Town Centre directors have started to follow the town centre direction theories in order to advance and profit their towns/cities. In the current clime there is increased competition between towns and metropoliss to pull tourers and besides to pull occupants. With cardinal metropoliss such as London, Manchester and Edinburgh holding a strong representation, it is apparent that the smaller towns and metropoliss need to vie and advance what they have.

Due to clip and length limitations in this study the cardinal focal point has been on Chester City Centre and the chief properties that the town has to offer, this town was chosen due to its strong direct competition with big metropoliss such as Liverpool and Manchester as their local rivals. Analysiss of their cardinal stakeholders that are involved in the direction strategy are reviewed along with perceptual experiences of the town. Regional and National issues are addressed and how Chester have tackled this through their direction strategy, if they have even made these issues portion of their direction.

Their direction attack is reviewed utilizing the above information and supports whether or non the direction strategy is a successful attack. As it is a long term strategy in topographic point that has to be nurtured and developed, a recommendation has been made to reexamine this attack in the hereafter when the direction squad have clip to efficaciously implement their ends and schemes and reexamine its effectivity in more deepness than has been address in this study.

Introduction: About Chester

Chester City Centre is portion of the Cheshire County. This consists of Cheshire West and Chester, Cheshire East, Warrington and Halton. Chester is a metropolis in the North West of England and is besides the county town of Cheshire which has been described as “ the diamond in the UK ‘s Crown, ” Smith. B ( 2012 ) . Due to the intents of this assignment, a more specific in depth rating of Cheshire West and Chester – Chester City Centre has been chosen because harmonizing to Walsh, P ( 2001 ) there is restriction on the sum of countries that can be targeted for intensive intercession under one direction strategy and therefore it is partially a map of the handiness of resources to mount an intensive intercession across a big figure of countries.

The town is situated on the River Dee, on the boundary line with Wales ; Chester is one of the best preserved medieval walled metropoliss in the UK which has become a tourer landmark for the town. It is the largest and most thickly settled colony within the wider Chester District and has a population of more than 80,000. Chester is possibly most noteworthy for its consecutive historic utilizations and businesss, and the subsequent assortment of architectural memorials found within the colony, Chester Chronicle, ( 2012 ) .

Chester has its ain Regeneration organic structure, Chester Renaissance, whose chief occupation is to market and advance the town. This company holds its ain set of aims and have called it Chester ‘s ‘one program scheme ‘ for the following 15 old ages,, ( 2012 ) . Chester ‘s selling regeneration organic structure have taken a strategic direction attack, Wells ‘ ( 1991 ) , which concentrates on the renovation of the Centre. Alternatively, they could hold taken a more operational attack which concentrates at the daily direction, such as the care and policing of the Centre, Wells ‘ , ( 1991 ) . Ultimately this study will research into how effectual Chester ‘s chosen attack really is.

Harmonizing to, ( 2012 ) the direction squad involved in pull offing the town are presently endeavoring to pull and greatly increase the figure of people sing Chester. They want to develop and keep a positive relationship whilst directing out a positive message around the metropolis ; this is why it is an approaching topographic point to populate, work and visit. It is an interesting town, and it has undergone a transmutation utilizing their town direction procedure to advance itself as the better topographic point against its challengers, Liverpool and Manchester.

