Colliding to the beach, the hobby horsical ager ofthe Arabian sea calming the moment like polite morning breeze that cheering upthe whole ambiance with its vivacious melody and glorying their lord to whomupon every Muslim must have their firm belief sightlessly. Sun ray decussatethe early morning breeze and firstly where it rests is her blonde hair to whichthe sun is covering its golden rays with the golden quilt transforming herblonde in to auburn as Amy Adam’s hairs do look like. Her eyes were like a sumpof water that is dark and deep, deep and dull, dull like her heart nowadays.She is full of beauty, charm and aestheticize like lord had created her inleisure. She along with her friends had gathered at beachview hut which is owned by her uncle. It was their night hawking more than anight out. They all were in a full party mood dancing, singing, drinking,airing in the whole beach. That was the reunion of the college mates aftertheir bachelors.

They were partying as she got admission in SABANCI UNIVERSITY(sabanji). She had to catch flight in the end of January as two weeks wereremained to start and to set new goals in the new world of concourse, neverstopping mob, having completely different mind, different life, differentculture, where everyone want to reach high and lit the sky, the incompletecrossword of life and the life of Parizaad.  She woke upwhile others were sleeping, she stood and went towards balcony, kept her kneeson the coping and felt the wind, letting her soul to live once again, to feelthe amaze, the pleasure that she always whenever she come to this place. Afterventilating her soul she moved towards bed, pulled the side table drawer’s nobtook the candle out and ignited through the lighter.

Despite of not belongingto the priest family she routine herself of praying five times like no one inher house do.Parizaad is the only daughter of her parents. Herfather AdelChichgar, Chichgar was their surname as related to her forefathersprofession. Chichgar means one’s who make wooden toys. Adel Chichgar was anengineer by profession and work in a private firm.

He married to his cousinJahanrayPateL and that patel which was afterwards replaced by Chichgar. Theirmarriage was totally an arranged one by Adel’s mother GulrukhChichgar and theyall were happy with her decision. Gulrukh was the widow of NavrozChichgar andthe mother of two sons Adel and Baman promoting the saying “two are too”. Bamanand his wife Zarin have two kids, dilawer their twenty eight years old son andMeher probably two years younger than him. Meher is their married daughterhaving twin kids Farhad and Farrokh around three and a half years old. Mostprominently Baman is Parizaad’suncle and in short her father in-law to be.She belonged to the typical Zoroastrians family, thefollowers of Prophet Zarathustra and the believers of one god.ThePersians “Parsis”Delawer is her fiancé and they got engaged two yearsback during her start of bachelor in art.

They both gets engaged to fulfilltheir parents wish of much stronger bonding between two brothers from before.Delawer was a handsome guy who did his MBA and started his business andsuccessfully running it. They never showed much interest in their relation notby either side,both of them live next door. Inside her house to the person shewas most attached to was her paternal grandmother whom she called dado. Outsideof her house with whom she use to spent most of her time was her school friend,that buddy who was along with her from the very first day of school to the lastday of their bachelors. She was Horain, HorainIqbal. They both had applied forthe scholarship but unfortunately Horain did not get that, Parizaad waseligible to the criteria provided by the European University Scholarship Agency(EUSA).

Next day after the party she was in her room,sitting in front of the open Avesta, turning the pages trying to read as manyverses as she can but she was unable to read, the word upon which kept her eyeson got bleared. Suddenly she losses her endurance and started crying like shewent past in her infancy. She had never thought of what had happened at thattime.

Her best friend to whom she loves a lot and was one of the awful thingfor her to think about their sever friendship. She was not mentally prepared tobear that incident, but she has to make herself strong enough to face suchhardships. Life is full of calamity and adversity. I feel so bad for her when Ithink about what she don’t know that still there will be probations waiting forher ahead because life is all about retrials. The thing that was disturbing her wereHorain’sthoughts. On their last day of bachelors Horain asked her that if she was aMuslim and she is asking her to atleasttry and read the holy quran once. Shefelt like someone stabbed her heart and dragged her soul out of her body in asingle command. She did not believe that her closest friend had said her.

