Claus Von Stauffenberg was a German ground forces officer and Roman Catholic blue blood who was one of the taking officers of the failed 20 July secret plan of 1944 to kill German dictator Adolf Hitler and take the Nazi Party from power in World War II Germany by doing operation Valkyre. He was one of the cardinal figures of the German Resistance motion. He became so of import. that people decided to do films about him. but many of the things that appear in films. are non truly true. So. this will be a comparing between the film Valkyre. and the existent coronel Claus von Stauffenberg. This comparing will state some of the things that were non truly true but people added to the film for more action. In the film Valkyre. Coronel Von Stauffenberg was a member of the Nazi Party. but in existent life. the coronel Von Stauffenberg was non a member of the Nazi Party although he agreed with some of its chauvinistic facets. Furthermore. he remained practising Catholicism. Besides. he disagreed with some things that the Nazis were making. like killing Jews merely because the Nazis didn’t liked them. He thought that Nazi party’s political orientations were abhorrent. This made him to seek to kill Hitler.

In the film. people can merely see that Von Stauffenberg made merely the operation Valkyre. But. in the existent life. he made more operations such as the operation Barbarossa. This can be a large difference to people. In existent life he made many operations seeking to kill Hitler. which means he truly wanted to stop with the war and he was certain of what he was making. So he was a good adult male and he risked his life to stop the war. Von Stauffenberg had an accident. While he was in war. he lost his left oculus. his right manus. and two of his left hand’s fingers. For rehabilitation. he stood with his household five months. The film Valkyrie shows that he stood in his house. but merely for few yearss. This can do a large difference of his life. because people are stating different things about him. Claus Von Stauffenberg was a truly good adult male ; he risked his life to halt the Nazis from occupying Germany and other states. He lost his oculus. his right manus and two of his fingers from his left manus. Although there were non many differences between the film and Von Stauffenberg in existent life. people can see that he truly wanted to stop with the war and how great he was as a individual. He was executed because of seeking to kill Hitler. This can state us that he tried on everything to halt the war.

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