On a national and regional graduated table Warnaby, Alexander & A ; Medway, ( 1998 ) believe that competitory force per unit areas are one of the major factors supplying an drift to the induction of town centre direction strategies, nevertheless in the instance of retailing they continue by foregrounding that the most important competition is that which exists between and within towns at a regional or sub-regional degree. Liverpool and Manchester have established themselves as cardinal rivals for Chester, but more late an issue has become progressively endangering toward Chester ‘s retail shops, particularly their independent shops. This is including the usage of ‘out of town ‘ retail developments, with one key rival late being the Trafford Centre for illustration. The North West jointly responded to this menace by making a ‘Project Sunrise ‘ , which is a little working group consisting of members from the ATCM ‘s North West part, Warnaby & A ; Medway, ( 2004 ) . The impact of ‘out of town ‘ was non every bit strong as first idea, and the most effectual elements taken from this run was the high quality imperativeness releases and media-coverage. This raised public consciousness of the “ construct ” of shopping “ locally ” , Warnaby, Alexander & A ; Medway, ( 1998 ) . Therefore in order to undertake the menace of regional out of the town motion Chester town Centre must make an accent on their local stores and singularity of independent retail merchants to give them a competitory advantage. There are farther challenges that have non been addressed within this study due to length restraints such as retail warehouse Parkss, mill mercantile establishment Centres and Internet shopping, Otsuka & A ; Reeve, ( 2007 ) . It is critical that a direction strategy takes into history the regional issues and physiques solutions into their local aims. Chester has done this by undertaking a current unemployment job, and have developed more concern chances and provided more occupations, this is supported by Kleinman, ( 1998 ) who believes that “ local enterprises must be supported by the right sort of policies at regional and national degrees. ”

Chester City ‘s chief properties:

De Nisco, A, Riviezzo, A, Napolitano, M.R, ( 2008 ) used a model that was described by Warnaby and Davies ( 1997 ) as a ‘bundle of benefits ‘ to specify the overall town Centre offer. It was based around the clients ‘ experience that is influenced by the undermentioned factors:

[ 1 ] Handiness: including the efficiency and adequateness of parking, public transit, and auto and walking streets. Parking in Chester is the same as in other major metropoliss, congestive and frustrating – “ The usage of household autos for shopping has increasing importance to our clients. Where local governments have recognised this demand and worked with retail merchants to better parking installations and good entree roads ” , Schiller, R ( 1994 ) . A strategy has been created in Chester specifically for occupants, visitants sing families that qualify may besides use for a license within the strategy. Constraints with conveyance have besides been implemented around the metropolis in order to retain and protect Chester ‘s Centre. There is a limited non retail offer and hence outside of shopping hours the usage auto Parkss and transport dramatically lessening.

[ 2 ] Quality of life: promoting economic advantage and bettering quality of life, the two most of import aims of topographic point selling activity ( Burgess, 1982 ) . Crime/ Security/ Road cleansing: Policing in Chester holds prioritise for the month of November 2012,, ( 2012 ) . In peculiarly, the policing in the metropolis Centre are concentrating on retail larceny and bag larceny.

Figure 1: A pie chart stand foring Chester ‘s offense dislocation into specific countries. The largest country is anti-social behavior, which will include incidents such as graffito. In order to undertake this, the constabularies have set up the Heritage Crime Programme,, ( 2012 ) . It is designed to protect the metropoliss cardinal marketing property, its heritage and metropolis walls.

Figure 1 [ 3 ] Retail offer: Chester ‘s City Centre retail offer dwelling of big multi-national and national graduated table ‘high street trade names ‘ every bit good as a figure of specializer and independent bargainers. However, in recent old ages Chester has struggled to vie with the significant degrees of investing in flagship shopping installations such as the Trafford Centre, Liverpool One, and Cheshire Oaks, Chester One City Plan, ( 2012 ) .

[ 4 ] Leisure, cultural and public public-service corporation services: Apart from the shopping civilization in Chester, there are besides more societal events such as sing Chester menagerie, nines and saloons such as Lock keeper saloon and Number 15, with the highest evaluation on, ( 2012 ) . There is besides the celebrated cathedral to see, and seasonal events such as Christmas markets.

[ 5 ] Heritage and artistic facets and their valorisation: Celebrated heritage sites include Chester ‘s cathedral, Chester palace and City baths. Chester ‘s cultural and heritage substructure is presently in diminution and in a province of hapless fix, enduring from old ages of underinvestment. Protecting these elements are shown as Chester ‘s aims.

