Cleopatra VII Thea PhilopatorMichael Avellino8-2 EnglishMiss. PantagesFebruary 2, 2018Long ago in Ancient Egypt, a special girl was born. Little did she know, someday, she would rule ancient Egypt and become a very famous and influential leader, but she never knew that she would become very controversial. As she loitered around her families estate she realized that she was no normal child. She would soon become an extraordinary polyglot and Egyptian Pharaoh, but for now she laid in her fine cloth clothing as she took in the beautiful sight of Egypt, soon to be under her control ( This woman was Cleopatra VII Thea Philopator ( Not only was Cleopatra a Pharaoh, but she was the most beautiful female Pharaoh ever ( Cleopatra utilized her family, beauty, and intelligence to help Egypt prosper in difficult times ( Cleopatra grew up very privileged. She was born in Alexandria, Egypt on 69 BC to King Ptolemy XII, and most likely Cleopatra V Tryphaena ( Her mother is in question because her father had many wives ( She had many siblings, it is still unclear how many siblings she had. However, it is estimated that Cleopatra had two brothers, and two sisters ( Her brothers were: Ptolemy XIII Theos Philopator Ptolemy IV of Egypt ( Moreover, her sisters were: Arisione IV of Egypt, and Berenice IV of Egypt ( Also, there is speculation about Cleopatra’s descent. She is most likely of Greek descent, but some people believe that she is black african ( Cleopatra’s childhood was singular. During Cleopatra’s teenage years she became more interested in education, and she became the Pharaoh of Egypt. Cleopatra was very interested in education through her early years as a teenager ( Cleopatra was not homeschooled, however, she attended a school for the wealthy instead ( At her prestigious school, she studied Aesop’s fables in great detail along with multiple languages. She was the first ruler ever to learn the Egyptian language, no other rulers have done this before ( First, Cleopatra learned the Greek alphabet ( Second, she learned the Egyptian language because she did not want to rely on translators, and she wanted to speak the language of her people ( A historian states that she could speak multiple languages fluently ( Because of her skill with languages, she was able to communicate well with other rules when she became the Pharaoh of Egypt ( In addition to her nine languages, she enjoyed: poetry, reading, politics, and music ( She also had an interest for humor ( Occasionally, she would make puns and jokes. Also, she enjoyed wearing fancy clothes, and dressing up as the Egyptian goddess Isis (  Throughout Cleopatra’s teenage years she became more interested her education, and discovered lots of amusing hobbies. At age eighteen Cleopatra got control over all of Egypt, and had a huge controversy with her husband. When Cleopatra’s father died in 51 BC she took the throne alongside her brother ( Eventually, Cleopatra and her brother, Ptolemy XIII, had enough of each other, and they sought to kill each other for total power of Egypt ( Then, Ptolemy XIII banished her from all of Egypt ( With the help of Julius Caesar, Cleopatra went to Syria and got an army to defeat her brother ( She then received the throne of Egypt all to herself ( Cleopatra evolved into a world-renowned Pharaoh at age eighteen. After defeating her brother she was able to make greater ties with Rome. Ever since she was a little girl she wanted to collaborate with Rome (  She did this by exploiting her body. She could manipulate multiple people at once without them knowing ( Back in ancient Egypt, she was deemed the most beautiful woman in the world ( For Example, when Cleopatra was eighteen she seduced Julius Caesar in exchange for an army ( This was a pivotal moment in her career because if she was not a Pharaoh she would not be able to rule Egypt. Therefore, she could not make the changes that brought Egypt peace and prosperity. Secondly, the Romans took good care of Egypt because it was very fertile and produced lots of food ( Moreover, Egypt was a protectorate of Rome ( Cleopatra really stressed ties with Rome throughout the rest of her life ( Later on in Cleopatra’s life she got into many relationships. However, she helped Egypt prosper by her relationships ( She knew her power, and she used it well ( When Cleopatra was twenty-one she wanted to see Caesar again. Not only to thank him, but to help protect Egypt. She knew that Caesar was very interested in strategy, so Cleopatra knew that she had to surprise him ( Allegedly, she was rolled into a very fine carpet ( However, some people believe that she was stuffed in a pot, but most people think that a