpful to the STEM students of VNHS because students can access the web anytime it provides them a new learning environment. This website is only intended for the students who has the code given by their instructor so that unknown profiles cannot access the site.

this website assists the students in their studies and enable them to access a new method of learning experience outside the four corners of their classrooms anytime, anywhere. Nevertheless, technology based learning has also glitches as website itself and the students also encountered problems and difficulties in accessing the website. As Parr (2004) points out computer-assisted learning has been shown to be less effective, on average, than other forms of intervention in education.

The students sometimes cannot access the said website due to sluggish internet connections in their area and sometimes they cannot access due to invalid links. Students in rural area where computers and internet are not easily available can depend on the facilities provided by the government to the schools (Munirah G., Nur’aini A. R.

, Zurinahni Z., Abdullah F., 1997a). Some of the students also lack in experience and knowledge about how to navigate the computer and never exposed to computers and networks. The school also lack of computers for the students to experience how to use word and PowerPoint presentations inside their school.This main purpose of this study is for the researchers to identify the difficulties of the students in accessing the website and how the students’ performance of the select students of senior high school in Valencia National High School (VNHS) differ from print media assessment from assessment through website. The results of this study may help the teacher as well as the school to ensure the betterment and convenience of their students and lessen their adversity in engaging a technology based learning and determine the performance of their students.Statement of the ProblemThis study aims to show the effectiveness of websites as a medium of exams and lessons for the select students of Senior High SchoolSpecifically, this study is sought to answer the following questions:1.

What are the problems encountered by the students in accessing the website?2. How does student’s performance differ from this style of assessment from print Media’s assessment?Theoretical Framework2.1 Use of InternetStudents today expect much more than online access to course materials. They expect online access to both academic and administrative services on the web presenting a personalized point of contact for students and teachers. Access is available anytime and anywhere around the Globe (Munirah G., Nur’aini A.

R., Zurinahni Z, Abdullah F. 1997 a).

“The internet is a powerful set of tools that can be used, unwisely or wisely, in almost every industry and as part of almost any strategy” (Porter, 2011). From the definitions, internet has many uses and its advancement would serve as a great tool on learning. There are materials in the internet that can be used on learning. The teachers can easily instruct and give materials by the use of websites on the internet.The internet can create an interesting environment for both the teachers and the students. Internet can create systematic way of teaching and can create learning materials anytime.

Learning modules, tasks, assignments, and test can be created quickly by the anchorage of the internet.Not all of the students can access the internet especially to those students who are living in a rural area. They can’t easily access the facilities provided by the Government to the schools. 2.2 Effects on Learning The web-based system would be a resource center for notes, tutorials, and exam questions. The system provides world class education and also there are websites and companies just like Khan Academy, and Audacity that are created to boost learning.

Jean-Luc, an archaeologist who needs to fulfill a science course to graduate, found out that the online assignments gave him time to think and reflect about the materials better than the traditional lectures (Riffle and Sibley, 2005). Navarro and Shoemaker (2000) found that student learning outcomes for online learners were better than the traditional learners, regardless of the background characteristics and that the students were greatly satisfied with online learning (Rovai and Jordan (2004). The previous studies will be used in the current study. The definition of Porter, Navarro and Shoemaker, and etc. are relevant to the current study which is the use of internet and its various effects on learning.Conceptual FrameworkThis study is anchored on the concept of Munirah G.

, Nur’aini A. R., Zurinahni Z, Abdullah E 1997 a), and Riffel and Sibley (2005). One of the concepts discuss about the case of Jean- Luc, the Archaeologist who needs to fulfill a General Science course to graduate, who founds out that the online assignments and activities makes him more rational rather than adopting the traditional lectures.(Riffel and Sibley, 2005). The other concept that states about the “internet availability in some situations and areas” (Munirah G., Nur’aini A.

R.,Zurinahni Z, Abdullah E 1997 a), and Riffel and Sibley 2005).At this research the two mentioned concepts would be the anchors of the current research.Research ParadigmIndependent Variable/sDependent Variable/s· The implementation of web-based learning.·  The effects of the system on the learners.· Student’s performance on the learning systems. Significance of the studyThe results of this study may help the teachers to identify the adversity of the students on the website used. This may also help the teachers to determine whether the website used is effective or ineffective for the students.

The recommendations given might help the schools to assist students who are not technologically exposed and inexperienced to computers and networks. If the recommendation will be applied by teachers, they might give some assistance and extensions to those students who are having difficulties in accessing the website especially those students who are living in rural places. The results will help the students who are not technology savvy to be prioritized or given incremental time by their instructors in times of submitting requirements by means of computers.Scope and Delimitation of the studyThis study focused on the effectiveness of website as a medium of exams and lessons. The respondents are the select senior high school students of Valencia National High School who engages online websites for lessons and exams. This study was conducted for the researchers to identify the difficulties encountered by the students in accessing the website and how their performance differs from print media assessment from the assessment in websites.Limitations of the studyAlthough the study has reached it purpose, there were some unavoidable limitations encountered.

First, due to time limit because this study is conducted during class hours and the classes of respondents might be on going. Second, this research is also conducted on a small size population of senior high school. Third, the respondents might be also overloaded with task and requirement and this study might be delayed and set aside. In general, this study will only evolve to the student who engages online learning as a site of exams and lessons.Definition of TermsIn order to enlighten the mind of the readers the following terms are defined theoretically in this studyAdversity refers to an adverse or unfavorable fortune or fate; a condition marked by misfortune, calamity, or distress:Glitches refer to a defect or malfunction in a machine or plan.

Any error, malfunction, or problem of a computer.Incremental refers to an increasing or adding on, especially in a regular series:Savvy refers to shrewdness and practical knowledge; the ability to make good judgments.Websites is a collection of related web pages, including multimedia content, typically identified with a common domain name, and published on at least one web server.      

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