[ 6 ] Marketing scheme: Branding, or as said by Skinner, ( 2008 ) “ topographic point stigmatization ” who uses the term to better clear up the linking to a topographic point ‘s promotional activities, contextualised in the sphere of selling communications. Chester ‘s attack is about advancing what they are be aftering for the hereafter in footings of developments, but besides what they presently have that makes them a successful metropolis, its history. “ This is about action and what we do non merely what we say, ”, ( 2012 ) .

Chester Brand – Vibrant History, Dynamic Future,, ( 2012 ) .

On the other manus, Anholt, S ( 2008 ) argues that there appears to be no grounds to propose that utilizing selling communications to act upon international public perceptual experiences of an full metropolis, part or state is anything other than a vain and foolish waste of taxpayer ‘s money.

This could oppugn whether all the clip and attempt paid by taxpayers is necessarily deserving it.

Topographic point Selling in Chester

Warnaby et Al, ( 2002 ) describe topographic point selling as the duty of a scope of histrions from public, private and voluntary sectors that collaborate in order to implement entrepreneurial activities. Chester uses topographic point selling to pull attending off from the big out of town shopping Centres and back into the Centres, one manner they instigate this to acquire clients and visitants back into the metropolis is via their tourer web site,, ( 2012 ) .

The mark audience for the usage of their visitant web site is chiefly tourers and visitants to the town. It encourages and promotes the private sector stakeholders involved in town Centre direction shown by Medway et Al, ( 2000 ) , such as retail merchants, belongings proprietors, eating houses, saloons and nines, hotels and leisure installations.

This resembles nationally what the Chester is trying to accomplish with their direction scheme competitively against all other metropoliss which coincides with Kotler, Haiden and Rein, ( 1993:346 ) who believe that topographic points need to larn how to believe like concerns developing merchandises, markets and consumers. Chester ‘s competitory advantage through digital media – the web site, besides competes for nomadic investing, Lever, ( 1999 ) . For leisure investing, it targets tourists that semen to Chester to see relations, yearss out or vacations. Harmonizing to, ( 2012 ) over a three twelvemonth period from 2009-2011, 411,000 tourers in entire visited Chester ; with 139,000 tourers ‘ sing friends or relations ; and 152,000 tourers ‘ coming for a vacation. This encourages the retail stakeholders to acquire more involved in Town Centre Management. The advertisement through the website expressions at the best hotels, eating houses and topographic points to see during their stay.

Kotler et Al, ( 1999 ) created a four phase selling procedure for TCM. The four phases that relate to Chester are:

[ 1 ] Analysis – audit of external environment chances and menaces and internal strengths and failings.

SWOT analysis of Chester: adapted from ( 2011 )


Congestion in and out of the metropolis and to other major neighboring towns/cities.

Scarcity of occupations in former Congleton, Ellesmere Port and Neston territories.

Youth unemployment.

Lack of enterprise civilization in Ellesmere Port & A ; Neston.

House monetary values are higher in comparing to rewards.

Local concentrations of terrible deprivation/ high unemployment in larger towns and metropoliss, some vicinities with high degrees of disability/poor wellness.


Strong presence of high engineering, high accomplishment sectors such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals and atomic.

Local strength within other sectors i.e. auto industry. Not reliant on the populace sector.

New and approaching concern sites, increasing employment in the metropolis.

Economic strength – concern investing will be a cardinal focal point for the TCM.

Unique visitant attractive forces – Chester race class, amphitheater, rows of stores, metropolis walls and cathedrals. Besides has good conveyance links for local competitory towns, such as Manchester and Liverpool.


More investing for the local concern will merely ensue in growing.

Making employment chances in country where occupations are scarce and there are limited chances for future employment growing.

Attracting and retaining more high-skill labor. Keeping and retaining alumnuss from Chester University.

Low-cost lodging for occupants in the metropolis.


Economic growing is merely a short term solution.

Impact of ageing population and worsening figure of immature working-age grownups.

