characteristicsFree from external influence which helped them develop their culture culture in a different wayCloseness to nature, and simplicity,Mencius,  a Confucian philosopher told a story about a  farmer who couldn’t wait for his rice plants to grow.

He went to the field to lift up each of the plants by an inch and was under the impression that  grew. After a few days, all the plants died, According to the philosophy of Taoism, simplicity is the way of nature, so it should also be the way of man. This principle is also known by the principle of wu-wei????or non-action. “Nature does nothing, but everything is done.”Family relations,  Confucian ethics, one of the most important topics is the five human relations which are (1) sovereign-subject, (2) father-son, (3) elder brother-younger brother, (4) husband-wife, and (5) friend-friend. in traditional China, privileges and liabilities, honor and shame, and even crimes of one single individual were shared with his family2.

where:  most historians predict that the ancient chinese civilization started around the yellow river in 2000 bce, or huang he, which is the third longest river river in asia after, the yangtze river and yenisei river, as the dynasties went on, the chinese civilization kept spreading and spreading.3. When;  ancient china was ruled by many dynasties which were family controlled governments, the first beingXia dynasty, which lasted around 500 years from 2000 bce to 1600 bce, and 17  emperors ruled during the xia dynasty, although rumored, most historians believe silk was being made in the xia dynasty.Shang dynasty: (1600 bce to 1064 bce), originally a clan living along the yellow river, they overruled xia land and took power for over 600 years, with 30 emperors taking over. He shang were the oldest chinese civilization to leave written records which gave lots of clues to chinese history, also called oracle bone script,  they also invented many new ways to use bronze, which FUN FACT is why many artifacts from ancient china are greenZhou dynasty: (1064-256 bce): was the longest lasting dynasty, its divided into western zhou and eastern zhou, this was because of an invasion from the mongolians, this was where the idea of the great wall came, not the wall itself, an invention in the zhou dynasty was the crossbow, also in the zhou dynasty, the iron age started in china, improving weapons and agriculture,  the zhou dynasty ended when the states were more powerful than the government, they kept fighting one another for over 200 years in a period called the warring states period, eventually one family called the qin family united all into one empire, this was the end of ancient china and the begging of a time called imperial china, which brought the qin dynasty and the most popular one, the han dynasty, imperial china brought about the great wall of china, terracotta army, and silk road.Language: old chinese is the root of all the modern chinese languages and dialects, it derived from the sino-tibetan language family or the sinitic languages, the first records were the oracle bones traced to the shang dynasty they were used for a form of fortune telling called divinationReligionIn ancient china, in the shang dynasty, the folk religion was polytheistic, meaning people worshipped many gods.During the zhou dynasty, taoism became widespread, which is a philosophy not a religion because it lacks an all powerful god, however nature and ancestors are sort of treated like god, the word tao means way and its the driving force behind the universe, so people believed the way of nature should also be the way of man. The yin yang comes from taoism, yin and yang represent the two forces in nature that should always be balanced, like good and evil or hot and cold.

These philosophy was made by man named lao-tzu who wrote his ideas in a good called tao te ching.Another philosophy which did not become popular until the han dynasty, was confucianism, founded by a man named confucius, which unlike taoism believe in laws and strong rules imposed by the government. Confucianism mostly focuses  on respect, honesty, and respecting elders.6. Culture: Spring festival (lunar new year) which is celebrated annually between january and february for a period of 15 days, each day something is done to welcome the new year, one of the most popular chinese traditions is the dragon dance.People celebrate confucius birthday on September 28 by visiting his birthplaceThe goddess of mercy, guanyin’s birthday is celebrated in taoist templesThe moon festival is celebrated in october, festivities include lanterns, fireworks, dances, and moon gazing.

7.  Housing : most houses had the same layout whether the family living in it was rich or poor, the gate to the house always faced south, frames were made out of timber and walls and floors were made out of brick or wood. Most houses had little furniture but they all had a kang bed, which was for sitting, eating, or to build a fire.

Mahogany, red sandalwood, and blackwook were all used to make furniture. 8. 12- Tools-Ancient China Tools were very skillfully developed and used. In the early ages when the settlement had just started in China, native tools were used just to collect food and eat.

Stone tools found in northern China are as old as 1.36 million years ago. Cast iron plowshares, iron hoes, iron knives, axes, chisels, saws and awls, cast iron pots, and even toys were built out of this.13- Art China had many arts during ancient times and they had pottery,paintings,sculptures,Decorative  Arts, silk, and many more ! Art was developed in 221 BC. Calligraphy,poetry,and painting became very important starting with The Song Dynasty.      14- Law The basic laws was children respecting their parents and ancestors and every man must carry duties with obedience.

There were plenty of laws that people had to do listen to. Lots of care to the people who run the public schools because they work so hard to teach the children.15- Social Status- Social Status Also people were classified into 4 classes, scholars,farmers,craftsmen, and merchants. Scholars were raised in the home of farmers and merchants. Scholars were the most respected class because they were also educators and political leaders of the society.16-Inventions-In ancient china they had very interesting and really cool inventions that they made.They invented  silk, paper, gunpowder, alcohol and many more.17-Military The ancient Chinese river valley civilization was engaged in military activity since the dawn of warfare.

They are one of the world’s oldest and largest civilizations forming around 6000 BC. It is also the longest continuing civilization on Earth. It was also important to the people18- ProsPeople nowadays were legally required to take care of their children because of Family relations during ancient times.19-ConsMany people back than had spend their lives passing certain exams to have a position in court, and for this reason it really ruined a lot of intelligent and ambitious scholars.Their education was limited with only a few books, and because of this they couldn’t know much more about the outside world.20-SuccessThey invented umbrellas to be protected from rainThey made kites and used it as a way to be warned for enemies by the army.They created the silk cloth, and silk got its name from the silk road.

In the 26 century bc the battle of Zhoulu took place of the Zhuolu dynasty. The yellow emporer defeated chi you and founded the Han chinese civilisatipon. ( xia dynasty beif infoIt is a saying that the Xia dynasty was overthrown by the zhuolu dynasty and the immoral conduct.

21- Failures  Some people say the xia dynasty which is known to be the first dynasty of ancient china is just a myth an hadnt really existed. They say Zhuolu was the first dynasty. So far no sights have been discovered that prove to be once owned by the xia and no artifacts. It’s also a rumor that the Xia dynasty was the same as Shang. The mongols conquered and defeated Western Xia dynasty and their army.(

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