Thedays before her departure, she belong to her room and didn’t talk much withanyone not even she can share her feelings with, like most of the people withthe stabbed heart do. Finally the day arrived when she was about to enter in acompletely exotic world. Yes she was going to Turkey. Jahanray helped her inpacking, Meher use to stay with her all the time. She helped her in shopping,googled some exciting and must visit places in Turkey. And Delawer, thecompletely feeling less person came late to goodbye her with his dilutedlysmile like his thoughts at that time when they were in a car porch and Adel waskeeping her bags and all the stuffs she is carrying along in the car’s trunk.Adel dropped her inside the airport and after a heart melting good bye withsome drops of tears in the eyes on both sides between father and daughter shemoved towards the security department. She landed in Istanbul.

When she came out of theairport there was a car sent by the university with a Turkish lady guideholding a board of her name. They first took her to Abu Ayub Ansari Jami. Aswhoever visits Turkey that’s the first place to begin the journey.

Istanbul wasmuch colder than what she had checked out from Google weather. Istanbul is amesmerizing city with its unforgettable architectural guilloche. This cityexist in two continents Asia and Europe and to fill this gap the Bosporusbridge was built over the lush blue foamy sea of Marmara whosefluctiferouswaves hitting every corner of it, connecting Asians with Europeans. Sabanci was40 kilometers away from the main city center of Istanbul .The girl whom she wasthinking as she’s a guide but was a student in Sabanci and she volunteeredherself helping international students to explore Sabanci and Istanbul.

She wasAisha Noor. She took her along to the dorm where she will be living along withother students. The dorm was located behind Sabanci and in front of affectedlake.

They were L-shaped buildings. Her room was cleaned and simply decoratedand cleaned with proper non crease bed sheets. The class will begin fromtomorrow as Aisha said her before going, so now she can have rest and get readyby morning she will be there to take her along, she said and went out of theroom. University was full of competitive students roamingeverywhere. She passed her starting days by taking classes and went outexploring Istanbul by the gorsel the university bus that drops at the Taksimsquare. Taksim square is center of the city and a point to different routes. Itis a garden with a center statue of Mustafa Kamal Ataturk. Walking with thepeople in Istaklalstreet, this street took around two hours to come to an endwith numerous peoples, the fast moving mob.

One day she met someone that point was about tochange her life and it did, she has to select one path, one single walkway, awalkway to Allah, a path to the new destination, to the pure world of purestleader. He was a boy around the age of twenty four with a single fistedbeardand was dressed like a molvi. He was Ihtesham,Ihtesham was from Lahore,Pakistan and came here for his masters in social sciences.

They both became friendsand had moved ahead of this relation, they both were in love with each other,the love that Parizaad felt whenever she heard him praising Islam, talked aboutprophet’s life and hadith. Once she proposed him and convinced her that shewill enter islam as she had already started learning and practicing it. Sheuses to spend most of her time in blue mosque. There she met a lady AnsharaGul,she was alima and a well-known Islamic scholar. Parizaad became Muslim in herhand. After some days when she went to Ihtesham’s dorm to tell him that shefinally moved to Islam and had removed the quilt of darkness upon from her.When she reached to his room she heard something and that was coming from theother side of a door, she unlatched the door, slightly opened it, he was theredrinking alcohol accompanied his friends, razzing her.

She felt like she getsparalyzed while standing there. The ground swept from under her feet, the thinggripped in a daddle and on second instant that faded no one can betterunderstand this thing than parizaad. Looking for if ground implodes and shegets swamped in, gets numbed if someone took the lives out of her leg. Not ableto move, stunt and still with her wept eyes, tear down like a pearl in a whiteshell deep inside the ocean.

