Samman has been so far a successful enterpriser. He established CMCS. expanded it to new districts with a broad scope of merchandises and services. and reinforced repute and trade name acknowledgment. With the aspiration to go on turning farther. he is concerned about losing control of the concern. about staff keeping. and about altering his direction manner. Sammam adopts an “autocratic manner of leadership” . He runs the concern single-handedly. as an expert. keeping all strategic determinations. and monopolising face interaction with clients. He established a centralised construction with 10 direct studies. He deals one-on-one with his directors alternatively of developing well-functioning squads. He remains the centre of communicating. motive and leading. He adopts “watch it all yourself” manner of operation. and feels he is strongly needed even when he hires really qualified people. as he does non easy depute what he considers every bit critical occupations.

The Leadership Grid Model gives Sammam a high mark on concern for production and growing ( 8 ) . and a mildly low concern for people ( 4 ) even when he is counterbalancing. motivation and developing his people above industry norms. He focuses on developing them as separate persons alternatively of developing a cohesive winning squad.

Sammam exhibits the traits of a transactional instead than a transformational leader. seting high value on single minutess and wagess instead than communicating and concentrate on the large image.

In short. Samman acts more like a competent director instead than a true leader. CMCS can turn safely in the hereafter if Samman changes his perceptual experience of the human dimension of leading: * He should go aware of his leading manner. If he can non authorise or depute. so it is better to restrict the complexness and growing of the concern. * He should occupation out those undertakings he dislikes or that he can depute. * He should set up a nucleus direction squad of cardinal people from each district. and follow a more participatory. transformational manner of leading. * He should look into the spouse theoretical account used in consultancy in order to lock in staff

* He should develop a company civilization with shared vision. mission. and values that guide employees in the different districts on the “way we do things here” and that reduces the demand for direct supervising and control. We believe that CMCS growing would coerce the alteration. That passage. nevertheless. is hard. Samman can inscribe in a class about leading or alteration direction. He can besides engage a adviser. He should keep to his entrepreneurial manner though. His success in descrying and working chances is an advantage and is applaudable. But as he thinks “Like an Entrepreneur” . he should move more “Like a Leader” . and turn CMCS beyond the demand for inordinate control. supervising. or presence.

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