Columbina is the perky amah of the ‘Old Man’ . Pantalone. She is better dressed than the male retainers as she is besides a lady’s amah.

She normally wears a articulatio genus length frock and an apron. The coloring of her apparels can be different in different Acts of the Apostless. depending on her relationships with the characters and the scenario. She can be in a similar strategy to Arlecchino ( where she is sometimes known as Arlecchina with similar diamonds and trigons ) . or if she is assigned to a rival household of Arlecchino’s. she can be in that strategy. In instances where she is an independent character. she can be in inkinesss and Whites in the spirit of a Gallic Maid.

Columbina does non normally wear a mask but sometimes wears one covering merely her eyes. Her signature props are a tambourine and a basket. Her physical visual aspect is attractive. perky and petite with a bantam waist. broad hips and tonss of cleavage.

She walks as if she is jumping on air with a small flick of the pes at the terminal of each measure. All her posses are normally seductive and stress her cleavage. Her motion continues during speech production. switching balance from one pes to the other and traveling her caput aggressively as if seeking for person other than the individual being addressed. She’s fast and agile in order to get away unwanted attendings or to border in. and can get away from a state of affairs.

She is happy and unworried. yet when assigned a undertaking moves with velocity and efficiency. This is one of her strongest traits in being a good retainer. Her address is crisp and chatty with frequent fluctuations of pitch.

She Loves Arlecchino. but sees through him. She therefore nags him. punishes him.

deserts him. takes him back. but in the terminal he does non alter and she has to accept him for what he is. which is still more loveable than Il Dottore.

Pantalone and Il Capitano. She can be really fond to other characters as good. and her fondnesss seem to flux through her physically.

but she ever holds something back. As a consequence she is pestered by other work forces. particularly Il Capitano and Pantalone. She is ever ready to assist the Lovers. possibly through natural understanding with their predicament.She is a witness herself. She has a really strong relationship with the audience. about confidential in the sense that she excessively can see what fools the remainder of them are.

She besides frequently flirts with the witnesss.She appears about if non before her name is called. ever being on measure in front of her maestro and coatings sentences for her maestro excessively. which she sometimes utilizations in her favor.

When a state of affairs gets out of control. she becomes the dominant voice to set everyone and everything back in its topographic point. She even beats the male characters in strength and intelligence. sometimes even her maestro.IsabellaIsabella is the girl of Pantalone.

the old adult male. Because of her male parents position she had the newest manner. and normally showed off her closet. wigs and places frequently. She wore stupefying silk frocks. frequently in antique Renaissance manner with necklaces of gold and pearls.She is immature and attractive and modest but at times can be selfish. Isabella did non normally wear a mask but did sometimes have on a little mask that covered merely her eyes.

Her signature props are a hankie. book and a fan. She has a deficiency of house contact with the Earth. Her thorax and bosom appear heavy. They are full of breath.

but so take small bloomerss on top. Her position is right and tall and is ever really proud. Her walk is little as her stairss are small.

Isabella’s posses are of an guiltless and happy nature ; tilting to one side with one leg pointed outwards. and custodies in praying place touching cheek as if sleeping. Another is the dorsum of her manus on her brow. tilted back as if in torment every bit good as her mentum resting on custodies puting on top of each other or fingers interlocked and the caput somewhat tilted.Her motions are exaggerated. particularly her custodies and weaponries. which are like plumes rolling in the air current. She frequently manipulates her handkerchief and often looks in a manus mirror.

Any imperfectness can spell catastrophe. Her address is refined. nevertheless missing ostentation and is ne’er lost for the right phrase.

The lovers are in love with themselves being in love. They love each other. but are more bemused with being seen as lovers. They frequently feign mild hatred. She is highly cognizant of being watched and dramas with the audience for understanding in their predicament and ccasionally coquettes with witnesss.She is coquettish. headstrong.

has dramatic strength and feigned lunacy due to passionate love and can be priggish. She can be hot and cold. i.

e. prone to temper swings and is a annoyer with an independent will.She is conceited. petulant. spoilt. full of uncertainty and hold really small forbearance. She has a masochistic enjoyment of implemented separation because it enables her to dramatise their state of affairs.

plaint. groan. send messages. etc. When her and Lelio do run into they are about ever incoherent and need translators who proceed to misinterpret their statements.

either through stupidity ( Zanni ) . malicious desire for retaliation ( Brighella ) or calculated self-interest ( Columbina ) . Isabella’s attending span is short like a immature child’s and her fright that she might be a cipher keeps her hyper-animated.ARLECCHINOArlecchino has an digesting charming power. a testimony possibly to the enigma of it origin. He is a servant and fool.

normally to Pantalone. but besides often Il’Capitano. or Il’ Dottore.