Weak economic climate/ or planetary competition taking for farther occupation losingss in cardinal sector ‘s and decelerate overall occupation growing.

Relocating/ off shoring of high engineering sector activity.

Inadequate support and advice for concerns

More outward commutation of high skilled occupants.

Rising degrees of CO2 emanations across Cheshire.

[ 2 ] Identification of Chester ‘s aims to be developed includes 2 standards – Internal and External:

Internal – Making a taking regional economic driver – Supporting local creativeness, larning and enterprisers. Promoting inward investing and exciting concern growing. Supplying modern populating – a vibrant, typical and dynamic topographic point to populate for its occupants.

External – Developing and back uping – a cultural, retail and visitant offer of the highest quality.

External – Observing its long varied history and heritage – protecting, advancing and using its assets, to heighten their scenes and maximize their full potency.

Internal – Maximizing the chances to utilize the web of green infinites and waterways – Bettering occupants ‘ quality of life, supplying ecological services, and cut downing the impact of clime alteration.

Figure 2: Identified aims plotted utilizing Kotler et Al, ( 1999 ) Typology of TCM strategy selling aims.

The aims presented by Chester ‘s selling group have been plotted within the four quarter-circles shown. It does demo that their precedence is to acquire concerns to the metropolis to advance one of their cardinal strengths as a town, their economic growing. In making so, this will supply occupations and benefit occupants, Warnaby et Al, ( 2005 ) . When sing the touristry sector, Chester ‘s aims are based around another cardinal strength, their history and civilization, their long standing lasting architecture can besides be used as an advantage and a long term selling tool.

[ 3 ] Implementation – as the 3rd phase, it has been divided into three classs: Footfall drivers, Participation builders and Awareness builders.

Figure 3 below shows the long term and short term activities planned by the selling company Chester Renaissance. These involve two types of activities from a retail position i.e. shop price reductions or manner events, and so a concern development position i.e. Networking events, concern publicity directories. The bulk of events focus chiefly on a retail position ; this is due to their understanding with the position cited by Warnaby et Al, ( 2005 ) “ that retail merchants are an of import topographic point selling histrion ” .

Figure 3: Chester selling activities undertaken by TCM strategies, Kotler et Al, ( 1999 ) .

Time periods



Target audience




Footfall builders


* Cheshire Oaks Christmas visible radiation switches on. * Lantern thaumaturgy at Chester menagerie. * Chester ‘s Victorian Christmas market. * Chester ‘s Christmas tours * Saturnalia Parade – City Centre. * Chester nutrient and drink festival.

* Christmas publicities include 15,000 shopping map cusps,

Chronicle addendum, postings, competitions and on-line publicities with Marketing Cheshire.

A *Residential rhythm loans.

Awareness builders

* Novus Young Professionals ltd. Chester based networking administrations.

* The best of Chester – local concern directory and events guide to the best of Chester.

* Customer trueness with a ‘Charisma card ‘ . Geting visitants and retail merchants involved through a price reduction strategy.

Engagement builders

* Chester Fashion hebdomad.

* Customer studies


The PEST analysis has been adapted to demo Chester ‘s cardinal attributes the metropolis has to offer, and how these properties and activities have impacted and affected Chester ‘s direction strategy positively and negatively, which will set up how successful their current selling is.


Positive effects on Chester

Negative effects on Chester




40.6 % of the metropolis voted conservative in the last election. ( 2012 )

The bulk of the metropolis that voted were successful and are happy with the current MP.

Coalition authorities in Britain may do struggle overall.

Council hopes to use for Responsible Drinking Zone, ( 2012 )

Will halt street drinkers at dark and increase safety around the town.

Could discourage possible trade for local nines and bars.




New concern one-fourth opening in Chester., ( 2012 )

Is set to make over 1,100 new occupations in the metropolis.

Potential to deviate usage and concern off from the more smaller cardinal independent shops and concerns.

