1. _____ is the undertaking of choosing an overall company scheme for long-term endurance and growing.
a. Strategic market planning
B. Annual market planning
c. Short-term planning
d. None of the above is right
Answer: ( a ) Trouble ( 1 ) Page: 41

2. Adapting the house to take advantage of chances in its changeless changing environment is called _____ .
a. Long-range planning
b. Short-range planning
c. one-year planning
d. strategic planning
Answer: ( vitamin D ) Trouble: ( 1 ) Page: 42

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3. What is our concern? Who is our client? What make our clients value? What should our concern be? All these simple-sounding inquiries define a firm’s _____ .
a. aims and ends
b. mission statement
c. concern portfolio
d. selling and functional schemes
Answer: ( B ) Trouble: ( 2 ) Page: 42

4. A _____ defines a concern in footings of fulfilling basic client needs a. market oriented mission statement
b. strategic program
c. one-year program
d. none of the above is right
Answer: ( a ) Trouble: ( 2 ) Page: 43

5. All of the following are accurate descriptions of a company’s mission statement. except which one?
a. Mission statement should be realistic.
B. Mission statement should be wide.
c. Mission statement should suit the market environment.
d. Mission statements should be written for ‘public relations’ intents. Answer: ( B ) Trouble: ( 2 ) Pages: 43. 44

6. All of the following are market-oriented mission statements. except which one?
a. eBay’s mission is to link single purchasers and Sellerss online. b. Singapore Airlines is the world’s largest air hose.

c. Girl Scouts of America. “where misss grow strong. ”
d. Wal-Mart. “we deliver low monetary values everyday. ”
Answer: ( B ) ; Trouble: ( 1 ) Page: 43

7. The aggregation of concerns and merchandises that make up a company is called its _____ .
a. strategic concern unit
b. mission statement
c. strategic program
d. concern portfolio
Answer: ( vitamin D ) Trouble: ( 1 ) Page: 44

8. _____ can be a company division. a merchandise line within a division. or sometimes a individual merchandise or trade name.
a. A market
B. The BCG
c. An SBU
d. All of the above are right
Answer: ( degree Celsius ) Trouble: ( 1 ) Page: 44

9. The intent of _____ is to happen ways in which the company can outdo usage its strengths to take advantage of attractive chances in the environment. a. a market
b. an SBU
c. strategic planning
d. short-run planning
Answer: ( degree Celsius ) ; Trouble: ( 2 ) Page: 45

10. The best known merchandise portfolio planning method was developed by _____ . a. Philip Kotler
b. Harvard University
c. SRI Consulting house
d. Boston Consulting Group
Answer: ( vitamin D ) Trouble: ( 1 ) Page: 45

11. Most portfolio analysis methods evaluate SBUs on two dimensions. viz. _____ and _____ . a. market portion ; gross revenues
b. market growing rate ; comparative market portion
c. market attraction ; market growing rate
d. none of the above is right
Answer: ( B ) Trouble: ( 2 ) Page: 45

12. The BCG growth-share matrix classifies four types of SBUs. They are _____ . _____ . _____ and _____ . a. merchandise ; monetary value ; topographic point and publicity
b. gross revenues ; market portion ; monetary value and publicity
c. stars ; hard currency cattles ; inquiry Markss and Canis familiariss
d. none of the above is right
Answer: ( degree Celsius ) Trouble: ( 2 ) Page: 45

13. In the BCG attack. _____ are high share-high growing concerns or merchandises. They need heavy investing to finance rapid growing. When their growing slows down. they turn into _____ . a. hard currency cattles ; stars

b. inquiry Markss ; Canis familiariss
c. stars ; inquiry Markss
d. stars ; hard currency cattles
Answer: ( vitamin D ) Trouble: ( 2 ) Pages: 45. 46

14. All of the undermentioned phrases accurately reflect jobs with the BCG matrix attack. except which one? a. They are easy to implement.
B. They can be dearly-won.
c. They can be clip devouring to implement.
d. It is hard to specify SBUs and step market portion and growing. Answer: ( a ) Trouble: ( 2 ) Page: 46

15. Unlike former strategic-planning attempts. today’s strategic planning has been _____ . a. short-run oriented
b. decentralized
c. restriction free
d. client friendly
Answer: ( B ) Trouble: ( 2 ) Page: 46

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