Somehow she reached to her dorm, kept her bagaside and sat near the window, in snowy evening, may be the last snow of thisseason where the dark sky from the up above throwing ice and down behind thewindow where she was crying, her head on her kneecap and trying to disclosedher pain. Her second stage of grief. She had to pass it and she’ll. This islife and it teach a person how to handle it through different obstacles thatglittered one, easy to think and hard to face like she was doing.Next day, instead of university she went to Ansharaand opens herself, her heart full of sorrow in front of her as she was the oneAllah had sent for her what she always think. She cheered her, Parizaad alwaysrealize that she never met anyone like her, she was full of kindness with aglowed heart and a shimmer of politeness always shines in her attitude.

Shealways thinks about how a person can be so calm like she was even had asked hertooAnshara replied her: “no one can be perfect as God and no one is as calm andpolite as our prophet were. I too had passed through the tough times not asingle time but multiples in my life but then I realized that these ups anddowns are not in the person’s hand but Allah, he knew better for his creature.Have you ever read his names! he’s got all the names that evident his merciesand beneficence except for two “AL-QAHAR and AL- JABBAR” just two names as ofpunisher out of his ninety-nine. He loves his humans seventy times more than amother do to her child than how can be he cruel to his creation”.

Her every dayriddles were getting solved through Anshara. She’s trying to forget everything,want her all thoughts to be vanished, erase her past, the time she had spentwith him, his face, confabulation, talks and even his name. She want to end upwith everything thing that reminds her of him, she want to poisoned her allthoughts related to him and burry that inside out from her heart to that place wherethere is no water that can ever grew the plant of him in her. Whenever she saw him coming to her she change herpath or start walking so fast that no one can easily guess that whether she iswalking than that walk became a jogged, after getting ignored and avoided forthe many times he also moved ahead and never ever tried to pursue her again.She was regularly going to her university and after that visit Anshara everyday, she was learning to recite Quran. Anshara told her one day that,” manymothers whenever visit here with their children’s they ask me to pray thattheir children will become like me, Hafiz Quran and Alim. I always say themthat before making them Alim or Hafiz, first you have to make them a good humanbeing, virtuous, respectable, obedient because most alims and mullas arecharacterless but good persons are good alim and hafiz, so you first raise themto build in them a good character. This is the first and the most priorresponsibility of a mother towards her child.

“On her way back to residency, she was waiting forthe gorsal. Sitting on a bench of a green gardened Taksim Square reading thebook “BikhrayMoti” (in Urdu) which was given by Anshara as that will help herin knowing Islam. A tall and a handsome guy, Adonis, well-dressed came and saton the bench next to her eye, staring her and when she saw him he startedlooking here and there. His appearance made him to be judged as an English manwith Turkish gesture and the green catchy eyes.

The gorsal beeped, she stoodand went towards it, and she sat on a seat and looked out of the glass windowas he was gazing on the bench on which she was sitting a while before. Next day on the stairs of the main Sabanci buildingwhen she was in a way back to her room after taking the final lecture as theexam season was near, she met him the one she saw last night. The prince of thePrinces Island (beukada). His shiny brown hairs were lying on his forehead. Aftersome negotiation, a bit of chit chats and some formalities she came to knowthat he is a student here and lives in Istanbul (the old city). Second timethey met in Cappadocia. After exams, Aisha Noor had planned of the whole Turkeytour and Cappadocia was their first destination. She was standing and Aisha wasin the line waiting for her turn to grab tickets of hot air balloon.

She wasstanding on a side watching the sky full of huge balloons like an evergreenfireworks lightning up the sky. He saw and came to her. They met after a monthbecause of the busiest schedule when no one in Sabanci had time to scratchtheir head. Crowd of tourist moving here and there but they were still becausethey both have to move together when everyone get stunt. David George was a MBAstudent, she surprised when he expresses for the first time that he likes herand when he finally decided to tell her what he feels for her, the feeling thatonly a true lover can express but can be expressed by his eyes becausesometimes eyes can say that things which a mouth cannot. She can read her eyes.

She can see that path to his heart, a wishing well eye that wished her name. She was in her hotel room; she woke up and steppedtowards wash sink, opened the tap and went for wudu

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