We know that communicating is a procedure of conveying and having messages ( verbal and non-verbal ) . Communication is a duologue non a soliloquy. So. a communicating is said to be effectual merely if it brings the coveted response from the receiving system. Communication consists of six constituents or elements.

Components of Communication
1. Context
2. Sender/Encoder
3. Message
4. Medium
5. Receiver/Decoder
6. Feedback
Every message ( Oral or written ) . begins with context. Context is a really wide field that consists different facets. One facet is state. civilization and organisation. Every organisation. civilization and state communicate information in their ain manner. Another facet of context is external stimulation. The beginnings of external stimulation includes ; meeting. missive. memo. telephone call. facsimile. note. electronic mail and even a insouciant conversation. This external stimulation motivates you to react and this response may be unwritten or written. Internal stimulation is another facet of communicating. Internal Stimuli includes ; You sentiment. attitude. likes. dis-likes. emotions. experience. instruction and assurance. These all have multifaceted influence on the manner you communicate you ideas. A transmitter can pass on his thoughts efficaciously by sing all facets of context mentioned above. Sender/Encoder

Encoder is the individual who sends message. In unwritten communicating the encoder is speaker. and in written communicating author is the encoder. An encoder uses combination of symbols. words. graphs and images apprehensible by the receiving system. to outdo convey his message in order to accomplish his coveted response. Message

Message is the information that is exchanged between transmitter and receiving system. The first undertaking is to make up one’s mind what you want to pass on and what would be the content of your message ; what are the chief points of your message and what other information to include. The cardinal thought of the message must be clear. While composing the message. encoder should maintain in head all facets of context and the receiving system ( How he will construe the message ) . Messages can be knowing and unwilled.

Medium is the channel through which encoder will pass on his message. How the message gets at that place. Your medium to direct a message. may be print. electronic. or sound. Medium may be a individual as mailman. The pick of medium wholly depends on the nature of you message and contextual factors discussed above. Choice of medium is besides influence by the relationship between the transmitter and receiving system. The unwritten medium. to convey your message. is effectual when your message is pressing. personal or when immediate feedback is desired. While. when your message is ling. proficient and needs to be documented. so written medium should be preferred that is formal in nature. These guidelines may alter while pass oning internationally where complex state of affairss are dealt orally and communicated in composing subsequently on. Receiver/Decoder

The individual to whom the message is being sent is called ‘receiver’/’decoder’ . Receiver may be a hearer or a reader depending on the pick of medium by transmitter to convey the message. Receiver is besides influenced by the context. internal and external stimulation. Receiver is the individual who interprets the message. so higher the opportunities are of mis-communication because of receiving systems perceptual experience. sentiment. attitude and personality. There will be minor divergence in conveying the exact thought merely if your receiving system is educated and have communicating accomplishments. Feedback

Response or reaction of the receiving system. to a message. is called ‘feedback’ . Feedback may be written or unwritten message. an action or merely. silence may besides be a feedback to a message. Feedback is the most of import constituent of communicating in concern. Communication is said to be effectual merely when it receives some feedback. Feedback. really. completes the cringle of communicating.

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