Within the one-fourth: New residential development, Shot Tower and Former Leadworks., ( 2012 )

A new residential renovation. Improved living conditions and increase possible colonists in the metropolis.

Potential to deviate usage and concern off from the more smaller cardinal independent shops and concerns.

Waitrose Scheme – The supermarket concatenation programs to make a new shop and hotel on the site of the former Boughton Retail Centre., ( 2012 )

More new occupations brought to the metropolis. Increased shopping assortment for local occupants and concerns to take advantage of the new hotel.

Potential to deviate usage and concern off from the more smaller cardinal independent shops and concerns.




New theater and civilization Centre to be built with 2 theaters and the metropolis library. BBC News ( 2012 )

Will convey a more incorporate position on Chester as a cultural metropolis for the hereafter.

Could potentially divert away the historical elements of the metropolis by adding modern architecture in the metropolis.

Chester Races held every twelvemonth.

Continually brings money to the metropolis, ?1.2 million in touristry gross for the metropolis., ( 2011 ) .

Chester races can besides convey more rummy and disorderly tourers to the metropolis, upseting the quaint image.

Chester FC advancing themselves through the conferences.

Fans and local occupants are continually back uping the nine ; after the nine went into disposal. They supported throughout and have now regained themselves back into the conference.

If the nine had fiscal jobs once more, they could lose the support of the fans and lose a strong societal community.

Chester Zoo






New Technology Centre being built by 2013 with the aid of Bank of America ‘s. BBC News, ( 2011 )

Bank of America creates 1000s of new occupations in the metropolis by turn uping their European engineering and operations centre in Chester.

MBNA recognition card concern losing more occupations

Official City of Chester guide nomadic phone app,, ( 2012 )

Brands it easier for tourer to voyage around the metropolis, and book hotels, attractive forces easy. Allows the VisitChester company to continually update the app with relevant and altering information.

Promoting the metropolis as historical, may convey an older coevals which do non utilize this type of selling.

[ 4 ] Control – consists of mensurating and measuring the consequences of the programs and taking disciplinary action where necessary to guarantee the aims are met.

Hogg, S ( 2001 ) highlighted that the rating of selling activities is by and large “ ad hoc and reliant on anecdote ” , chiefly because of fiscal considerations. As one respondent cited in Hogg, S ( 2001 ) “ I do n’t believe anything is really built into the costs with town Centre direction ” , intending that formal rating of selling activity was virtually unknown possibly?

Footfall for October 2012 within Chester City increased by 6 % from 2011-12. This is back uping their selling scheme to increase visitants to the metropolis. However there was grounds to propose that consumer assurance has decreased due to the current economic clime and more consumers will be shopping on-line,, ( 2012 ) . As the program has merely merely been established and is easy renewing the metropolis over the following 15 old ages, it has the possible to be reviewed on its effectivity.

The Association of Town Centre Management ( ATCM ) , Medway et al. , 2000 indicates that three chief classs of stakeholders should be involved in TCM enterprises:

( 1 ) Public sector – local governments, constabularies, public conveyance, tourer bureaus, exigency services, preparation and endeavor councils, schools, colleges and universities, leisure Centres.

( 2 ) Private sector – retail merchants, banks/building societies, Chamberss of commercialism, conveyance operators, belongings proprietors, estate agents, eating houses and coffeehouse, saloon and dark nines, leisure installations, hotels, canvassers and other professionals.

( 3 ) Voluntary sector – civic societies, preservation groups, disabled groups, occupants ‘ groups.

Figure 4: The linkage theoretical account in TCM developed by Grunig and Hunt ( 1984 ) . hypertext transfer protocol: //

Examples of the stakeholders involved in Chester metropolis Centre utilizing the Linkage theoretical account above.