He wears a tightfitting long jacket and pants. sewn over with random. odd-shapen spots of green. yellow. ruddy and brown – perchance leftovers of leaves… The jacket is laced down the forepart with a thong and caught by a black belt worn really low on the hips. The places are level and black. He wears a beret. or later a ductile felt chapeau with a narrow lip.

with a plume or tail of a fox. seemingly this was a mark of the wearer being a butt of ridicule.Coloured in deep Earth tones with warm coloured diamond shaped spots. Arlecchino is ever ready to jump into action in a clumsy yet graceful mode. He is ragged. yet sleek. His wears a mask that gives him a low brow with a wart and has little circular eyes.Arlecchino’s signature props included his batocchio.

significance in Italian ‘ applauder inside the bell. ’ which he ever carries.He is continuously in a lowered place. with his custodies on his hips with his pollexs in his belt. He walks in sly and amusing manner by taking a couple stairss followed by a speedy tip toe.

This walk shows briskness ; he besides uses it to demo off in forepart of Columbina. His articulations are frequently loose and floppy. When Arlecchino spots person. the mask moves foremost ; he so hops unit of ammunition and into the gesture of salutation.

He is physically speedy and slow mentally. in contrast with Brighella ( who can. nevertheless. be fast physically when he needs to be ) . His gestures extend to the fingertips with each figure holding a separate articulation. His address is croaky and hoarse from street Hawking and the are no intermissions or silences for the interest of consequence – he either talk continuously or doesn’t speak at all.

Arlecchino is in love with Columbina. but his sexual appetency is immediate in footings of any ephemeral adult female. He is on occasion cognizant the audience is at that place and can do asides during which he gives his full attending to the witnesss before returning to finish soaking up in the action. His character is a mixture of ignorance. naivete. humor. stupidity and grace. He is both a profligate and an overgrown male child with occasional glows of intelligence.

and his errors and awkwardness frequently have wayward appeal. His playing is patterned on the lithe. nimble grace of a immature cat. and he has a superficial saltiness which makes his public presentations all the more amusive.

He plays the function of a faithful gentleman. ever patient. credulous. and greedy. He is enternally amative. and is invariably in troubles either on his ain or on his master’s history. He is hurt and confronted in bend every bit easy as a kid.

and his heartache is about every bit amusing as his joy.LelioLelio is one of the lovers ( Isabella’s spouse ) and is normally the boy of Il Dottore or has no dealingss. He is high in stature. but is normally brought low by the hopelessness of his infatuation.He wears the latest manner. which at that clip was to be frocks as a immature soldier or plebe. Sometimes he dressed in an over stylish color strategy that was really feminine with a great trade of genius.Lelio is immature.

attractive. modest. gracious and gallant. He on occasion wears a mask that covers merely his eyes but frequently went unmasked. His signature prop is a hankie.His pess have a deficiency of house contact with the Earth.

doing his stance and walk air like. His thorax and bosom appear heavy and full of breath. His legs are normally tightly together. with merely one pes steadfastly planted on the land. and the other creeping upward like he has to travel to the water closet. He does non walk every bit much as tweeter. due to the instability of his base.

First the caput leans the other manner to the organic structure sway. Then the weaponries have to be used. one above the other. as a counterbalance like and off balance tip toe.

His airs can be anything that might look Vogue and whenever he is sitting. his legs are crossed in a feminine affair.Lelio’s motions are comfortable but laughably overdone. His motion comes at the point of overbalance. taking to a crabwise haste towards a new focal point. with his weaponries left draging buttocks. When halting at the new point ( normally the dear or some nominal thereof ) before about touching it. The Lovers ( he and Isabella ) have small or no physical contact.

When there is any. the lower limit has maximal consequence.Lelio is frequently keeping a hankie or flower. etc. in his prima manus. His weaponries ne’er make indistinguishable forms and because of his amour propre. he often looks in a manus mirror. merely to go disquieted by any minor imperfectness that is discovered.

He is ever looking to see if a thread or spangle is out of topographic point. A button found on the floor or a defect in the hairdo equals catastrophe.His address makes great show of formal words and Baroque metaphors. besides cognizing big infusions of verse forms by bosom. He speaks quietly in musical sentences which are frequently showy.

hyperbolical and full of amative rhetoric.When it comes to adult females. his words are the lone thing that shows that he might hold any involvement. His organic structure linguistic communication. actions.

tone. all contradict any infatuation he may hold with a female. The lone ground why he would show an involvement in a female is because he loves the thought of love. However he seems truly more in love with himself and other male characters before he is in love with a adult female.He associate entirely to himself – he is in love with himself being in love. The last individual he really relates to in the class of the action is frequently Isabella. When he and she do meet they have great trouble in pass oning with each other ( normally because of the nervousnesss ) . And they relate to their retainers merely in footings of pleading for aid.

The Lovers love each other. yet are more bemused with being seen as lovers. undergoingall the adversities of being in such a predicament. than with existent fulfillment. Consequently they often scorn each other and feign mild hatred ; they rebut. desperation. reconcile.

but finally stop up get marrieding in the manner of true love when the game is up and they know they can non play any more.Lelio is highly cognizant of being watched. He plays with the audience for understanding in their predicament and on occasion coquettes with witnesss.Lelio is indispensable. Without him and his inability to decide jobs with Isabella.

there would be no battle between the ineffectiveness of young person and the implacability of age. The lovers are ne’er entirely on phase – they ever have person with them or descrying on them.

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