COMPANIESBACKGROUND:  ”Waynn Resortslimited ,owns and operate Wynn Las Vegas and Encore in Las Vegas, Nevadaas  well as Wynn Macau and the WynnPalace located in the special Administrative region of Macau in the People’sRepublic of China .The company holds more Forbes Travels guide five stars thanany other independent hotel company in the worlds and is  led by Chairman of the Board and ChiefExecutive Officer, Stephen A.Wynn, who possesses more than 5 years ofdevelopment experience of casino resorts”.(Wynn resorts )   SEXUALHARRASMENT ALLEGATION ON WAYNN FOUNDER Casino magnateSteve Wynn facing sexual harassment allegationsCBC NEWS JAN 26 2018The founder of Wynn Resorts Steve Wynn has been under scannerfor various allegations of sexual harassment. A number of women say they wereharassed or assaulted by the company.In one case the company had made a settlement of nearly 7.

5million us dollars. The report relies on interviews with over a hundred peoplewho were associated with the company in the past and saw a followed pattern ofsexual miscount.  COMPANYRESPONSE TO SUCH ALLEGATIONS Wynn enterprise has strong denied the allegations made on itsfounder and says all such allegations are based on such untrue allegations. Thecompany reply to such allegations were “Wynn enterprise is full committed tooperating at the highest ethical standards and maintaining a safe andrespectful culture “. It further states that there all the tactics done bySteve EX- Wife.Wynn Response to such allegations: ”The idea that I everassaulted any women is preposterous ”.

   EFFECTOF SUCH ALLEGATIONS ON THE COMPANY January 27, 2018”Even though in the eyes of the law a company is a separatelegal entity (artificial person) having its own existence and not beingassociated with a particular individual. Said that even though company is a separatelegal entity it still need individuals to run it and to succeed. Hence anyactions done by these individuals do have some effect on the companiesreputations and its earnings ”.  As the report of thevarious sexual harassment case broke out about involving Steve Wynn the companysaw a downfall in its share by 6% in noontime and its losses furtheraccelerated during afternoon closing down over 10% at $180.

29. Further SteveWynn net worth fell by nearly 250 million USD and as on January 28, 2018 Stevehad to step down from Republicans  national committee as he handed over the resignation letter to the RNCChairman.  (CBC NEWS)     ROLEOF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT IN THIS SCENARIO  January 29, 2018There were various cases of sexual harassment that was filedwith the human resource department at Wynn flagship casino and the departmenthad actually taken various steps so that such incidents will no longer happen.In the year 2005 after an incident of sexual assault was filled with the humanresource department in which managers stated that Wynn forced to have sex. Thecompany had a pay a settlement fees of 7.

5 million USD. (CBC NEWS)This incident clearly illustrates us that no matter who mightthe person be, a strong human resource management can get justice for thevictim, even though such incidents effects the reputation of the company andhas to pay some compensation to the deceased.     DISCIPLINETHAT SHOULD BE ADOPTED BY HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT  FORUMLATING INVESTIGATION COMMITTEE: Aninvestigation committee should be set up by the HR department and thiscommittee and no string should be attached to this committee. The committee members should have a personal interview of eachand every complainant, their statement should be taken down by the members.Once all the data has been collected the company should lookout the similarities between different cases.

The company should find out thecommon sexual assault rhythm and patterns. Once analysis is done a detailed report of the matters shouldbe submitted to the board of directors. The report should be made free from anyerror and under no pressure from any department. (CBC NEWS)FOMULATING A STRONG ANTI-HARRASMENT POLICIES AND TRAININGSTAFF TO RECOGNISE AND REPORT SUCH BEHAVIOUS : The human resource managers should adopt various policies tominimize and eliminate assault cases in the work place such policies should beimplemented as it violates various basic laws of CANADA like Canada Humanrights act and the Canadian labour code and the criminal code. The department can also set up various department wherein thevictim can go and report such incidents, and strict actions should beundertaken.

        WORKSCITED “Investor Overview.” WYNN RESORTS LTD, 

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