stunning Cleopatra would be placed into something more comfortable and expensive ( Once Cleopatra was rolled into a carpet she was carried by her servants into Caesar’s luxurious palace ( When her servants reached Caesar the magnificent carpet was unraveled only to find a much more beautiful bride underneath ( Caesar was not just mesmerized by her beauty, but her audacious strategy ( He immediately agreed to whatever she was saying. Soon after, Cleopatra and Caesar had a child together. His name was Caesarion. However, Caesar did not live forever. One day, in Rome, Italy he walked into the Theatre of Pompey. Then, he was assassinated. It was the result of conspiracy theories from roman senators. This happened on March 15, 44 BC. After mourning Caesar’s death, Cleopatra found a new powerful Roman figure ( When Caesar’s enemies were defeated Mark Antony comes out as the leader of the forces that supported Caesar ( Antony needed Cleopatra’s financial support, and Cleopatra needed a strong roman leader to protect her ( Antony was so captivated by Cleopatra’s beauty that he gave up invading an empire ( He brought Cleopatra back with him to Rome, Italy ( Shortly after that, Cleopatra ordered Antony to her sister ( Antony then ordered his executioners to kill Arsinoe, Cleopatra’s sister ( Then, Cleopatra had Antony’s children ( They had twins together, a boy named Alexander Helios and a girl named Cleopatra Selene ( Eventually, Octavian, a roman emperor, decided that he and Antony could not work together anymore, and Cleopatra married Antony who was already married to Octavian’s sister ( Also, Antony gifted some roman land to Cleopatra, when Octavian found out about it he was extremely upset ( Then, Octavian tries to kill Antony for the rest of Antony’s life ( Shortly after getting married, Cleopatra and Antony live together in peace ( About ten years later, Octavian’s army pressured Cleopatra and Antony’s army ( Octavian won the fight, and Cleopatra and Antony surrendered, also, Cleopatra and Antony barely escape the battle ( When Antony revealed himself as a loser Cleopatra realized that she needed a stronger man at her side ( Octavian tells Cleopatra that if she assassinates Antony they can work out a deal together ( Cleopatra soon realized that she was not strong enough to assassinate Antony, or even expel him from Egypt. Cleopatra attempts to trick Antony that she commited suicide ( However, Antony goes to visit Cleopatra’s dead body and finds Cleopatra living ( After seeing Cleopatra alive, Antony decides that it would be easier to just kill himself, so he commits suicide ( Eventually, Cleopatra realizes that Octavian will always treat her as a threat, so she decides to stop negotiating with Octavian and just end her life ( Then, she sends one of her living children, Cesarean, to eastern Egypt ( Later, she arranges her suicide, an asp to bite her on the chest ( The asp bites her on the chest, and Cleopatra dies ( Before committing suicide, Cleopatra commanded her servants to bury Antony and her together, so Cleopatra and Antony were buried together ( Soon after the suicides of Cleopatra and Antony, Octavian sends his troops to hunt and kill Caesarion ( Eventually, they succeed and Cleopatra’s life is over at thirty-nine years of age ( Her death ended the Ptolemy dynasty ( Cleopatra and Antony worked well together, however, they could not overcome the all-powerful Octavian. Throughout Cleopatra’s life she had many boyfriends and husbands, but she used them to better Egypt. Caesar helped Cleopatra win many battles. Most notably, he helped Cleopatra defeat her rival, her brother, Ptolemy XII ( Without winning this battle the history of ancient Egypt would be much different ( Moreover, a whole new person would be in charge of Egypt, and that person, Ptolemy XII, was not great friends with Caesar ( Thus, meaning that Egypt would inevitably fall into Octavian’s arms much sooner than it did under Caesar and Antony’s control ( Works CitedThe Beauty of Cleopatra,’s Family, –, Timeline of the Life of Cleopatra, “25 Facts About Cleopatra; Last Active Pharaoh Of Ancient Egypt.” Ancient Code, 9 Feb. 2015,”Cleopatra VII.”, A&E Networks Television, 28 Apr. 2017,”Cleopatra’s Relationships with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony.” – Online Student’s Guide in Education.,, 5 May 2014,, N.S. “The Life and Romances of Cleopatra.” ThoughtCo,”History – Cleopatra.” BBC, BBC,, Jaanvi. “Cleopatra’s Childhood.”, 15 Aug. 2014,, Mae. “What Did Cleopatra Eat?” Mae’s Food Blog, 1 Jan. 1970,, Posted by Heather. “Cleopatra’s Education.” Heather on History, 6 Feb. 2011,

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