Chris was a free spirit. He was a counterculture adventurer who fled the bonds of recommended society and lived for the moment. Chris ended his relationship with endless consumption and simply went out and experienced people and places for what they really were. He really became this alter ego “Alexander Super tramp”. Alexander Supertramp personifies Chris’s experience of journey and counter-culture. The new identification enables sever Chris from his vintage identity and his vintage world.This shows how Chris viewed the concept of the “American Dream,” in which people strive to education and employment, a family, a home, and then an honorable funeral. As opposed to what he noticed as common desires, Chris desired to prove himself towards nature itself, and so stretch his personal horizons and obstacles. Without that mission, he would flip out just like anyone else, fighting a society and device that labored to preserve individuals limited to their societal roles.I think that Chris is accountable for his very own life on the grounds that he made his own choices, and lived his life. He knew the risks of going to stay in Alaska with the little provisions I suppose people might despise Chris so intensely because they sense like he portrayed the characteristics of a young, gifted, intelligent person, and that this will have been wasted on the choices he made at a young and naive life. However, it was his preference to make, so other’s opinions are simply opinions, best Chris himself really knew how he felt about the dangers and possibilities of a young death.I do not think Chris McCandless died a foolish, pointless death but died of his pride and conceitedness. Conceitedness, due to the fact that he thought that he is able to live without anyone’s help to survive the great outdoors. Pride, due to the fact that he carried very little materials with him, and overestimated his survival supplies and skill. Additionally, I don’t suppose he was equipped for what was into thrown in his path. I do not assume he turned into ever was able to apprehend his dad and mom. His parents wanted him to do what they preferred but he followed what his heart said. This question is entirely a matter of personal opinion. Jon Krakauer claims to have attempted to deal with Chris as objectively as possible; he admits to personal bias and shows that Chris failed to properly prepare himself for the war of residing inside the wild. Ultimately, Chris made choices and they cost him his existence; his courage or stupidity are much less critical than the classes the reader learns from analyzing about his life.

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