You have suffered before as I have suffered. possibly non precisely as me. but you have experienced a type of enduring. Mary Rowlandson shows us what agony is in her book called “ A Narrative of the Captivity. ” by making a character who loses her six twelvemonth old kid due to an onslaught in her town Lancaster and invariably being moved. Another writer.

Olaudah Equiano. writes a narrative about another type of enduring in his book “ The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano. ” by stating readers about him being kidnapped straight from his place and being brought into bondage. By reading these extracts readers can see different types of agony and how the characters handle them. “The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano” articulates enduring better because there are events that most people would cognize about and state how people around him are covering with the alterations.Equiano’s narrative takes topographic point in the 1800s. when bondage started to go popular.

He talks of his ego going a slave when he was merely a child. After. functioning as a slave for different people in Africa. being detached from his household.

and acquiring shipped off to remain a slave but in a fortune state. he did non go combatant. “I did non cognize what this could intend. and so I thought these people were full of nil but charming humanistic disciplines.

” ( Equiano 59 ) . Equiano believing the work forces that are about to enslave him are full of charming proves how immature he is. excessively immature to be a slave. A kid being a slave for the remainder of his or her life is a hideous manner to pass one’s childhood. He has suffered all of his life. get downing with the twenty-four hours he was taken away from his place but after all this he did non seek retaliation.

he became an writer.Rowlandson’s narrative speaks on the American Indians being removed from their native land by English people. When a reader starts reading the extract.

one might believe it is merely about a adult female losing her kids but one time you look at the inside informations you will see how the events she describes relate to the event of Americans kicking American Indians off their land. “The juncture ( as I thought ) of their moving at this clip. was. the English ground forces. it being close and following them…” ( Rowlandson 39 ) . The ground why readers did non cognize of the event from the start of the narrative is because the chief character did non cognize why either. The quotation mark gives us verification that the traveling to different topographic points is because of the “English ground forces.

” Americans. taking over their belongings.Both of these writers did a great occupation at assisting readers view different types of agony and how people handled it. Mary Rowlandson. the chief character handles the agony of losing her kids and her place by remaining connected with God. as I would.

Olaudah Equiano. the chief character of “The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano. ” suffers by acquiring stolen from his place and brought into bondage. By looking at how Equiano trades with being a slave. it is like he merely accepts what is go oning and does non seek to alter it.

Although Olaudah Equiano does non make much to alter his life as a slave. he does a better occupation at explicating his agonies to a point where people can associate or cognize a small background of the event.

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