My Name is Eric Novembre. I am sophomore in high school. Everyone can corroborate that I am a mean pupil but I am lazy. My favourite topics are geometry and U.

S. history. I am traveling to come in the University because my end is to analyze my favourite topics in future and to go a professional in this country. I can state that I am a responsible and hard-working pupil.

Furthermore. being a sociable individual. I have many friends since I like to pass on with people and acquire acquainted with new interesting persons.I enjoy my clip at school: it is truly nice to analyze and the pupils are really friendly and ready to assist. The ambiance can non but do me desire to travel at that place every clip. I like to have disputing undertakings and header with them.

I am a really enthusiastic pupil and I think this is a strong point of mine. My friends say I am a really amusing with a good sense of wit. Equally shortly as I meet new people who are up to me I feel highly comfy with them. I believe that friendly relationship is one of the most of import values in human life.We exchange new thoughts. happen many interesting things about each other. have new experiences. I appreciate friendship and people who surround me.

I get all right classs merely because I am non motivated and lazy but following twelvemonth I will step it up. Every clip I do my best to be a consecutive. honest and principled individual.

I am a good child to my parents and other seniors. My household is a large portion of my life and they help me a batch with school. They are existent hoarded wealths in my life and I appreciate them so much.

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