Don’t terror. Gather all relevant stuffs and information. Measure the state of affairs by talking with Kathy. reexamining the electronic mail. measuring the Trip Advisor Review. looking at the Tweet and watching the picture on You Tube. Additionally. speak with the employees at the hotel Mr. Ward and his married woman stayed at to see if anything occurred during his stay at that place. Might reach out to seek legal advice. Might reach out to acquire an outside PR Agency involved and informed of the state of affairs. Ask the undermentioned inquiries. were we right? Or were we incorrect? Or to what extent were we right? Or which were we incorrect? Is this policy a good policy to hold? Does the negative outweigh the positive? Understand what is indispensable to being protected such as repute. etc. Step three: Course of Action Development

Draft electronic mail communicating to Mr. Ward and direct a personal note to all 13 of the other invitees in his party’s place reference clearly jointing the job with two to three cardinal message and following stairss. Draft electronic mail communicating to module and staff to keep a meeting. Keep meeting to discourse policies and processs on overbooking policies. During this meeting. discourse different ways the hotel can assist pull off this procedure and if there is a solution to the job.

Measure four: Course of Action Selection
Based on the meeting with employees and research of the best manner to manage overbookings. Colonnade will implement new policies. Step five: Execution Planing

Communicate with all employees new policies and how to manage state of affairss that arise with overbookings based on new policies. Guarantee all employees are up to day of the month on new policies. Inform Mr. Ward as a consequence of his stay and his state of affairs. we have implemented a new policy. Step six: Execution

Execute on new constabularies. Respond back to Mr. Ward’s twitter message and You
Tube video the new policies in topographic point. Ask for client feedback to be posted on TripAdvisor upon stay.

Electronic mail to Mr. Ward
Mr. Ward.
Thank you for your electronic mail. I want to unfeignedly apologise for the state of affairs that occurred with you and your household during your parent’s 50th anniversary jubilation. The Colonnade has an overbooking policy that is in topographic point to protect ourselves against no-shows. We attempt to foretell the figure of suites we overbook depending on how many no-shoes we are anticipating each dark and while this is normally 100 % accurate. there are times where we are misguided and unluckily. you were the guest that was affected. I understand you are disquieted and had to pass unexpected and unneeded clip doing extra travel programs. We would wish all our invitees to have the best service possible and would wish to assist do your following stay every bit enjoyable as possible.

Please accept a free 3 twenty-four hours remain on us. We would wish to demo you what we pride ourselves on ; exceeding client service in the confines of a attractively remodeled 4 start resort. It is our hope you will re-rate us a 4 star on TripAdvisor after you approaching stay. Additionally. we would wish to offer your household a discounted stay at the Colonnade as good. We would wish to offer them 50 % off their approaching stay. In order to book. delight name our client service squad and supply them the codification Z89RTx2 for yourself and P32CaT2 for your household. In add-on. I think you have brought to illume a policy. while it doesn’t occur really frequently. that needs to be reassessed. I will be keeping a meeting with direction to discourse the best class of action for our overbooking policy and will portion those alterations with you after they are implemented. If you would wish to name me personally to discourse farther. I will merrily take your call. You can make me at 1-866-XXX-XXXX. Again. my apologies for the incommodiousness to you and your household.

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