Enabling linkages: Support for Chester is available from a assortment of beginnings, including Government Grants, National Lottery Good Causes, Charitable Trust and Foundations and Local ad-hoc grants. Landfill revenue enhancement recognition strategy, rural support grant and European Social support, these financess besides provide support for concerns desiring to convey concern to Chester. Corporate members involved in funding Chester as a metropolis include many concerns that have set up their central offices within the metropolis due to its strong fiscal representation. These concerns include: M & A ; S money, thebestofchester, BE group, Urenco, Trinity Mirror Cheshire, DTM Legal, Chester University and Chester racetrack,, ( 2012 ) .

Functional linkages,, ( 2012 ) .

Input signal: Restaurants, The Peel group – conveyance and existent estate company, The county homesearch company.

End product: Chester metropolis occupants, Tourists from neighboring towns such as Liverpool, Manchester and besides neighbouring states. Groundwork Cheshire besides supports Chester

Normative linkages:,, Cheshire constabularies, Miller developments, Natwest., ( 2012 ) .

Diffused linkages: Chester University, Manchester Metropolitan University, Mid Cheshire College., ( 2012 ) .

Percepts of Chester:

As with any town/city, occupants and visitants will hold changing perceptual experiences, that ‘s why it is of import to utilize studies in town, retail planning is of import particularly because all over the universe determination devising in this field is characterised by colored perceptual experiences and conflicting involvement groups, Monheim, R ( 1998 ) . Negative perceptual experiences have included a tourer poster in ( 2007 ) , that they had experience a negative visit to Chester: “ Come to Chester to see the best chav trash in the Northwest, I have been spat at in the terminal street and called merely about all their female parent could learn themaˆ¦it ‘s nice what you can see in an old English townaˆ¦P.S I have been robbed two timesaˆ¦nice topographic point Chester. ”

Residents have besides raised some negative concerns about the night life of Chester: “ The graduated tables are being tipped for the occupants. They now feel the commercial aspirations of the accredited trade and the increased fall-out from that trade in footings of noise, nuisance, and anti-social behaviour in the center of the dark, now outweighs their quality of life, ” Chester Chronicle, ( 2012 ) .

On the other manus, there are positive perceptual experiences of Chester besides which chiefly come from the tourer industry and people that visit Chester. One insistent local visitant advised positively on person traveling to Chester authorship: “ You have no demand to worry about safety at any of the locations ; Chester ‘s a really safe metropolis. If you intend to remain in the metropolis Centre it is critical to happen a belongings with off street parking, it ‘s a incubus seeking to happen a parking topographic point in the metropolis Centre, ” Trip Advisor ( 2009 ) .

Overall, most of the negative feedback comes from the night life of Chester and most reappraisals about the retail and authorities facets appear positive. With respects to the selling scheme and the ‘one metropolis program ‘ , as this is a long term scheme over the following 15 old ages and has merely really late been implemented, research high spots no mistakes or perceptual experiences at nowadays. However, as the scheme evolves and it will go apparent how successful it has been, and hence this can be farther reviewed in the hereafter.


Chester ‘s direction scheme has been the duty of their selling company who are driving the ‘one program scheme ‘ , Cheshire Renaissance. This shows the way that the territory, county and town want to be heading in. As an economic system, is appears that we are bit by bit coming out of a recession and still the Numberss for unemployment are high. It is apparent that Chester is assisting to undertake a regional and planetary issue within their scheme with the ability to drive their concern territory forward and accordingly make more occupations. The selling toward this appears to be diverted toward conveying new occupants, tourers and visitants to the metropolis. On the other manus, there is a little hazard that in making this, the current occupants may experience ignored and disperse from the metropolis. This is supported by their strategic attack over their operational attack. However due to the high neighboring competition from metropoliss such as Liverpool, Manchester there is a hazard of losing the visitants that bring the money into Chester. There can merely be hope that back uping the concerns and landscapes, i.e. waterways in the town is sufficient plenty to maintain the current occupants in the metropolis and that they are non forgotten about. Looking at the perceptual experiences, there is strong support from visitants and tourers, nevertheless from the research shown at that place appears to be a danger that the local occupants do non look to hold much of a voice which is paramount to any metropolis.

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