“ The Concept of nice market has emerged in recent old ages in counter-point to what is normally referred to as mass touristry, it implies a more sophisticated set of patterns that distinguish and differentiate tourer ” Novelli, M ( 2005 )This paper examines the literature of a specific niche market- luxury touristry in Dubai, It looks at the manner it has increase economically, socially and cultural features of the metropolis and most visibly, in the scale gait and nature development, it will besides look at sustainability and future developments nevertheless non all positive facts in the other manus it will besides analyze barriers that Dubai has for farther development.

Urban Beginnings

The beginnings of the modern metropolis Dubai is described by Henderson. J.C ( 2006 ) as the following- waste seashore lands mostly populated by mobile folks where the lone businesss was “ fishing and pearling ” . Following with the find of crude oil in1966, the development of the oil industry revolutionised the economic system and society of Dubai.

Pacione, M ( 2005 ) states that since the early 1990s Dubai has been engaged in a procedure of economic enlargement and variegation driven by cognition that oil production, holding peaked at 410,000 barrels per twenty-four hours in 1991, is in diminution and now accounts for less than 10 % of GDP. However we can see that in the hereafter Dubai Will continue to increase economically and with touristry, supplying merchandises and services for all different types of tourer, particularly marketing luxury touristry. However Acuto, M ( 2009 ) states that “ Dubai has undertaken an impressive urban revolution in a instead effort to go a fresh New York ” , the bulk of the diaries province really similar information about Dubai ; they compare it with metropoliss such as New York and Las Vegas.

However Acuto, M ( 2009 ) states that Dubai has to be the “ Number 1 in the universe in everything ” .

Sustainability and Barriers to Future Developments

Pacione, M ( 2005 ) states “ Dubai from an undistinguished fishing colony on the Arabian Gulf to a cosmopolite regionally important 21st century metropolis ”Dubai has demonstrated an ability to get the better of any of it portions and set up itself as a comparatively popular finish with a high touristry growing rate, with the lone alone 7* hotel that exists worldwide and many more alone attractive forces, nevertheless Dubai has invested to a great extent in really high cost installations every bit good as undertaken extended selling and the result has been strong growing in touristry harmonizing to Henderson, J.C ( 2006 ) “ Dubai ‘s international tourer reachings since 1982 reveals it to be one of the fastest turning finishs worldwide ” . However Acuto, M ( 2009 ) negotiations about Dubai and its symbolic Power he explains that symbolic power is the capacity to command the societal production of differentiation by interceding other signifiers of power such as economic sciences and faith through human engineering he states that symbolism is basically “ power of definition which persons or groups gain a societal advantage on their topics thanks to the construction-in the heads of the latter-of some recognized inventive geographicss ” moreover he states “ Dubai is where the hereafter begins ” .

Ryan ( 2009 ) argues that luxury touristry is inconsistent with eco-tourism he states “ Dubai has proved to be one of the fastest turning touristry finishs of the early 20 first century, even though ab initio its clime, describes as semi-dessert, might be thought to present some barriers to such develolement ” . The inland sweet ecology has been threatened and degraded by camel graze that has been sustained for over two centuries, al Maha is a luxury sweet composite that is portion of the mostly travel and conveyance emirates group, dependent upon season in 2008 a darks stay might be from $ 1000 to $ 2500 per unit, the resort is really popular with epicurean travelers nevertheless from the resort being a great experience in an person ‘s life it besides has its bad side, it has affected the sweet the more tourist the resort gets the higher income for Dubai and besides the more it affects the desert when tourer take portion in the camel activity as camel graze takes topographic point. However the resort conducted a manner of pull offing the state of affairs, the following-temporal zone is based up on seasonality, no sand dune drive is permitted during the tallness of summer due to the temperature it has an consequence on the sand it makes it soft, besides vehicles become stuck on the sand. Camel and Equus caballus siting for tourer is merely permitted at times of the twelvemonth.

However Ryan, C ( 2008 ) states that visitants at the luxury resort Al Maha are non specifically motivated to remain by an involvement in a sweet environment other than to bask the scene, he states that the visitant profile is characterised as being flush visitants, frequently corporate visitants, on a concern in Dubai wishing for an alternate adjustment wanting and able to afford luxury in a different relaxing atmosphere. However it shows that although is epicurean attractive force, selling at tourer interested in luxury touristry ; the resort does non needfully acquire that type of tourer.Looking at get the better ofing barriers for future development in Dubai Henderson, C ( 2006 ) states that with Dubai attracts relatively few visitants, and political events in the current century have generated new uncertainnesss and tensenesss witch seem likely to farther discourage tourers and investors, extra barriers relate to hapless handiness, a sensed deficiency of conventional attractive forces and limited publicity nevertheless it argues that in the other manus Dubai have invested to a great extent in expensive installations, every bit good as undertaken extended selling and the consequence of it has been a strong growing in touristry, he states that there are great outlooks in the hereafter, reflected in the scene of really high reaching mark, nevertheless there are besides several restraints that might populate advancement and development with a demand to reexamine strategise.

Mintel besides stated that Dubai had a “ deficiency of planning and selling ” in 2002. However Henderson, C ( 2006 ) provinces Dubai has demonstrated an ability to get the better of the barriers and it portions and set up itself as a comparatively popular finish with a high touristry growing rate, he besides states Dubai as the “ loading touristry finish and commercial hub in the universe ” and states that the purpose is to host 40 million international tourer by 2015 ” and the airdrome to manage 100 million by 2025 furthermore Dubai has positioned itself as an alien, but safe, beach touristry location with recreations of shopping and miscellaneous cultural and natural heritage attractive force and furthermore developments.However the undermentioned writers have really similar positions on Dubai Horner, S & A ; Swarbrooke, J ( 2005 ) & A ; Smith, M ( 2009 ) saying Dubai is presently the universe ‘s most ambitious leisure touristry and amusement finish with 3 billion square pess of universe category subject Parkss and civilization, good being, athleticss, shopping, cordial reception and amusement installations, in recent old ages that Dubai has emerged as a major tourer finish, nevertheless its rise has been dramatic to the point where it now features in the booklets of metropolis interruptions and long draw operators around the universe. nevertheless Bagaeen, S ( 2007 ) states that Dubai has set out to transform its urban landscape and its image, ambitious assorted usage urban development ‘s featuring luxury abode, hotels and office, immense shopping promenades and inventive amusement composites are quickly altering the face of Dubai emirate and are seting the Dubai belongings market on the universe phase nevertheless he states “ does the route to the future terminal in Dubai? ” following with a challenge for Dubai, challenge for Dubai is to retain its attraction for investors and expatriate occupants as non merely an attractive topographic point to populate and work, but besides a cost-efficient location and he besides states a hereafter development, around 350,000 day-to-day trips are made by auto between Dubai and Sharjah, and mean day-to-day trips in Dubai are anticipated to turn 3.1 million per twenty-four hours to 13.1 million by 2020 and Dubai ‘s municipality which is aiming an addition of public conveyance market portion from 4.7 % ( 2005 ) to around 17 % ( 2020 ) .


The undermentioned Literature reappraisal high spots future development for Dubai, nevertheless it examines the ways that it has increased economically and with touristry, it besides looks at barriers for future developments and it looks at its beginning and many future developments.

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